Martha Hasn't Got Your Back



With 75 percent of precincts reporting, State Senator Scott Brown is leading Attorney General Martha Coakley 53 percent to 46 percent in the special election for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat. Associated Press is calling the race for Brown. Brown is right now taking Coakley's concession call.

The implications of the special election for the seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy have been widely discussed already, and you can get previous Reason coverage on: the poor campaign Coakley mounted; the hypocrisy of apologists for Coakley's career as a prosecutor; the real but convoluted reasons the election outcome may doom the Obamacare bill; the post-Coakley blame game among Democrats; the view from the crazies in the streets; and why women will vote for a naked man even when they can't quite see what he's packing.

Where do we go from here? I didn't think there was any way the Democrats wouldn't pull this out at the last minute. But I also have never believed Obamacare would pass. So like Kenny Rogers, I'm happy to break even.

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  1. Trust Democracy

    1. Democracy brought home flowers and candy today, and promised to quit drinking and beating our asses. Maybe you trust democracy, but I’m just going to enjoy this short phase while it lasts.

      1. Some guy, you are a poet.


      2. Trust a republic then?

  2. What an amazing day.

    What an amazing Hail Mary catch for America.

    1. Well, the second-worst candidate won… Joe Kennedy the Third (no relation) didn’t win. But gridlock IS good.

  3. Serious question – when did two piercings in the same ear become mainstream?

    1. Eh, somewhere around the late ’90s or so.

  4. No obamacare. No cap and trade. No card check. Maybe America really is a charmed country.

    1. I called it a Hail Mary catch, you call it charmed. But on further thought the best metaphor, actually, is that this is a big middle finger to the leftist assholes who thought we were ready to be Europe.

      We weren’t, and we’re not going to be.

    2. Yes Medicare Part D. Yes EPA regulating CO2 emissions as a threat to human health. Yes TARP funds going into union coffers.

      1. Medicare part D was already there. EPA is going to be tied up in court for years trying to regulate CO2. And the Dems don’t want them to do it anyway since it will kill the economy. And TARP is already done as well.

        Things are not perfect, but at least for one night, they stopped getting worse. And that is something.

        1. Things are not perfect, but at least for one night, they stopped getting worse. And that is something.

          That’s one hell of an anthem in times like these.

        2. And TARP is already done as well.

          That’s true. We did stop calling the bailouts TARP. Since we just lifted the cap on bailout money for Fannie & Freddie to cover the mind-blowing losses they’re going to suffer from the bad loans they’ve been throwing at anyone who will take one, it’s good to know that they’ve changed the name.

  5. Hey, Tony: Health care not a right. THE PEOPLE have spoken. 50% plus one!

  6. Anything that thwarts those wacky Dems is music to my ears… the fact that the Obam-a-gram was delivered by a former sexy centerfold makes it twice as sweet LOL…

  7. Sounds like Coakley will be bored. She can iron my shit.

    1. Sage, we require your service in order to study the problem of “why women will vote for a naked man even when they can’t quite see what he’s packing.” We need you to iron the centerfold flat. I know you can handle the job.

      1. I ain’t ironing that shit!

  8. Ding Dong , the witch-huntress is dead !

    1. Win.

    2. Good. I hated Ding Dong the Witch.

  9. First the olympics, now the Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. Looks like that Obamajic has worn off.

    Suck it dems. Suck it long and deep.

    1. Obamagic, I mean.

      1. I liked your first spelling better. Looks Muslim.

        1. Racist.

        2. I liked it, too. Looks French.

          1. Reverse racist?

  10. Has there ever been a bigger political miscalculation than Ben Nelson taking the bribe to vote for cloture? He ruined his political career with that vote and now he won’t even be able to collect on the bribe.

    1. Agreed 100%. When the clusterfuck of Obamacare is dissected I think the bribing of Nelson will be seen as the tipping point. Sleazy doesnt begin to describe it. People finally realized they don’t want these clowns dictating what health care they get.

      1. I read somewhere he went to a Pizza Hut in Freemont Nebraska and the locals booed him out of the place. He blamed it on “misleading ads”.

          1. Um, OK, does this work?

            (Pizza Hut story)

          2. URL doesn’t work. Those four or five dots don’t mean anything, I’m guessing.

            1. Yeah, it was weird. It was pasted in full when I hit submit, but showed up condensed and unlinked when it actually posted.

        1. From the pic I saw of him it looks like he spends a lot of time in a Pizza Hut.

    2. Landrieu was also bribed.

      I can see either or both switching sides now if the Dems try to ram this through before Brown is seated, using the excuse that “it would be against the will of the people” or somesuch.

