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The First Anti-Ted Kennedy Tea Party: Boston's Anti-Busing Brigades


While submerged in the WGBH archives, watching old clips on the busing battles that gripped South Boston in the 1970s, I came across this "The 10 O'Clock News" coverage of a September 9, 1974 rally at Government Center denouncing Judge W. Arthur Garrity, who ordered the desegregation of Southie schools. Sen. Ted Kennedy attempts to calm the crowd, but is shouted down and pelted with newspapers and tomatoes.

The WGBH anchor notes a "new touch" to the protest movement, "the abundance of teabags, apparently to signify that the demonstrators were in the same vein of those who tipped the tea into the harbor."

Also note the placard denouncing Judge Garrity is illustrated with a small Irish flag and the letters "IRA."

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  1. see the teabaggers are racist

    1. No, Judge Garrity and Senator Kennedy were racists since they wanted to bus kids just because the color of their skin

      1. That’s not even close.

      2. Kennedy and Garrity for wanting to integrate schools, were racist? Sounds pretty moronic when you put it that way….

      3. Typical republiNazi stooge who doesn’t know the facts just spews out their drivel as if it was the truth. I doubt if he was even alive during the period.

        1. “republinazi?” good one…

        2. Love the handle. Sometimes it is not redundant.

        3. Typical fag lefturd who doesn’t know the facts and calls blatantly racist busing schemes “integration” as if it were anything of the sort. I bet you’re one of those idiots who voted for the Zero because you’re too young to remember Jimmy Carter.

          1. You say FAG like it’s a bad thing.

    2. see the teabaggers are racist

      And IRA terrorists.

      1. I think the sign is suggesting that Judge Garrity is a member of the IRA.

        1. Um, you really don’t know much about Boston, do you?

    3. Not to be confused with the tea party movement protesting our governments money going to big banks without any regulations from Obama. We should just pay taxes directly to Chase bank and all its subsidiaries.

  2. Clip is sort of disappointing. I was expecting a good tomato pelting.

    1. Me too. Friday morning and all, I was hoping for a good chuckle.

  3. ah sweet nostalgia for Teddy’s good ole duathalon days.

  4. So what the fuck are are you saying, anyone that voted for Brown is a racist?

    Why the fuck is not wanting a single party – any party – to have a solid hold on all of the branches of government a good enough reason? Gridlock is a feature, not a bug. If anything, between Obama, Reid and Pelosi, Obama is the least dangerous.

    You are an asshole Moynihan!

    1. Nostalgia mistaken for metaphor…

      1. I don’t know what he has mistaken it for, but it is certainly more broad and hyperbolic than metaphor.

    2. One party does-the party of state which wears read and blue.

      1. Thanks to conservative judges, the one-party state now wears only one color, $GREEN.

        1. Thanks to leftard judges, the goose-stepping commies all wear blue, but their hands are all stained with red.

    3. I don’t see were Moynihan referred to anyone as racist. He was merely noticing what is written on signs that he himself did not write. Who is the real asshole here? This knee jerk reaction you have doesn’t do your perception as a douche bag any favors. Enjoy your “grid-lock” feature. Now no problems can be solved. Woo Hoo for the GoNavy asshole, he got the grid-lock senate that he wanted. Enjoy the un-employment, enjoy the Wall-Street free for all, enjoy you and or your neighbors being screwed by insurance companies. All hail the grid-lock feature. Your logic is putrid and full of fear. Who knows how it got there…possibly by right wing pundits spinning this country that their principles and ideologies drove into the worst recession in 80 years, can know blame the left because they couldn’t fix it all in one year. sorry too late, we are enabling the grid-lock feature now. Disturbing how you call someone an asshole for doing nothing, while you claim praise on a government that can’t do anything to help its own citizens.

      1. Oh yeah, like we REALLY need the “help” of you far-left statists in running our lives. How are you enjoying your government’s “help” in all these matters so far, bitch? Didn’t you know it was Queen Barney and the far left with their bloody CRA who blew that huge housing bubble up really big? When have Republicans ever run up a trillion dollar deficit in just one year? How is a totalitarian and thoroughly un-Constitutional MANDATE to buy insurance different from being screwed by insurance companies? (Free answer: you still get screwed, but now the government gets sloppy seconds!) How has the unemployment rate fared with the “help” of your unlamented super-majority and its “stimulus” pork bill?

