All the President's Mendacity

Don't believe Obama's rhetorical hype


President Barack Obama grimly warned America last week that if his health care plans fail, the nation will go "bankrupt."

Sure, adding another trillion-dollar entitlement program to our $12 trillion of debt may seem like a counterintuitive way to stave off economic ruin, but who are we to argue? The president's got smarts.

And as is the case with so many issues, Obama adorned his rhetoric with sharp warnings of calamity should he fail, fabricated consensus to buttress his case and a promise of rapture should he succeed.

You'll remember it was Obama who cautioned that failure to pass the stimulus boondoggle would "turn a crisis into a catastrophe." He claimed that a failure to act on cap and trade will lead us to "irreversible catastrophe" and that a failure to pass a government-run health care system will mean "more Americans dying every day."

It's like living the Old Testament. Scary.

Holy burning bushes! Did you know that everyone—and I mean everyone—agrees with the president? Obama stressed this week that you can "talk to every health care economist out there and they will tell you that … whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses and government, those elements are in this bill."

Not "some" or "most" or "Peter Orszag on a two-day bender" but "every" health care economist in the entire world would tell you as much.

This sort of exaggeration reminds us of another whopper the president unloaded. While promoting the stimulus plan in January, he claimed that "there is no disagreement that we need action by our government, a recovery plan that will help to jump-start the economy."

No disagreement whatsoever … until the Cato Institute found 200 economists from major universities across the country who did have a disagreement—and judging from the stimulus plan's impressive impotence, perhaps Obama should have lent them an ear.

So when Obama says that "whatever ideas exist" to help with cost are featured in the health care bills, let's chalk it up to his propensity to exaggerate, embellish or worse.

What about re-importation of pharmaceuticals developed and manufactured in the United States—available now more cheaply abroad? Is that an idea that exists? (Drug companies, a group that Obama regularly condemned before cutting a sweetheart deal, made sure that idea was DOA.)

What about balancing tax codes so that those with employee-provided health insurance and those with individual health insurance can benefit from the same benefits? Does that idea exist? You don't even need a staff of researchers to find economists who say it does.

What about opening up health insurance markets beyond state lines to create competition and more access? What about tort reform to end frivolous lawsuits? What about expanding health savings and flex accounts instead of killing them?

Let's concede that there might be a number of ideas—both on the left and the right—that haven't been embraced. Still, the most misleading assertion of the president is that his focus is on bending the cost curve in the right direction—or that it's even a goal. The prevailing objective of health care "reform" has been to expand coverage to the uninsured and to throw federal control on everyone. Cost has proved to be largely irrelevant—other than being a political consideration.

Of course, ignoring the substantive ideas of the ideological opposition is not, in and of itself, new for presidents or politicians. But Obama's fondness for creating imaginary consensus and offering false choices to the American people has been something to behold.

David Harsanyi is a columnist at The Denver Post and the author of Nanny State. Visit his Web site at www.DavidHarsanyi.com.


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  1. Let me be perfectly clear: Irreversible catastrophe confronts our great nation if we don’t get these fucking trains running on time.

    1. I’m working on it as fast as I can, comrades!



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        1. That’s what I was just thinking!

  2. I just hope these polidicks get slammed in the up coming mid-term elections. This nation NEEDS several years of government inaction to give it time to recover from Hope and Change for the Worse.

    1. Why do you think the Republicans will be any better?

      1. He said we need government inaction…

  3. You can pretty much start any article on the ‘stuff’ coming out of Washington with:
    “In spite of Obama’s promise to….”

    1. Cool story, bro.

  4. Pay no attention to this:

    Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Cooling Dramatically


    1. Not to worry, Tony or MNG will explain this to all us uneducated folk any minute now.

      1. Or you could try not being such a willfully ignorant tool. The article mentions how this is an expected result of CO2 increases from human activity.

        1. The article is also incorrect in that regard. Which you would know if you actually understood the GHE.

          It is true that the upper atmosphere must give off more heat (have a lower T) as GHG increase according to the laws of thermodynamics to compensate for higher T at lower altitudes.

          But that is for a given solar irradiance. The temperatures also must decrease as solar irradiance decreases.

          As we have been cooling, as you ignore, during the past few years, during, as you correctly point out, a solar MINIMUM, the only possible implication of a cooling upper atmosphere is that total heat is diminishing.

          The GHE is the only part of AGW alarmism that is correct. But the GHE is a weak mechanism at best.

