If You Think ObamaCare is a Bad Idea, You Just Might Be a Redneck…or a Liberal Newspaper…


…or a racist, a birther, or a militia member.

Via HotAir comes the warbling rants of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.):

Why all this discord and discourtesy, all this unprecedented destructive action? All to break the momentum of our new young president.

They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist.

HotAir's Ed Morrissey asks how the liberal Seattle Times' opposition to ObamaCare fits into such a passion play?

Which of these three groups does the Seattle Times editorial board belong? Their editorial [telling Congress to drop health care reform] does not come from a bastion of right-wing thinking.  It comes from a newspaper that backed Barack Obama for President and who cheerleads for universal coverage, in a state that regularly elects liberals to the Beltway. The Seattle Times says that it's time Congress smelled the coffee and put ObamaCare out of its misery, and started focusing on the real crisis in the US.

By "real crisis," The Seattle Times means the economy, and the ineffective ways in which the feds have responded thus far. Read more here.

Matt Welch discussed whether racism plays a role in anti-Obama sentiments on The NewsHour. Watch here.