        You know, if this kind of “help” is what you and the other lefty catamites who voted these tax-and-rape Dimrats into office were hoping to receive, I much prefer the right wing’s “putrid” logic, “fear” mongering and all. No, we didn’t expect you to “fix” anything in a year. We were hoping you would back off and let the situation fix itself. Instead, you’ve made everything worse. Now we hope to tar and feather all your traitors and run them out of office on a rail. Until then, all hail filibuster power! If you LIKE being somebody’s bitch that much, faggot, you’re just going to have to SUCK MY TEABAGS!

        1. Frybird – conservatives actually don’t have to be paranoid ignorant sociopaths. There’s a tradition of smart eloquent conservatives like Taft, Hoover and Goldwater.

        2. I seem to recall that asshole of a so-called president Mr. Bush ran up a trillion dollar deficit on this stupid war he started. And what do we have to show for it? A bunch of dead bodies and a tax on our future generations. At least with healthcare reform, we’ll see some benefit to it down the road. Your parties shortsightedness will be the downfall of this once great nation. And your divisionist tactics are un-American.

          1. I don’t think that there are that many against health care reform. Most of us just don’t want this version of it. Does anyone even know what this version is yet? You can’t wildly jump into a program that no one understands (or has read). It stands to reason that people are wary of it since its inception would have been so shady.
            We do not need another huge government-run program destined for failure. Our generation will already have to deal with social security’s failure. Do you want to put similar, if not worse, debts and burdens on future generations?

    4. Wow! So much hate and vitriol. Not to mention bad words. Only small minds use vulgarity as a substitute for intelligent thought and reason. SO FUCK OFF!

      1. Now take your own advice, teacup!

        1. GaLeebrull:

          Watch your vulgarity. You people stoop to profanity when you CAN’T REFUTE the FACTS.

          You motherfucker.

      2. You’ve got to be kidding…

      3. Fuck you too, hon.

  5. Dont be getting fresh, Moynihan.

  6. I’m sure Dick Armey was behind these racists too!

    1. 1974 was the first Superbowl played on Astroturf.

  7. Sen. Ted Kennedy attempts to calm the crowd, but is shouted down and pelted with newspapers and tomatoes.

    Ah, the good old days.

    1. I take it South Boston was not populated by liberal democrats.

      1. It might have been, but even liberals can resent the government messing with their kids’ schools via busing. Of course, the preferred liberal reactions are to move to the suburbs, send the kids to private school, or just not have kids.

        1. By “messing with their kids”, you mean giving the impoverished school district students an opportunity to attend a better funded non-impoverished school district. grrrr, how dare you give poor kids a better opportunity. I hope someone brought something to throw, because thats the logical way to express my political disapproval.

          1. People often choose areas to live based on the schools, and are reluctant to serve as guinea pigs for flawed if not entirely bogus “solutions” to poverty and injustice. If a school district is underfunded, then solve that problem. You don’t solve really solve much by shuffling kids between schools on busses for hours every day (unless you worship the god of “Diversity”).

          2. One positive thing it does show is that even those who wanted to do the busing had no faith in simply throwing money at the problem. At least they went for a more practical solution. Kinda.

      2. In those days a lot of New England Democrats were very conservative on social issues, and a lot of New England Republicans were very liberal. The early 70s were the end of those good old days when Democrat/Republican still split pretty much among class and economic lines and we didn’t have as much guff about abortion, gay rights and other social issues.

      3. South Boston, Southie, is known for being so racist even still today that any non-white risks their life if they happen into that area.

  8. You had to laugh at the name-calling when they found out Brown won… scumbag, nude model, and all sorts of stuff, defiling hero Ted’s seat… yeah that guy, the one who drank too much and drowned his girlfriend.

    1. You have to laugh at one who points out the stupidity of name calling and character bashing, while he proceeds to do the exact same thing…

      1. I believe it’s a well know fact that ted drank too much and drowned his girlfriend.

        1. My reply wasn’t disputing facts, but rather tactics.

  9. does rachel maddow have aids?

    1. You’re pretty fucked up, asshat.

    2. WTF! what does Rachel have to do with any of this asshat, have a clue! i was always suspect of the IQ level of the respondents to this thread thanks for confirming my suspicions!