          As we see.

          The GHE is not offsetting the decrease in energy from the sun because both the upper atmosphere AND surface temperature are declining

          There’s your real indicator of the actual strength of AGW effects.

    2. ScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettledScienceissettled

    3. Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Cooling Dramatically.

      Well, makes for an interesting read, but I have to ask what does the word “dramatic” entail? The writter of the story may be relying on melodramatic overtones, just like the Warmists have been doing for years, except without being one.

    4. The upper atmosphere cooling can be a significant sign of global warming.

      CO2 works by trapping heat. Solar rays which would normally enter the atmosphere and bounce back to space (3/4 of the Earth is reflective: oceans). If reflection is blocked, that much less heating capacity is dropped. Atoms don’t care where heat comes from, whether from the sun or reflected from Earth.

  5. I just have to throw this in.
    Top Cuban official says Obama lied in Copenhagen
    He’s right.

    1. Yeah but those Cuban officials are just a bunch of right-wing, Rush Limbaugh listening, Aryan-supporting, militia types.

      1. Don’t forget “birther.” We don’t want to short them, Senator.

        1. Y’all left out “tenther”. That Tenth Amendment is a real bitch when you’re the Obama administration.

          1. The 16th Amendment is a real bitch when you’re a liberturdian.

    2. Yeah, and when I want the truth I can always rely on the Cubans.

      1. I sense the Sarcasm is strong with this one…

        So the Cubans are liars, except when we’re trying to emulate their totally awesome health system…

    3. The reason Cuban and Sudanese officials are complaining about Obama is that they were cut out of the deal. Copenhagen was to be a meeting of all nations to strike a balance. When Sudan, and Venezuela, and Cuba and other smaller nations blocked agreement, China, the US, and India forged a finding between them.

      Conservatives are missing a significant point here. The US could force China to comply and restore the balance of trade at the same time. They need to get off of the idea that we must stay with oil at all cost and send our money to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

      Most of you guys just want to throw mud at the WH because you are sore at the election.

  6. “”President Barack Obama’s fondness for creating imaginary consensus and offering false choices to the American people has been something to behold.””

    I think I’ve said that about every President since I’ve been alive.

    1. But Obama has all the rest beat in terms of frequency, magnitude and egregiousness in such a short period of time.

  7. President Barack Obama grimly warned America last week that if his health care plans fail, the nation will go “bankrupt.”

    Of course, it goes without saying that if his health care plans *succeed*, the nation will go “bankrupt.”

    Continuing to study Obamaese …

  8. When the sun is relatively inactive ? as it has been in recent years ? the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere cools dramatically, new observations find.


    The good news is that after a somewhat long minimum period, solar activity is finally starting up again, which means things will begin warming up again in a year or two. Naturally, the liars and the charlatans will continue to blame capitalism.

    1. Very true..and its one point I have been trying to make people hear for 15 years. But “the science is settled” for most of the people around me.

      We had cooling in the late 60’s into the early 70’s. Then the sun spots got so bad that CB radios hardly worked as they should and temeratures clicked up a few points over time. Now for a several year streach the sun spots have slowed down….and so has the temps in many places, but know one wants to hear the truth….THE SUN WARMS THE PLANET MORE THAN US!

      Can we get some common scense …someome …anyone?

      1. Common sense? Sir, WE human beings WILL destroy mother Earth and then the universe unless we are stopped. How can you not see this?

  9. It’s almost like Obama’s a politician.

  10. “President Barack Obama grimly warned America last week that if his health care plans fail, the nation will go “bankrupt.”

    Isn’t this the same guy who DEMANDED that the Republicans stop trying to scare people?

    1. Yeah, but Chimpy was scaring us with the specter of radical Islam, whom we all know only exists in the fevered imagination of alarmists like Mark Steyn and, anyway, are just progressive critics of capitalist injustices.

  11. I have never believed this fool for one minute after I heard him spout about “Wealth Redistibution”…

    I cant beleive that the US put him in office. Was everyone sleeping? Or is this all still just a bad nightmare?

    1. But… but… positive rights!

    2. Let me be clear. Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself.

      ** pinches self again **

      1. You only say that because he’s black. You’d be all in favor of turning Amerikkka into a socialist country if a white man did it. That’s all this is about.

