How's That Whole Teabaggers-and-Obamacare-Opponents-Are-Racists Thing Working Out?


Over at The Weekly Standard, Mary Katharine Ham observes:

Now that voter discontent has appeared in the bluest of blue states, and it's focused on the president's handling of terror, taxes, and health care, it's become much harder to marginalize Tea Party activists and other critics of the administration […]

As of last night, the media have finally started to change their tune on the Tea Party movement. I was shocked to hear Chris Matthews concede that Democrats had not learned to talk to those critical of the administration, to assuage their worries. Perhaps that was partly because their picture of those critics was painted by…Chris Matthews, who called 60-something veterans "terrorists," and compared peaceful protesters to aspiring Timothy McVeighs. Maybe that had something to do with the lack of engagement.

Ham also includes some choice before-and-after quotes from David Gregory. Though apparently Keith Olbermann is still unmoved:

I explored whether Tea Partyers were racist in December, and Reason TV (unlike many of the event's critics) covered the Sept. 12 march on Washington in real time: