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Remedial Civil Liberties Training at DHS


Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit indicate that officials at the Department of Homeland Security have been improperly collecting information about the constitutionally protected activities of Americans. The abuses include a February "threat assessment" of an abortion demonstration in Wisconsin, a March 2008 "terrorism watch list" report about a Muslim conference in Georgia where several Americans spoke, and an October 2007 report entitled "Nation of Islam: Uncertain Leadership Succession Poses Risks." In all three cases, The New York Times says, "after other Homeland Security Department officials raised concerns, copies of the reports were destroyed. The agency also held a workshop on intelligence-gathering 'while ensuring the protection of civil rights and civil liberties' after the Nation of Islam incident." Another document obtained by EFF, a 2007 report from officials at the National Security Agency, said "intelligence oversight training is not managed effectively" at the NSA. An agency spokeswoman says things have improved since then.

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  1. A report from earlier this year, covered by a LOT of media:…..t-20Feb09-

    Supposedly this report contained things forbidden by DHS guidelines, but it got sent out anyway.

    One brick out of many in the wall of surveillance – the recent news about our gov’t scouring Facebook and etc. for “tax cheats” (they didn’t catch Tim Geithner) and “political protesters” (but not the Earth Liberation Front?) should have a lot more people outraged.

    Apparently, though, it’s not lighting the torches or causing pitchforks to be grabbed…

    1. Those darn kids today, they can’t live without their Facebook.

      How lucky is the government today. Back in the day they had to work hard to build dossiers on people. Now people do it for them.

      1. Still, profiling Ron Paul or Constitution Party supporters as possible domestic terrorists IS a stretch…

  2. Any doubt that all subscribers and on-line commenters connected to radical libertarian magazines are on a watch list?

    1. For a $25 donation, Reason will notify you of any inquiry by law enforcement attempting to obtain your personal information, IP address, etc. For another $25 they will provide law enforcement with false information and supply you with the information you need to track down the shit bags asking for your information. That’s a steal.

  3. An agency spokeswoman says things have improved since then.

    Well there ya go. Problem solved.

  4. Next government project: Census Bureau wants to know where all the Muslims live.

  5. Not “where”; “why.”

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