        1. You go girl.

    3. I gather that you’re doing well health-wise, and economically under the ‘freedom’ and “leadership” provided by the previous administration. Hey, and where did the wealth and surplus of our Treasury go under the seven to eight years of Republican helmsmanship and fiscal conservativism? Clearly there are some values that are not absolutes. Look this up: Socialism. How about: Pragmatism?

  12. But as David Harsanyi notes, President Barack Obama’s fondness for creating imaginary consensus and offering false choices to the American people has been something to behold.
    In a nutshell: He’s a snake-oil salesman.

  13. (Hyperlinks in the original at http://www.joshfulton.blogspot.com)

    America has at least 36 million uninsured citizens. Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Approximately, 45,000 Americans die every year because they don’t have health insurance. Many Americans think that they have health coverage only to have it taken away from them through a process called “rescission,” which basically means your insurance company accuses you of lying on your initial questionnaire and refuses to pay. Some have estimated rescission rates to be as high as 50% for the most expensive 1% of health insurance claims. We spend 16% of our GDP on health care, the highest of any nation, and get among the worst results of any OECD country. Insurance premiums have increased more than four times the rate of inflation in the last ten years.

    All this is enough to probably make you sick, (although you shouldn’t get sick, because then you’d probably have to go into the American health care system), but don’t worry: the American government is here to save the day.

    Let’s take a look at the beginning of this debacle.

    The initial hope for reform was the “public option,” which was a collective bargaining arrangement that was supposed to cover 130 million Americans and have rates of Medicare +5%. Initially, the Obama administration was flush with confidence, almost daring private insurers to compete with the “inefficient” government. Obama then started socializing with former GOP Congressman and current Phrma chief lobbyist Billy Tauzin, and quickly realized what was “realistic.” The public option became “negotiable.”

    Congress started chipping away at it. The House version of the bill had a public option that would cover a maximum of 6 million people, not the original 130 million, and its rates would not be tied to Medicare. The Senate version did not even bother with a public option. Obama began backing a triggered option, which was like a public option but for only one state at a time and it would come into effect only when federal regulators said so, which of course would be never. Obama even “actively discourag[ed] Senate Democrats in their effort to include a public insurance option.”

    The legislative process had clearly gone off the tracks.

    Loopholes were drafted into the bill. A $300 million Medicare subsidy was written into the bill for Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Michigan Senator Carl Levin carved out an exemption for non-profit insurers in his state from a hefty excise tax. Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York and Florida all had Medicare exemptions drawn up for them. Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson got the federal government to cover his state’s portion of the expanded Medicare expenses and also struck a deal that prevented the government from subsidizing plans that cover abortions, a truly monumental concession. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch even had a provision inserted to require insurers to consider Christian Science prayer treatments as medical expenses, a provision supported by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, whose state is headquarters to the Church of Christ, Scientist.

    It wasn’t enough for Congress to just add pork and favoritism into the bill. By requiring that all plans provide first-dollar coverage, Congress effectively killed Health Savings Accounts, which had allowed people to get higher deductibles in exchange for lower premiums and had doubled in popularity from 2006 to 2008. Obama worked with Delaware Senator Tom Carper to help crush an amendment that would have allowed for the cheap reimportation of pharmaceutical drugs from Canada. The amendment would have saved $80 billion for consumers and $19 billion for the federal government, but that was money Big Pharma wouldn’t see, so naturally it had to be crushed. Finally, Congress permitted an amendment to allow insurance companies to place annual limits on the dollar value of medical care, as long as those limits were not “unreasonable.” This amendment undermined the very purpose of insurance.

    What did Congress hope would compensate for these losses? Health insurance “exchanges.” The “exchange” is essentially a government entity that attempts to help insurers comply with consumer protections, facilitates enrollment and delivers subsidies. It is strictly supervisory. It supervises a sub-market within the greater health insurance market where ensurers have to abide by certain rules, such as providing mandatory levels of protection. There is an “escape clause,” however, that allows insurers to act outside of this “exchange.” Once they are outside of the “exchange,” they can act exactly as they normally do.