      1. I think she is done as well. She has almost lost a few times in the past. With the reduction in the population of New Orleans, she was going to have a hard time anyway. I think she is up in 2012.

        1. Which probably means she votes for the bill b/c she can’t save her seat.

  11. The 2010 election is shaping up to be as much fun as 1994’s was. You youngsters may not remember, but it seems like the level of popular discontent back then was lower than it is now.

  12. I heard that Howard Dean was on MSNBC tonight blaming fucking Bush for Coakley’s loss. Christ.

    Hang on, it is being reported that they have just found 1.3 million ballots in favor of coakley in a Seattle elections warehouse! What luck for that twunt!

    1. The bitterness of the Dean makes this sweeter still. YEEEAGGHHH!

      1. I still have a scream!

  13. Chris Matthews on MSNBC is saying that this race is just like a nerd who beats the student council president in senior year because people are just sick of voting for the same person over and over again.

    1. He knows that none of that shit that made his leg tingle is happening now. Not. One. Fucking. Thing.

      God, this is delicious.

      1. It’s funny that they never got sick of voting for Democrat senators during the past 30+ years.

    2. Oh my, the disappointment on that little dude, Rachel Maddow’s face, was priceless!

      1. I thought that was Jerry Seinfeld.

        1. Rachael likes spicy chicken!

      2. She looked like she was taking a shit in her pantsuit.

  14. Happy anniversary Obama!

  15. I thought that the so-called “mainstream media” couldn’t wait to break a big story as fast as possible, but I have yet to see one story cross the wire proclaiming Brown the winner.

    Maybe everyone in the media has committed suicide or something.

    1. Not to ruin your fun, but AP called it about half an hour ago.

    2. I flipped by CNN and they have Larry King talking about resuced orphans in Haiti. What there was an election?

      1. I was watching that earlier, and they were cutting to Wolf in front of the MA map every 10 minutes or so, in between reporting from Haiti. That is a big story, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt — it’s not like the White House party crasher story being covered in lieu of Climategate a few weeks ago.

        1. I didn’t know they were cutting to Wolf. I just watched for a few seconds. My stomach can’t take looking at Larry King in high definition for more than ten or fifteen seconds.

          So, fair enough they are covering it. My mistake.

  16. Where’s Timon19? I know he’s celebrating like I am: First we get the good Clint Dempsey news, now this. A very satisfying evening.

    1. What’s the news on Dempsey? He’ll be good for the cup?

      1. The MRI verdict came out more positive than expected: “minor” ligament damage, no surgery necessary, expected to be back on the field for Fulham before season’s end.

        So, yes — hallelujah. Our World Cup may be saved after all.

        Now about Gooch and Davies…

        1. Landon Donovan has looked good for Everton so far.

        2. Yeah – I mean, Clint’s important and all, but he’s definitely third on the list of ‘guys whose injuries are giving fans ulcers.’ I’m not sure which is first… guess it depends on how other options at those positions shake out between now and then.

          On the plus side, England’s going through the same thing at the moment, but worse. Unless Capello goes all-in on youth, there’s going to be a lot of worn-out, beat up guys on the field for them.

    2. I was playing volleyball. My bad. Just saw the Dempsey news. Fantastic!

      Now all we need is to get Davies jogging and Gooch training.

  17. Hey, this doesn’t mean anything. It is not like Massachusetts is a liberal state or the President didn’t come in and campaign for Coakley or anything.

  18. “Hang on, it is being reported that they have just found 1.3 million ballots in favor of coakley in a Seattle elections warehouse! What luck for that twunt!”

    If I’m quick I can get there and burn it to the ground before they get them out.

  19. I wonder what “joe” thinks of this?

    1. Fuck that guy. That’s what.

      1. You’ll find “joe from lowell” somewhere amid the freakout that’s taking place over here.

        1. And he’s still a giant douche.

    2. Yeah. His line before he left was how the Republicans were the party of angry bitter southern white men and how states like Massachusetts were so much more advanced than the south and were the future of the country.

      I am sure he has a million excuses.

      1. Like I used to tell him, they’re more racist in Boston than anywhere in the South.

        Yes, voting for Brown is a vote for racism. At least, that’s how I understand this stuff works.

        1. He was right. The Republicans are the party of the angry and bitter. It is just that Obama has managed in just one year to create angy bitter people in places Joe never imagined they could exist.

