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Here Comes…Tucker!


Tucker Carlson's new Daily Caller website premiers on Monday. Reason Contributing Editor David Weigel has an entertaining preview up over at The Washington Independent. Excerpt:

Tastes even better with the nicorette patch

"If there's a story whose facts are verifiable, and it generates interest, and it comes from Satan himself, I will take it and I will pay him a reporting fee," Carlson said. "But if we take a piece from Satan, that does not mean we're on board with Satan's agenda. It just means that the provenance of the piece, the origins of the piece, is not the most important thing. People don't give you stuff because they love journalists. They give you that stuff because they're pushing an agenda." […]

"I keep reading all of these Nick Denton memos for Gawker," said Carlson, "these ferocious memos to writers where it's like 'get a million pageviews this week or you're fired!' Maybe we'll have to do that! But it's not my personality at all."

More deets here. And here's Carlson talking to Reason.TV at Ron Paul's 2008 Rally for the Republic:

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  1. David Weigel …. entertaining preview

    Does not compute.

    1. Weigel has become kinda lame since he signed on with the Soros gang.

  2. They hired Jim treacher, which means that whatever it will be, at the least it’ll be funny.

    1. They hired Jim treacher,

      His daughter was a teacher,

      I met her in school, and we did it on the bleachers.

      Uh, I forget the rest.

  3. Sometimes a cigar is just a penis substitute.

    1. Monica? Is that you?

    2. And who doesn’t want to stick a smoldering, severed penis in their mouth?


  4. The flavor of that cigar was ruined by the flamethrower he used to light it.

    1. brotherben, a pleasure to find a fellow cigar lover. [makes secret sign.] I had the exact same thought: that poor stogie is going to taste mostly like charcoal for a good while yet.

    2. no crap…If you are stuck with a lighter the you just burn it until it is burning then inhale…sucking methane though it kills it.

      1. well not inhale…i mean suck. You don’t inhale cigar smoke.

        1. You have to suck it? I guess SugarFree was right.

    3. By the looks of it, that’s a cigar lighter. They are very common in the cigar world, using flavorless/odorless uber-refined Butane gas.

      What you’re thinking of is the old ‘Don’t use a lighter on cigars’…’ turn which is referring to standard *cigarette* lighters. They use a very cigar-unfriendly lighter/crude butane fuel. Long wood matches have long been the norm (as opposed to cigarette lighters), but it takes at least two to properly toast the foot, and can be tricky in public/non-optimal conditions.

      Cigar lighters, whether torch,laser, etc., are standard even in cigar-snob circles.

  5. I prank called Tucker that time he gave out the Fox News Channel assignment desk’s phone number and Fox gave his home number out as revenge.

    Good times.

    I should do more prank calling. Who should I call?

    1. My buddy did one where he called a woman from his area who’d become “world aerobics champion” or some such thing, and said he was from IMG and that they wanted to sign her and do a photo-shoot for Nike with Tiger Woods and Rodger Federer at Zurich Airport (he’s Swiss) to celebrate sporting champions and promote a new line. She was super excited for a while …

    2. Joe Boyle Massachusetts…and record it.

  6. Call Chris Dodd and offer him a deal on a re-fi.

  7. Well, I’m stumped. The TuckPo is so sure-fire shitty, I was sure Shilly D would be working for it.

    Psst. Treacher. Lifeboat.

    1. Hey, I can always go back to Indianapolis. I’d like to think you’re wrong, though! Guess we’ll see.

  8. Reason Contributing Editor David Weigel

    Wait what?

    Weigel is back?

    1. I think deep down inside, Weigel knows he needs the Hit n’ Run.

    2. I think that, technically, he never fully left.

      BTW, does anyone know if Mike Riggs is still onboard for the launch?

      1. Yep, Riggs is one of the online editors.

        And I’ve been a Contributing Editor since I left in December 2008.

        1. And I’ve been a Contributing Editor since I left in December 2008.

          Then write some Hit and Run posts for god sakes!!!

      2. Not only is Riggs onboard, but he and I are now fighting crime together:

        Did I say fighting? I meant witnessing. Well, whatever.

  9. There’s Weigel com’n acha!!!

  10. “Do you believe this? Huh? It’s about the size of a cigar…Do I stutter? You see this is what you get in my house when you spill paint in the garage. See… I don’t think that I need to sit here with you fuckin’ dildos anymore!”

  11. I liked Tucker in the 2008 campaign, although I hadn’t paid that much attention before. I look forward to reading his website.

  12. I don’t trust Tucker Carlson as far as I could throw Rush Limbaugh. He tried damned hard to ridicule Ron Paul with that stunt of bringing hookers to a photo-op in Nevada, and when that fell flat, he’s been trying to pretend that he’s really one of the good guys ever since.

    Choke on your bow tie, Tucker.


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