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Here Comes…Tucker!


Tucker Carlson's new Daily Caller website premiers on Monday. Reason Contributing Editor David Weigel has an entertaining preview up over at The Washington Independent. Excerpt:

Tastes even better with the nicorette patch

"If there's a story whose facts are verifiable, and it generates interest, and it comes from Satan himself, I will take it and I will pay him a reporting fee," Carlson said. "But if we take a piece from Satan, that does not mean we're on board with Satan's agenda. It just means that the provenance of the piece, the origins of the piece, is not the most important thing. People don't give you stuff because they love journalists. They give you that stuff because they're pushing an agenda." […]

"I keep reading all of these Nick Denton memos for Gawker," said Carlson, "these ferocious memos to writers where it's like 'get a million pageviews this week or you're fired!' Maybe we'll have to do that! But it's not my personality at all."

More deets here. And here's Carlson talking to Reason.TV at Ron Paul's 2008 Rally for the Republic: