Roger Stone's Best and Worst Dressed Mens and Womens of 2009


Political operative and french-cuff wearer Roger Stone has compiled his second annual best and worst dressed list. Among the best: Barack Obama, Jude Law, Halle Berry, and Rachel Uchitel.

Among the worst: Jesse Ventura, Chuck Schumer (right…and so wrong), Sarah Silverman, and Ivana Trump.

His commentary is a hoot. For instance, his great nemesis Eliot Spitzer made the list of Best Dressed:

YES Client # 9 is on the list for the second year. While we admit we'd rather see him in prison stripes, he still personifies a heavily European influenced Upper East Side gentleman. Collars a bit loose but Hermes ties and somber blues with a soft shoulder suits—a bit stiff but deeply conservative, unlike his sexual side.

And here he is on Jesse Ventura, who made the Worst Dressed:

I understand the feather boa in his wrestling days but as Jesse the body emerges as the head of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists or "truthers", he looks like a homeless Hulk Hogan on his latest cable TV interviews. The bald with a ponytail look is so…still bald. Baggy sweat pants: Good for gym, bad for National TV.

Read the whole list here.

And watch Stone talk to Reason.tv about "new media and old campaign tricks" below. (Yes, he was appalled by my Simon Cowell-like T-shirt.)

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