      2. Well, it wasn’t even close; Brown won by over 100,000 votes.

      3. But he’s not a bigot. No. Of course not. And that’s rain getting our pants legs wet, too.

        1. Joe, I mean.


  20. Steny Hoyr was saying today that they don’t need a Coakley win for healthcare reform. He was confident that they would have a bill done in 10-15 days. Plenty of time to slip it in before Brown can be certified.

    1. This morning he was confident that Coakley was going to win.

    2. “Slip it in” is a term one would use when you may not notice it. But when it has the girth of a five gallon paint can, “slipping” is not exactly what’s going to happen.

    3. David Brooks wrote today that if the Dems did that, they would be “unfit to rule”. Steyny baby can talk all he wants but it aint happening. Not every Dem is a political suicide bomber for Obamacare. Anyone from an even remotely red state is going to jump ship on that idea.

      1. I wonder just how much political damage the dems have done to themselves once they back out on all the deals they’ve made. They will be called “native american benefactors.”

        1. Lots. The Dem base had 60 votes and the Presidency for nine months. And all they got was an escalation of Bush’s wars, bank bailouts, and one McHopey stimulus package to show for it. That has got to be devistating for them.

          1. exactly, the funny thing is if the health bill does not pass, how different will the obama administration be from the Bush??? not much at all, if anything it looks like a continuation. I wonder if that will go over looked by the voters, I bet it will, but they will still be angry and vote for republicans who offer pretty much the same that obama has accomplished so far…

          2. Hee-hee-hee.

            And they should keep being reminded of it, 24/7.

  21. ANOTHER Tony-free, Chad-less thread. Simply amazing.

  22. Tom,
    Agree on both. Great news on Clint and if Ouchi and Charlie can get back to health then even better.

    The fun here is going to be watching the Dem’s pile on about what a douche bag Coackley is and ignoring the fact that a retarded democrat clam should have one the election.

    1. won not one

    2. Massachusetts is a state that elected Joe Kennedy to the House. If Joe Kennedy had been Joe Senior’s son, he would have been the one who got a lobatomy instead of the daughter. As bad as Coakley is, this is not her fault. She was done in by the fact that Brown would become the 41st vote against Obamacare. If the Dems only had 55 seats, I bet Coakley still would have won, gaffes and all.

    3. I still think you can forget about Davies. Onyewu and Dempsey look to be in a better spot.

      1. I agree but if Charlie can make it back that would be a huge emotional burst for the US.

        1. I know you didn’t mean it this way, but “Ouchi” is an awesome nickname in light of all the injuries lately.

  23. Don’t fuck with the truck! Hopefully this will be just as much of a wake up call to Republicans as terrifying to Dems. Insolent Congressional bastards. Maybe the country hasn’t lost its collective mind!

    Napolitano/Sowell 2012!

    1. I’d crawl over broken glass to vote for that, particularly Sowell.

  24. It’s pretty breathtaking how fast the voters have turned on the dems and Obama. I am curious if we are going to start seeing this type of swing every 2 years. Talk about gridlock. Yes that means I see this as a sign. The republicans are going to whip some serious ass in November. From Harry Reid on down.

    1. I have been saying for years going back to 2000 that we are in an era deallignment. I said it when the Republicans were in charge. The days of one party holding onto Congress for decades like the Republicans did before 1932 and the Dems did until 1994 are over. I think the Republicans are taking back the house and maybe the Senate in 2010 and will have both back by 2012. And if they fuck up, the Dems could be back in again in 2014.

      1. I don’t know if they even have to fuck up. I think that it’s getting impossible to change things fast enough to please the voters. The economy, even if it doesn’t fall farther, is gonna take some time to get noticable better for Joe Average. In the meantime, the votes will swing hard left to right and back again. Maybe, just maybe, it will gridlock congress in such a way that the country will work itself back into prosperity.

        1. It didn’t swing left. Obama was elected because people were tired of the war and all of partisian awfulness under Bush. I really think they just wanted some peace and quiet. They thought they were voting a return to the mid 1990s Clinton and getting a cool black guy to boot. They wanted him to end the war and find a few sollutions that made everyone happy. They didn’t want a massive new healthcare entitlement and a trillion and a half dollar deficit.

          1. Obama IMO promised a pretty far left agenda with healthcare for everyone, green government jobs out the wazzoo, tons of money for redesigning our infrastructure and other BIG government goodies. Where he is mistaken, is in believing that all the votes for him were in favor of a hard left agenda. Many of those votes were actually a bitchslap at Bush and the Republicans. Those votes weren’t Obama supporters and he apparently still doesn’t realize it. He thinks he is working with a mandate and he isn’t. He damn near pulled it off.