    3. ‘f’ — your IQ must be well below the average of 100 since you don’t even have anything of value to contribute to this thread. I’m guessing you’re Republican and a total moron that is clueless about the world around you. And I also bet that you listen to that hot air bag Rush Limbaugh and watch that Right-wing propaganda machine, Faux News, too. Am I close? Thought so. Try expanding your mind and offering something other than a stupid comment to an issue that is real and part of our American history, albeit a horrible one. You’re a total Duchebag.

  10. Haha, I can’t believe these conservatives commenting are actually trying to find a way to make fun of Ted Kennedy for wanting to desegregate schools. RACISTS. lol, jk. But really… you aren’t making yourselves look any better.

    1. The schools were not legally segregated, they were simply neighborhood schools that did not have the “correct” ethnic balance because they mirrored their neighborhoods. Big diff.

      And I wonder what the ethnic balance was at the schools where Kennedy sent his kids? I’ll bet they were lily-white private schools.

      1. As long as we are betting: I bet you think that if it happens in your imagination, it must be real then.

        1. According to Wikipedia, Patrick J. went to Phillips Andover and Edward Jr. went to St. Albans School in D.C. (I don’t know where Kara went.) So, smartass, what do you think the ethnic balance was at Phillips Andover and St. Albans?

          1. You proved your point. You got me on this one. I guess black kids and white kids shouldn’t attend the same schools. Without stuff getting thrown at each other at least.

            1. Of course, the point is not that “black kids and white kids shouldn’t attend the same schools.” It’s that 1) it’s not something that should be micromanaged by governments (beyond banning legal segregation), certainly not by having kids ride busses to distant schools, and 2) the biggest political champions of such things usually don’t subject their children to it, while implying that everyone else who doesn’t want their kids subjected to it is racist.

              1. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t have to be “micromanaged” by government but unfortunately there are too many people like you who don’t get it. If it wasn’t micromanaged by government, then we would still have segregated schools. Do you know how many children were helped by riding buses to distant schools? Much more than those who were hurt by it. And do you expect a senator to send their children to a public school? I would think that could be very dangerous. There are always a few nutjobs out there as was made obvious by reading this discussion.

            2. the point was that Ted Kennedy was the worst kind of racist…the kind that acted like he was saving the blacks but in reality didn’t want them anywhere near his kids…just mixed in with the white trash….so that both groups could go to crappy schools while his went to good schools.

          2. Patrick and Edward were racial pioneers at both schools – I think Irish catholics were in the distinct minority, probably still are at St. Albans.

  11. I’m the American Voter, I am
    The American Voter, I am, I am
    Oswald shot a Kennedy from the seventh floor
    They’ve been shot at many times before

    And if ev’ry one shot a Kennedy (Kennedy!)
    We wouldn’t have a worry or a sound (No sound!)
    ‘Cuz there’s one good kind of Kennedy
    And that’s a Kennedy we’re certain is dead!

    Second verse, same as the first!

    I’m the American Voter, I am
    The American Voter, I am, I am
    Oswald shot a Kennedy from the seventh floor
    They’ve been shot at many times before

    And if ev’ry one shot a Kennedy (Kennedy!)
    We wouldn’t have a worry or a sound (No sound!)
    ‘Cuz there’s one good kind of Kennedy
    And that’s a Kennedy we’re certain is dead!

    1. Murder in song, how right wing of you. People like you prevent me from EVER taking the right wing seriously. Bunch of crazy assholes.

      1. Hypocrisy in prose, how left wing of you. Freaks like you prevent me from ever taking the left wing seriously. Buncha bird-freaking rimjobbers.

        1. Exactly, you proved my point for me. The right has been infected with this vile hatred, and name calling, character bashing, yelling, throwing things, and now murder of all things are condoned instead of condemned. You have to see that you hurt your cause more than you help it.

    2. Horrifying and transparent. Heaven help us.

  12. Sorry I can’t accept that this is real. It all part of a plot of some kind….

    You see, I am assured—assured I tell you—that the shouting, hostile crowds some of our honored legislators met this summer when they tried to tell their constituents what they wanted out of health care reform were “unprecedented”. So this must be a fake.

    1. Yelling and throwing things at politicians should really hold more clout than the public is giving it credit for.

  13. All busing achieved was to destroy good public schools by importing black students with low IQs and criminal tendencies. The people protesting against busing were the smart ones.