    The insurers outside of the “exchange” will be able to use lower prices and offer specially-tailored plans to attract the healthier, lower-risk clients, while the sicker, higher-risk clients will remain the “exchange.” This is exactly what caused the health insurance “exchanges” in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and California to fail: the healthier clients were cherry-picked out of the “exchange” by insurers operating in the regular market. Also, the insurers inside the “exchange” would have to pay as much as 4 percent of premiums in a surcharge to defray the “exchange’s” overhead costs, putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

    There is no financial benefit in these “exchanges” to the consumer, although there is plenty to the insurer. The “individual mandate” ensures that insurance agencies will get millions of new clients, while the “escape clause” ensures that the insurers will not have to take any clients that they consider to be too risky. Instead, the insurers outside the “exchange” can leave these clients to insurers inside the “exchange,” who will surely be heavily subsidized by the government.

    Ultimately, the CBO estimates premiums in the individual market will rise by 10% to 13% more under this plan than if Congress did nothing. In 2016, (the major reforms of the bill don’t come into effect until 2014), the CBO estimates the lowest individual insurance premium will be $5,300, and the lowest family plan will be $15,000. Individuals will also be required to report employer health spending on their W-2’s, clearly laying the way for it to be taxed. With all of these costs and with such little benefit, you’d think the media would be exposing this deception on a regular basis, but of course they do the opposite.

    The issues have been so obfuscated by the media that in September only 22% of Americans felt they understood the reforms that were under consideration in Congress. The most recent CBO scoring was presented by numerous mainstream media outlets as showing “no big cost rise in premiums.” They of course neglected to mention that the reason there was no appreciable increase in the cost to individuals was because 57% of the people participating in the “exchanges” would be getting subsidies, subsidies that the taxpayer has to pay for. Of course, Phrma did spend $150 million on television commercials in August, and has donated more than $19 million to federal candidates since 2007, so maybe in light of that, the media blackout makes more sense.

    The real solutions to this problem are simple.

    Federal laws that prevent people from going across state borders to get insurance need to be eliminated. They limit collective bargaining and competition. Collective bargaining worked so well in the 1920’s that the government originally got involved in the health care market because the fraternal lodges, which over a fourth of Americans belonged to, had privately negotiated rates with doctors that were so low that the government thought the doctors needed to be “protected.”

    Move away from first dollar coverage. If every dollar of cost is covered by insurers, consumers have no incentive to shop for prices, which means health care providers have no incentive to price themselves competitively. Lasik eye surgery is one of the few procedures not covered by Medicare. Its prices have dropped by 30% since its introduction precisely because consumers have had to shop for prices. This, of course, is while the cost of the rest of health coverage has increased four times the rate of inflation.

    Eliminate the wasteful paper-based system to keep track of patients and convert to an electronic-based system. Administrative inefficiency and redundant paperwork creates 18% of all health care waste, which amounts to $153 billion dollars a year. 14% of all health care provider expenditures are related to paperwork. This system is actually encouraged by the government because the government does not reimburse health care providers for email, telephone or electronic records keeping.

    Eliminate the incentive for employer-based insurance. Government subsidies of employer-based insurance and losses stemming from payroll tax reductions exceed $200 billion annually. Studies show employer-based insurance decreases job mobility by up to 31%. General Motors alone spent roughly $5.6 billion on health care expenses in 2006, which according to them increased the price of every car they sold by $1,500 to $2,000.

    Enact tort reform. The overuse of antibiotics and lab tests to protect against malpractice exposure makes up 37% of health care waste, which amounts to $315 billion a year.

    Prevent fraud. Fraud makes up 22% of health care waste. This is approximately $187 billion a year in fraudulent Medicare claims, kickbacks for referrals for unnecessary services and other scams.

    Break up monopolies. In Hawaii, two insurance companies control the entire market. In California, the most competitive state, two companies control 58% of the market. Outrageously, Congress actually carved out an exemption for insurance companies from antitrust laws in the McCarran?Ferguson Act of 1945, which clearly needs to be changed.

    These reforms would cost virtually nothing to enact. Eliminating the paper-based records system, eliminating the tax incentive for employer-based insurance, enacting tort reform and preventing fraud would save Americans $855 billion a year alone. That’s 39% of all total health care expenditures. Moving away from first dollar coverage, allowing people to go across state lines to shop for insurance, and breaking up monopolies would probably save Americans just as much. Of course, that is probably the exact reason why these reforms will be so hard to enact: they keep billions from going into the big boys’ pockets.

    1. What, nobody reads your blog so you paste the whole thing here?

      1. Didn’t the Reason Overlords ban someone a few years ago for excessively long posts?

    2. Josh Fulton|12.21.09 @ 6:45PM|#: “America has at least 36 million uninsured citizens.”
      And how many of those are uninsured because they’d rather make payments on the BMW or are ‘uninsured’ because they’re between jobs”

      “Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.”
      Quelle surprise! What sort of unexpected, expensive costs would substitute? Are you suggesting we change the bankruptcy laws?