            1. Most people didn’t know what Obama actually stood for. If you were paying attention you knew he was a hard leftist. But all of the media and the smart set kept talking about how practical and centrist he was. I have any number of friends who claimed that Obama was a centrist like Clinton. Most people didn’t realize how leftist he is.

              1. I think the war is overlooked, many independents and democrats voted for an end to the war, and they certainly didn’t get it. I think more and more people want the war’s to end, but which party will now promise that?, the democrats just had a president run on that and didnt deliver, I doubt the republicans have the balls to do it. But they should, even republicans are getting sick of the war.

          2. If the Dems lose control of Congress this year, maybe that is what we’ll get. Mid ’90s Clinton was a product of gridlock. It could do wonders for Obama, too.

            1. but it’s different climate now, amont the democrats especially, you cane bet they would feel a bit more than betrayed if the war is not ended or health care is made. The 2 main issues The Messiah ran on.

      2. I think we may see more incumbents in BOTH parties defeated this November than we’ve ever seen before.

        I’m beginning to think for the first time than even Barbara Boxer might not be safe.

    2. Obama was elected to end the war in Iraq and close Guantanamo. Not to enact a massive new healthcare entitlement.

      1. Is that why you voted for him?
        Iraq was a factor,but Gitmo?

        Shitloads of the Obama voters I know did it primarily for the “free healthcare”.

        1. I didn’t vote for him. That’s my opinion on why he won. Why he got independents. It was popular backlash against Bush for Iraq and Guantanamo. the progressive kids were always going to vote for Obama and free healthcare, but that didn’t get him into office.

    3. A big part of this is the fact that the 2006-08 swing was so huge, so the swing back was going to be huge as well. It’s been a long time since either party had 60 votes in the Senate.

      1. True. When Clinton was elected there were 43 Republican senators, which I remember because I thought it funny when he referred to them as an “obstructionist minority” when he’d won the presidency with 43% of the vote.

  25. Matthews is now saying that people are just pissed off for some reason — it might be the unemployment rate, it might be the cold winter, but it’s not because of anything Obama does.

  26. Maybe the Senate has the collective balls, but the House does not. I was watching the Luntz focus group on Fox, and I’m pretty sure some House Dems saw it too.

    Any Dem who goes on record trying to shove this crap down our throats has thrown away their career. Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – none of these assholes are the kind of leaders their followers die for. Politicians are rats, and rats know when a ship is sinking.

    I swing both ways – sometimes I vote D, sometimes I vote R — and I’ve never been one of those “your tears are sweet to me” partisan keyboard ninja jerkoffs (cause I’m a chick, and I have social skills, and I can get laid and everything), but tonight…tonight I miss Joe. I miss him so much. Never in my life have I wanted to taunt someone so much as I want to taunt Joe.

    Oh Joe. Where are you?

    1. Oh Joe. Where are you?

      Fuck that guy. That’s where. He can iron my shit.

    2. Does someone in his family tree smell of elderberries?

    3. Oh Joe. Where are you?

      Undoubtedly trying to convince a bunch of people on another website why this doesn’t mean the Dems are in big trouble.

      1. According to Chris Matthews, people were just pissed off at how cold this winter’s been and wanted someone to pay.

        1. It was interesting how all the commentators at MSNBC (from what I have seen) shied away from arguing that this had anything to do with apprehensions about Obama’s agenda.

    4. I’m waiting for “joe Jr.” aka MNG.

  27. Perhaps to save Obamacare, the Pres should pose “semi nude” (quote Miss Quinn) in Times Mag.

    1. she referred to the Cosmo centerfold thing as semi-nude? Wasn’t nuthin semi about it.

  28. One thing is for sure, a lot of congresscritters are sending their daughters to the next series of American Idol now.

  29. There is good news for Tony and Chad. Apparently they have decided to hook Teddy Kennedy’s corpse to a generator and are going to be able to power the entire state for 5 years.

    1. No one is gonna comment on this comment? Wtf! No one!!?

      1. I just did.

    2. +4 win!

    3. They should stick a bone up his ass and let the dogs drag him off.

      1. To Haiti? No, can’t do that to the dogs!

  30. http://yglesias.thinkprogress……p#comments

    I highly reccomend this comment thread. I haven’t laughed so hard in months.

    1. Damn you John. I’m supposed to be writing. And now I’m stuck in the Yglesias site, licking their tears and smacking my lips.

      1. Number 29 is my favorite so far.

        1. You don’t like #16?:

          So far, Pelosi have proven the toughest and ablest politician the Democrats in Washington have, God bless her. If it’s anybody I want to entrust with the task of saving Obama’s bacon, it’s Nancy.