    1. Now this is one really very racist comment. If you don’t understand why, then you are a racist too.

    2. Those white schools weren’t good either, don’t kid yourself. No one was busing black kids to Newton or Brookline. The whites in Charlestown would probably be exhibit A for anyone who wants to demonstrate low IQ and criminal tendencies in the white population. That’s one reason why busing was so hypocritical – the black kids weren’t really getting a shot at a better education, just a chance at mixing with a different kind of poor kid.

    3. Good luck to you and you intellectual pursuits.

  14. Hey, you can’t call yourself “Freebird” and be a liberal.

    1. On the contrary, because my name is Freebird, I can be anything i want. Besides, who said i was a liberal? I just like to argue, and i despise the use of fear and misinformation to promote votes on either side of the aisle. Just so happens, the right wing does it constantly. Plus I adore the Kennedy family, so this thread is perfect for me.

      1. You know that “Voters to Kennedy: F___ You” headline? Well we got misquoted. What we said was “And STAY dead!” Good riddance to those sewer trout and their fat, drunken, girlfriend-drowning grafter. I’ll bet you’ve still got a big bloody hole where your lips used to be from being permanently glued to Ted Kennedy’s sphincter.

      2. Sorry, dude, but I’ve added this little code that makes your name appear as Hyannis Harry instead of Freebird.

    2. This board is getting way too meta for me.

  15. Apparently the truth is racist.

  16. The elected (at the time) all-white School Committee in Boston was given several opportunities to address the issue of subpar materials going to black schools. They refused to deal with it. Garrity lost his patience and ordered busing. I’m black and I liked my school. I also wanted a history book that didn’t end with the Korean War.

    1. Wow, so you were actually one of the bussed? How long was the bus ride to and from your new school? I’m curious about how far kids were sent.

      Also, doesn’t bussing seem like a strange solution to “subpar materials going to black schools”? If a judge can order busses to ship students back and forth between par and subpar schools, why not just order proper materials for black schools? Wouldn’t that be cheaper, fairer, and get far more public support?

      1. It is easier to order people shifted around than order a giant new education overhaul. Also the underlying sentiment was “Those niggers can’t have the same quality of shit that I have. They aren’t real Americans and don’t deserve it.” That is still the knee jerk reaction to ANY program that helps EVERYONE (You mean the lazy and shiftless darkies will get the same quality of healthcare as ME?!?!? WTF!? Wolverines!!1!)

  17. Too bad this thread dissolved into trolling, because there were several interesting things about the clip.

    One small thing that really stuck out for me is that the reporter actually has a strong Boston accent. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Boston anchor in my lifetime, whether a New England native or imported from elsewhere, who didn’t speak General American Newscaster Standard.

    On a more important note, did Ted’s electoral results in Southie ever actually suffer as a result? I suspect they did not, but does anyone know?

  18. It is always good to remind people of the racist northerners and how they are 20 years behind the south in race relations.

    1. Being raised in the south this comment couldn’t be farther out of the scope of reality. Visit the thriving metropolis of Subligna, GA and then revisit this comment

  19. reductio ad teabag.

    1. Hey, everybody, have you seen my bags?
      They’re big and chalky and white!
      If you ever need a lift, try them out;
      My teabags are dynamite!


      Suck on my chalky white teabags;
      Yeah, put’em in your mouth and suck’em!
      Suck on my chalky white teabags;
      They’re packed full of calcium, they’re good for you!

      Yeah, suck on my bags!

  20. Where are we now with busing in Boston? $30 mill a year to bus vietnamese kids from Dorchester to Southie in exchange for Salvadorian kids. Bring this up only helps the Teabag movement. Worst case of fed over reach on record.

  21. Chuckie yeah. Busing was stupid. But even stupider was white people’s unwillingness to equally fund public education for all schools no matter the color of the people attending. They would have burned their town to the ground rather than tolerate a well funded and well equipped black school. Darkies with a nice school? Perish the fucking thought.

    1. Lisa, no one wants to fund school for other people’s kids. It’s not racism, it’s just human nature. New Hampshire’s been having the same fight for decades – public schools in towns with a high tax base are well funded, public schools in poorer towns are not well funded. But people still scream bloody murder and get violenty angry about plans to “equalize” funding even though we’re talking about money going from white kids to other white kids.

  22. What a nice, civilized discussion!

  23. These grade-school comments are made even funnier by virtue of the fact that they appear on the website of a magazine called Reason.

    You make the mentally undeveloped crypto-Nazis over at Free Republic look like a bunch of Stephen Hawkings.

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