Recycling Material in Copenhagen


A few days ago I noted the rapturous applause that greeted Hugo Chavez's insane speech at the Copenhagen climate change conference. And according to informed media reports, Hugo is still giving marathon speeches, and still getting big applause, from those in search of an "alternative" system like Venezuela (From what I can make out, no one has complained that subsidized gasoline in Caracas costs 12 cents per gallon). Today, Chavez indicated that his honeymoon with President Obama is officially over, calling him the "Nobel War Prize" winner and, like President George W. Bush, an incarnation of Satan.

Chavez is sticking to the theory that the United States is more useful as an adversary, regardless of who inhabits the White House. This goes some way toward explaining why, in a little noticed outburst yesterday in Copenhagen, he warned that the Americans, in concert with the Dutch (!), were still planning on invading Venezuela.