          That’s comedy gold!

  31. I don’t see how the SoS can take the full 10 days to certify when the margin is as big as it is in this election, without the fact that it would be pure craven politics being blatantly clear. Reid has already promised that Brown would be seated as soon as the “proper paperwork” is received.

    1. State law. Local officials must wait at least 10 days to allow absentee ballots to arrive. Local officials may wait an additional 5 days before submitting their results. So the total delay could be up to 15 days.

      However, the press was reporting that there were 100K requests for absentee ballots before the election and Brown’s margin of win is greater than 100K.

  32. Just posted at RealClearPolitics:

    The statement from Webb and the earlier comments from Evan Bayh indicate moderate Senate Dems have seen enough. But what about Pelosi? Is she going to continue with the “full speed ahead, business as usual” shtick? It’s hard to imagine that we won’t see some House Blue Dogs come out with some serious push back after they digest what just happened in Massachusetts. In other words, it’s hard to see how the entire health care push doesn’t collapse. – Tom Bevan

  33. I just noticed MSNBC’s logo for this coverage: It’s BAY^WATCH with a STATE written above the caret.

  34. The vote is a repudiation of:
    a. The health care plan
    b. Big government
    c. Democrats
    d. Bail-outs
    e. ????
    f. ????

    I would love to think this is a sea-change but would put my money on the fact that the populace is pissed off off about their current situation and are throwing feces to make that case.

    1. Definitely A and D. And it is C to the extent that the Dem machine in Massachusetts is so insulting arrogant. It is not a repudiation of “big government”. But it probably is a repudiation of “bigger government”.

      This election is the American people telling the Democrats to knock it the fuck off for a while.

      1. Please, oh please, Demos, go nuclear. Reconciliation. Do whatever it takes to show what arrogant, incorrigible statist fucks you are!

  35. Ooooooh, here comes Olbermann! Slurp!

  36. Perhaps someone can put this poetry to music?

    Ezra Klein tweets:

    ezraklein This seems like fairly decisive evidence that the dream can, in fact, die.

    1. Disillusionment is a bitch, man.

    2. Where did they bury the dream? I need to take a leak.

      1. +1 I’ve got a 12-pack of cheap beer I need to process.

  37. I just got done saying this place has become Republican Palooza, imagine my complete lack of surprise.

    1. The day the Republicans are one Senate Vote away from enacting a bunch of stupid shit and Texas slaps them down, this place will be just as happy.

      In the mean time, Iron My Shit Buddy!!

      1. i feel sorry for the people who have to be around you in public.

        1. Come on MNG, at least have the balls to post under your real name.

        2. Holy fucking shit, please, PLEASE take the stick out of your ass or just shut the fuck up. I feel sorry for people with senses of humor who have to be around you.

    2. Dude, we’re happy that the leftist shit just started swirling down the toilet. That’s all you’re witnessing here.

  38. According to MSNBC, Sen. Webb has said that the Dems would be wise to wait until Brown is seated before going forward with health care reform.

  39. I said this in another thread but it bears repeating: If the LP (or other third party) is ever going to do anything, this is the time. Unfortunately, it’s late in the game, and little organized anything seems to have occurred. You gotta think with the hate of the Democrats that’s growing and the lingering disgust with the GOP that there’s a major opportunity for a limited government candidate or two.

    1. Learn to love the Tea Parties. The Republicans only wish they were a Republican phenomenon.

      1. SO it’s ok to admit the tea partiers are actually republicans now.

        1. No, WSH, John just clearly said the Republicans WISH the tea partiers were Republican – because they’re not.

          And that’s why the Democrats lost in MA and that’s why they lost in VA and NJ and that’s why they’re leaping out of their House and Senate seats before their terms are up. They’re caught like deer in the headlights, too fucking stupid to realize the mack truck coming down the road is not being driven by Republicans.

          Kevin Bacon, dude. All is well. All is WELL. ALL IS WELL!!!

          1. The Republicans wish they could get the kind of turnout that any Tea Party gathering can muster.


    2. The LP is too busy trying to drive anyone who doesn’t support gay marriage and road privatization out of the party.

      1. Lets just gay-do-it in the road.

      2. Not to mention us gimps that aren’t quite self supporting.

    3. I think the LP as currently constructed is a waste of time.

      A less strictly libertarian and a more broadly anti-both parties third party is the only real chance to make up ground. And the LP looks poorly situated to be the group that accomplishes that.

      For better or for worse, Ross Perot is the only usable recent playbook for third party success in this country, and another go at it will have to resemble that one at least to some extent.