      “Approximately, 45,000 Americans die every year because they don’t have health insurance.”
      Hogwash. You couldn’t prove that claim with 15 wiki cites.
      Innuendo is boring.

      1. Actually, a famous Harvard University study came to that conclusion. Here is the basic formula. You have no insurance (maybe you worked for 35 years, are now 55 y/o, and get laid off). You develop diabetes but don’t know it. Over the years you develop sores which eventually infect your entire body. Two years later, at age 63 you are dead.

        Happens every day. I am very surprised it is *just* 45,000 Americans. With the recession, and unemployment tripling, that number will likely reach 150,000.

        By uninsured Americans, the average profile is someone who has a family and makes under $30,000. They cannot afford a BMW. They have a 10 year old car.

    3. Josh Fulton, loved your post/blog with links. Great read.

      1. Thanks MS.

        I’m sorry about the long post guys. I just wanted to get that out there. In my mind, it’s just a pretty urgent time to be talking about health care, and getting some good ideas out there. I certainly don’t plan on doing it again.

        Ron L,

        I don’t know how many Americans are uninsured because they’re making payments on the BMW. Perhaps you could ask them? If they’re uninsured because they’re unemployed, that’s part of the problem. We should de-couple employment and insurance, as I mentioned later.

        2nd point. Ridiculous/not even worth responding to.

        3rd point. You can ask Reuters to prove it. They’re the ones who originally cited it, and I believe they’re citing a recent survey from Harvard.

        Your overall point seems to be that we don’t really have a problem with American insurance. Yet you don’t respond to my points of the percent of our GDP going to it, or the rate at which prices have increased.

        Quelle suprise.

    4. Citation needed.

    5. Josh, I’m sorry, I was busy taking a dump. What did you say?

      1. I said you’re a bitch.

        Kiss, kiss!

    6. Most of those ideas are good.

      You neglect the AMA and ABA cartels that cause the problems. The distorted market attracts more distortions. You can fix all those things you mention and the resource shifting will find other actors abuse it, and you can’t ever stop politicians from abusing it.

      Just free the markets.

      Immorality aside, stop raking resources into convenient piles where the avaricious can collect them easily.

      1. But yes way too long. Don’t do that again.

  14. If there’s one thing that you probably could get every single health care economist in the country to agree on, it’s that any plan that doesn’t do away with our current employer-based system for promoting health care monopolies is pretty much worthless.

    1. This is written by someone who writes for Reason now and then.
      Somehow, I doubt the paper in question endorses the obvious conclusions.

  15. Obama uses words like crisis;catastrophe and bush for 8 years mentioned 9/11 and fear if we didnt do as he said or if we didnt re-elect he and darth vader.

    the mushroom clould, WMD’s do as I say or we will be attacked again ( or would that be again and again )

  16. I like how liberals are still using “the last eight years” as an excuse, as the bulk of 2009 would be included in that eight years – logically-speaking, of course…

    1. Well, you don’t think they’re going to blame it on Obama, who only took about eight months to screw things up, do you?

      1. Benny–see (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises) my latest . Where do you get your information? Hell, Ben, respond to all of my posts here. T

    2. And as if a vast expansion of bush policies over a year is an appropriate response to the last eight.

      I fucking hate hypocrite progressives

    3. The last eight years have been absolutely devastating to America, including the $5T debt. Bush accomplished nothing, not even keeping America safe.


  17. “Suuuprise, Suuuprise, Suuuprise!”

    -Gomer Pyle

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    -Joseph Geobbels

    ‘Nuff Said.

    Lazy Jack

    1. LazyJackOugh–Interesting and telling sources. Now, are you trying to underline a Socialist insight or support a Fascist perspective?

  18. Obama’s Rhetorical tricks are nothing new. Their old school 60’s Noam Chomsky. “There’s no argument among experts”. “It’s common knowledge”. “No serious person disagrees”. It’s no surprise to hear him use those arguments since Obama’s been immersed in that same left wing propaganda most of his adult life.

  19. But he’s the president! Why should the Beloved Leader and his Glorious Future be tethered by mere facts and realities? Mr Harsanyi, you speak blasphemy. You’re on the enemies list. Any more anti-progress talk like that and off to the FEMA gulags for you! That goes for the rest of you commenters too! Shame on you all.