      That’s not necessarily how I want it to be, but that seems to me the way it is.

    4. I have dreamed of a new party – the DP (the Disgusted Party). It’s here, but nameless. Libertarian candidates simply need to Cass Sunstein the Republican Party. Rand in KY and Schiff in Conn. Eventually, within a generation, the R’s will organically fold on their social inadequacies, but liberals will never, FUCKING NEVER, relinquish statism. Not that current R leaders don’t often demonstrate the same propensity for such transgressions. I’ll take a Huckabee over an Obama any fucking day of the week. I saw him talking a little Fair Tax, Term Limit shit not too long ago. I don’t believe in an omniscient, imaginary figure dictating people’s fates or fucking up Haitians with earthquakes (agnostic/atheist/pantheist/wtfever), but after Obamanightmare – halle-fuckin’-lujah!

      1. I’ll take a Huckabee over an Obama any fucking day of the week.

        Huckabee seems like a really likable guy, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want HuckabeeCare. And don’t say it wouldn’t happen.

      2. DP is what we’re getting when we keep voting for the R’s and D’s.

        1. I didn’t say Disgusting. I said Disgusted!

      3. I agree on Huckabee. I’m not a fan for various reasons, but when asked by a woman if he was “one of those Baptists who believe only Baptists go to Heaven,” he said “I’m worse than that. I don’t even think all Baptists go to Heaven.” For some reason that made him seem less religiously threatening.

      4. I’d like to see a new party revive the “Antifederalist” name.


    5. I’d be happy if libertarians formulated a list of 10 or so concrete, moderate and sensible-sounding reforms for health care, government spending, taxes and so on. They can be small but meaningful steps in a libertarian direction, but have to be sellable to the somewhat contradictory mishmash of conservatives/Tea Partiers/Republicans/moderates/blue dog Dems that won this election. This is not the time for purist positions re open borders/isolationism/etc. that don’t poll higher than single digits.

  40. I want a YouTube/Hulu clip of Obermann’s post-election meltdown (*) on tomorrow’s morning links, or I’m never donating to a Reason fundraiser again.

    (*) assuming there is one – I don’t want to spend the time watching to find out.

    1. He’s on right now — actually fairly calm. If anything he seems pissed at Coakley.

      1. Damn, I want YouTube meltdowns. You hear me Reason editors, I want an entire morning links tomorrow of angry liberals losing their collective shit.

        Their tears are yummy and sweet.

        1. I can’t wait to see Obama talk about this. The One is not going to take this well.

          1. He will never talk about it, as this never happened. Only racists think Brown won tonite.

      2. I think Keith resigned himself to this with his meltdown last night.

        I always worry about people who think their side is so worthy of devotion that they get that angry when they lose. Hell I didn’t even get that angry when he lost in game 7 in 2003. I was upset and a bit confused as to a couple of the decisions made, but I certainly didn’t start spitting out obscenities at Aaron Boone and I wasn’t on TV.

    2. Olbermann just “apologized” for his string of epithets for Brown yesterday by saying he should have added “sexist”.

      He also says that the people who object to his characterization of Brown as a “homophobic racist, reactionary ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women” should disprove this characterization.

      1. Olbermann has no business having an opinion, as he’s nothing more than an untalented political hack. He’s welcome to disprove this characterization.

  41. There are like 70 Democratic House members who represent districts that voted for McCain. What must those guys be thinking tonight?

    1. Something along the lines “oh, fuck. Mommy! Hold me!”

    2. Oh yeah. And contrary to some Think Progress posters, I doubt they’ll be turning to Pelosi for guidance.

  42. I should say I think the LP is a “waste of time” on the score of gathering a large public ground swell. But could have its uses for other reasons (it’s always nice to have someone else to vote for besides the Rs and Ds even if it’s hopeless).

    1. In my local elections last year, I had to vote a straight Green ticket because there were literally no Republican or Libertarian candidates.

      1. Yeah I wanted to clarify the above. I don’t think they are of any real use in a Perot style insurgency like above, but it is nice to be able to not have to vote for either Obama or McCain or Gus Hall.

      2. Sounds painful. All you had were dems and greens? At least I get random socialist knockoffs like the Liberty Union or Progressive parties. Livens up the debates a bit.

        1. In fairness it was an off-year election, so it was just for mayor, city council, county board, etc — just low-level local posts in this extremely liberal county.

  43. Now the MSNBC triumvirate has decided that a more progressive health care bill should be passed by budget reconciliation, which only requires 50%+1. Of course it happens to be illegal, but since when has that stopped us.

  44. This is a pretty good liberal comment from over at Yglesias. I am sure I don’t agree with the guy on much. But, he is right about this.

    kafka Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 9:48 pm
    I and a few other posters on this blog have been warning you all year long that the Dems are fucking both us and themselves with their constant whoring. But did you listen ? NNNNOOOOO!

    HCR is just another fucking corporate giveaway ? a medical version of TARP. How Matt could even think this POS could actually help the Dems is beyond me. The only charitable answer I can come up with is because that’s what he’s paid to say.

    I’ve also said countless times that when the Dems abandoned their New Deal roots and became a corporate whoring party that cares more about Wall Street, illegal immigrants, AIPAC etc. it fucked itself bigtime.

  45. Democrats should immediately pass a Republican fantasy health care bill. Regardless, rates will skyrocket for the next ten years (the industry says so!), the system will collapse, and we will have single payer in a hurry.

    1. By that time the killer robot zombies will have taken over, so it won’t matter.

  46. This increases the possibility that Obama will be Jimmy Carter or GHWB 2.0.

    1. Bush I would have won in ’92 were it not for Perot. But my advice for Obama is to not pick any fights with swamp rabbits.

      1. Regardless, I just mean single term President. I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments that would follow an Obama loss in 2012, especially if none of Obama’s big agenda items come to fruition.

      2. Does Obama have a brother we can name a beer after?

        1. Yes but with the clicks and tongue clucks it’s real damn hard to pronounce when you’re sober. Impossible to say to the bartender after you’ve had a few.

          1. Only if you’re a pussy who can’t hold his booze. 🙂

        2. How’s a half brother? Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo…

          Ndesandjo Nut Brown… not a bad name…

          Obammagang was already attempted and shot down. (Later renamed Adoration).


          1. He has another half-brother in Kenya named George Hussein. Might be a good name for a beer. The guy lives in Kenya on less than $1 per day. Guess The One’s love for the poor and downtrodden stops with his own family:

  47. Seward, I have a list of left wing bloggers whom I plan to dump gloating comments on should The Chosen One be un-chosen in 2012. Particularly if healthcare dies and AGW has been proven a lie.

  48. Scott Brown’s daughters are available on the back of a truck apparently.

    1. I was just wondering if he was trying to pimp them out.

      1. Those are just the kind of backroom deals I want to see televised on CSPAN.

  49. I have yet to find a real person who voted for Obama who now supports Republican candidates. Clearly there are a lot of these people. Is any rational person out there among them, and can clue us in on why your opinion has changed? (crackpot libertarians need not apply). It seems to me that Obama is doing pretty much what one would have predicted.

    1. Iron my shit, Choad.

      1. Yep, that’s pretty much the type of response I get from the teabag crowd.

        **Drool** Get your gub’ment hands off my Medicare **Drool**

        1. Open up, I don’t think they’re done tea-bagging you yet.

      2. sage is on Medicare?

    2. As other people have said I suspect that many people in ’08 who voted for Obama were voting anti-GOP and thought they were getting a black post ’94 triangulating Bill Clinton, not a concentrated version the radical ’93 Clinton.

      There’s also the fact the Dem’s have stuffed a decade’s worth of naked partisan corruption in the last few months between the sweetheart deals for Louisiana, Nebraska and the unions, as well changing the rules to seat an interim Senator.

    3. Of course there aren’t any rational people among them. Rational people didn’t vote for Obama in the first place.

  50. Right now Ari Huffington is on with Olbermann. It’s pretty damn sad when you look like a lefty nutjob splitting a screen with Arianna Huffington.

  51. Jesus on Harley, people. Steyn Hoyer says voters are angry about GOP obstructionism, not the Democratic agenda.

    I’m not that old – 46 – but I was a precocious little thing (I insisted on watching live footage of Nixon leaving the WH in a helicopter) and I’ve been following politics closely since Reagan’s first term. I have some fairly clear memories of Carter as well.

    I have never seen either party drive off a cliff like this. Not even the Republicans in 2004, 2005 – or whenever it was that they decided the sky was a completely different color from what the rest of us were looking at. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    1. They don’t fear us enough. It’s that simple. We should swap out parties arbitrarily and put more third parties into Congress, just to keep them from settling into true hubris.

      1. I would’ve said that’s the reason a week ago, Pro. I can understand them not getting it after VA and NJ. But after this? After a Republican takes Teddy’s seat and by a margin that leaves wriggle room for fraud or recounts?

        There’s gonna be some fear. Not as much as there should be, and some of them are just too bone fucking stupid – Hoyer – or absolutely untouchable – Pelosi – to ever get it, but a lot of them will.