  20. I just got done talking with some progressive types…. ” But we have to do SOMETHING, right?” or my personal favorite “End for-profit healthcare”

    1. FrenchHash, stop saying that I think I am going to have a OOOOO. Say it again!

  21. More from Bastiat’s The Law:

    “Socialism, like the old policy from which it emanates, confounds Government and society. And so, every time we object to a thing being done by Government, it concludes that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of education by the State ? then we are against education altogether. We object to a State religion ? then we would have no religion at all. We object to an equality which is brought about by the State then we are against equality, etc., etc. They might as well accuse us of wishing men not to eat, because we object to the cultivation of corn by the State.

    How is it that the strange idea of making the law produce what it does not contain ? prosperity, in a positive sense, wealth, science, religion ? should ever have gained ground in the political world? The modern politicians, particularly those of the Socialist school, found their different theories upon one common hypothesis; and surely a more strange, a more presumptuous notion, could never have entered a human brain.”

  22. And now it’s the science is settled.

  23. Wow, Id say that dude has some serious issues.


  24. Dude thats incredible. Is it not?


  25. Yeah, free market health care is awesome. Here’s how it will work for me.

    I don’t currently make enough from my job to buy health coverage, and simultaneously feed myself. I get a disease that needs long term care to have a chance of survival. Can’t afford it. So, under current plan, I die. **** that, I say. I go cut the arms and legs off a health care lobbyist, get sent to prison, and get the care I need. Sure, I’m in jail, but at least I’m alive.

  26. You sound like a dumb ass, just because you use big words doesn’t make you smart.

  27. Yeah…and libertarians totally understand economics…get real dude. One of the reasons we have a 12 trillion dollar national debt is libertarian junk economics.

  28. Another prime example of conservative hypocrisy in full tilt. After 8 years of Bush that used any tactic to scare the hell out of the soccer moms (aka let’s raise the terror color because we need votes – see Tom Ridge’s book), this dimwit has the audacity of claiming Obama is “lime living in the Old Testament”.

    I’ve chatted with this dimwit before, and he has the intellectual capacity of a frog. This drivel fits his only ability to produce commentary.

    Mendacity, thy name is Republican

  29. WMDs, Mission accomplished! “Browney”, No Torture…Has all of that slipped past your memory? You may be surprised (or threatened) to see that aspects of the projected recovery are actually working, that the bailed out are repaying their loans, and that there is actually substantive progress being made on insuring that Americans enjoy a measure of the health benefits of the other “free” and “non free” countries we purport to lead. The deficit is an exponential consequence of an ill conceived poorly planned, and badly executed war. When the estimates are in for just the health care costs associated with the injured (physically and emotionally) veterans of that debacle and the spill over security issues the Iraq conflict has created–you’ll have something real to complain about. This is with out even considering the long range consequences of neglecting public education from the standpoint of international competitiveness, GNP and the increase in prison populations (now this is a black hole) that will result. National health is a serious issue. Conservatives should contribute here rather that just continue to tear things down.

  30. And how has all that deregulation worked out for you folks? Any of you wish someone ha been holding your bankers to an ethical code other than “short term gain?

  31. Here’s a site recommended by Andrew Sullivan (a moderate Republican–you know, like Dwight Eisenhower, Abe Lincoln, and Nelson Rockefeller) as a non-biased reference on Obama’s promises. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises

  32. My only point is that if you take the Bible straight, as I’m sure many of Reasons readers do, you will see a lot of the Old Testament stuff as absolutely insane. Even some cursory knowledge of Hebrew and doing some mathematics and logic will tell you that you really won’t get the full deal by just doing regular skill english reading for those books. In other words, there’s more to the books of the Bible than most will ever grasp. I’m not concerned that Mr. Crumb will go to hell or anything crazy like that! It’s just that he, like many types of religionists, seems to take it literally, take it straight…the Bible’s books were not written by straight laced divinity students in 3 piece suits who white wash religious beliefs as if God made them with clothes on…the Bible’s books were written by people with very different mindsets…in order to really get the Books of the Bible, you have to cultivate such a mindset, it’s literally a labyrinth, that’s no joke

  33. I just got done talking with some progressive types…. ” But we have to do SOMETHING, right?” or my personal favorite “End for-profit healthcare”

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