        So now I have to wonder if Obama’s current trashtalk is all bluff, or if he really thinks he can still cajole/threaten/dazzle the pants-wetting Democrats to push that shit through? I think he really thinks he can.

        1. make that “leaves NO wriggle room”…

  52. Barney Frank just released a statement saying he opposes any attempt to push the health care bill through before Brown is seated.

    1. Man wants to stay in office.

      1. He wants Brown to be seated on his fat face!

        1. Oh, didn’t think about that. Frank’s got, um, ambitions.

    2. It would appear that Barney has a knack for knowing when to jump off a sinking ship.


  53. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    Basically the same thing that was wrong with the Republicans in 2004–8: they’ve started to believe that the application of enough bullshit can really and truly change the color of the sky.

    And if that is true then it really is a sport. Go Team $COLOR.

    And—with much of the “media” mistaking press-release-transcription for journalism, and much of the public insufficiently educated to to know better and unwilling to do the work to figure it out for themselves, and some of the problems facing the body politic actually being deep and complicated—they are partially right. At least in the way Orwell talked about truth.

    Tonight was a small victory, but I do like to see people who think that way meet the reality bat coming the other way.

    1. Even randomly insane voting beats rah-team voting. In fact, I think America would be better served by voting the way Nuke pitched in Bull Durham:

      BATTER: This guy’s crazy.
      CRASH: Yep. Next one might be at your head. Hell if I know where the damn thing’s going. . . .

  54. Ding dong! Employer-sponsored health care is dead. Costs are still sky-rocketing, and Republicans have now clearly staked any chance of preventing this train wreck from happening right through the heart.

    The insurance industry itself admits that prices will go up 79% in this decade under the status quo. If you think your boss is going to pay twenty grand a year for your family’s health care, I suggest you cut back on the crack.

    So what is your plan for when it all falls apart?

    1. Chad,
      No dahhhh – that cost will go up as long as healthcare is a buffet. Please explain to us stupid folk how we get the same service for less.

      1. And you can explain how people were ruined financially when they got sick.

        Yes, we can solve the insurance “problem” by getting rid of insurance. That seems to be the libertarian plan.

    2. Tort reform. Price transparency. Bypass state insurance mandates by allowing sales across state lines. Let pharmacists dispense more drugs directly, as they could before 1948 or so. Rein in the FDA to lower the cost of drug approvals. Rein in the AMA. HSAs for everybody. Remove legal barriers to increasing the number of hospitals and clinics. Let nurses do more. Let companies hire company doctors.

      I’m sure there are more, because decades of “progressive” “reforms” of health care got us where we are now, which isn’t a health care “free market” by any means.


  56. PapayaSF|1.20.10 @ 2:01AM|#
    Tort reform. Price transparency. Bypass state insurance mandates by allowing sales across state lines. Let pharmacists dispense more drugs directly, as they could before 1948 or so. Rein in the FDA to lower the cost of drug approvals. Rein in the AMA. HSAs for everybody. Remove legal barriers to increasing the number of hospitals and clinics. Let nurses do more. Let companies hire company doctors.

    The odd thing is that almost none of this is at odds with universal coverage. Take Japan, for example. They have “tort reform” (which is something I agree with here on its own). Cases there are judged by judges, not juries, and are very difficult to win. They have complete price transparency. Their system is high-deductible (typically 30%) with a generous out-of-pocket maximum. This reigns in spending. They actually pay a notably higher percentage out of pocket overall than we do (16% vs 12%). What is wrong with “high-deductible and co-pay” insurance for everyone?

    HSAs, though, are a load of crap. There is nothing like having thousands of dollars of my capital tied up where I cannot access it and am forced to invest in ways such that it is impossible to even match inflation. With the fees, I literally am PAYING for some bankers to hold my money. No thanks. It is even worse than my 401k, which suffers the same issues (high fees and lack of access to the capital).

    1. Better to have your own capital tied up in your own HSA than give it to the government to spend on health care for other people. With more competition fees shouldn’t be too bad.

      I agree with making high deductible and co-pay insurance more widely available, though that is the opposite of what Democrats have been doing for decades, which is mandate more coverage (acupuncture etc.) and demand low or no deductibles and co-pays in union contracts and even in the current health care bill.

      In general the approach should be to make health care cheaper, allow cheaper forms of insurance, and then deal with the people who still can’t afford it. The Dem approach is to make everything more expensive, then try to solve it by making things even more expensive still and forcing a solution on everyone (except members of Congress, certain unions, etc.).

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