Obama Graded Self on a Curve; Approval Rating Hits New Low


During a 60 Minutes interview, President Barack Obama gave himself "a good, solid B-plus" as chief executive and Lord-Emperor of All He Surveys so far. The American people, it turns out, are much tougher graders: 

An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Obama's approval ratings are sliding.

Fifty percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of the president's work overall, down 6 points in the last month; nearly as many, 46 percent, now disapprove. On the economy, 52 percent disapprove, a majority for the first time. On the deficit, his worst score, 56 percent disapprove.

That 50 percent is a new low for that particular poll. More here.

Other surveys have him lower still and the overall trend is down.

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  1. Did somebody ask Obama to grade himself, or did he just volunteer this? If they asked him, he is a fool for not saying, "I am working hard and doing my best, but it is the American people who should give me a grade," and if he just came up with this himself it is not only foolish but a sign he is some kind of self-obsessed jackass.

    1. He was asked to grade himself by a "journalist."

    2. Obama? A self-obsessed jackass?

      NAH! C'mon! You're kidding.

  2. A B+? Jesus, how is this guy even possible?

    You've got to play this game with fear and ignorance.

    1. Because liberals have a whole lot of self-love even while not trusting the unwashed masses to be able to make decisions for themselves. Obama and his ilk think their doing Great Things as they drive the nation into massive debt economically and monkey the same Bush policies they once hated internationally. It's a strange dichotomy but its very evident when they speak.

    2. ""A B+? Jesus, how is this guy even possible?""

      A product of new education, where everyone gets an A. So he's admitting to not being par.

  3. If politicians were at all capable of looking at themselves honestly, there'd be a lot fewer politicians. Cut Obama some slack, he can't help how he is.

  4. B+ is a good answer politically. It shows self-confidence with enough humility to know that he hasn't been good at everything. I suspect that the truth, if he were to admit it,would be a lower grade with the excuse that congress is fighting him on so many things.

    1. And of cours George Bush. Don't forget Bush. Bush made him do most of what he is doing.

      1. So Bush gets a B+, too?

        1. That would be a first in his life.

          1. *rimshot*

          2. Yuck yuck, but IIRC Bush got better grades than Al Gore. And I'm still very interested in Obama's college records.

            1. But could we be certain that they were his records? I mean, they could be faked ? they'd probably be called something like "Report of College Grades" rather than "College Grade Report," and it would turn out that Obama had gone to school in Mecca and studied on killin' white folks . . . it'd just be a mess. Best to leave well enough alone.

    2. Back in '75, when I was a senior in high school, I took advanced math (calculus, etc.). There were only about 8 of us in the math class or about 4% of our graduation class. The teacher told us that each quarter we would grade ourselves. He also told us that since we represented an elite group, we should give ouselves A's. He also said that anyone that is asked to grade themselves (not just in his class, but any class that they'd be stupid to not give themselves an A.

      I have never forgotten that.

      1. That doesn't always work. In my high school consumer economics class, the teacher did this foolish exercise, and said that if we gave ourselves an outrageous grade he would just give the grade he thought was right. But if we gave ourselves a grade at the high end of the reasonable zone, he would give us that grade.

        I suspect this was supposed to teach us the idea behind choosing what price to sell your goods at, but wtf? Grades aren't supposed to be an object lesson in themselves.

        1. That's why I always appreciated the grade based on number of questions right or wrong without a curve even though I was able to always get A's for essays. Bullshitting should not be worth as high a reward as knowing facts.

    3. with the excuse that congress is fighting him on so many things. his dog ate his homework.

  5. To quote Megatron...

    "Fall! FALL!!!"

    1. I love it. That's pretty close to what I was thinking.

  6. Nixon was this arrogant, but at least he was competent.

    1. That's debatable. Price & wage freezes, taste in burglars, etc.

      1. Excellent points, o tuxedoed one...

        Could you roll with "less incompetent"?

        1. Isn't that pretty much the Presidential scale? They are all graded on some level of incompetence.

        2. Could you roll with "less incompetent"?

          Than Obama? Yes.

  7. And you, gentle reader, what grade would you give yourself?

    1. A+ with all the extra credit questions answered correctly. That's because I'm fucking amazing.

    2. A D for not doing more to stop you, bitch.

      1. Damn straight. And all the people who voted for him get an F, and have to repeat the course in 2012.

        1. I'm thinking that the people who voted for him should get an "A" for asshole.

          1. I prefer the term, "Apostle."

  8. Those falling poll numbers, infighting at Copenhagen, and chaos with the health care overhaul add up to good news this week. For a change.

    1. The next logical questions would have been "Why a B+? What did you fail to do to get an A+?"

      If he's able to at least list some things he could have done better on, then it would have helped to mitigate the megalomania thing.

      1. What's funny is that you know he saw the questions in advance. A study group weighed the political implications and what America wants to hear. They decided that a B+ shows confidence, competence, and determination, despite these trying times. Egad.

      2. Someone should ask this fuck to name a mistake he has made during his tenure. I bet he draws a blank as well.

        1. "I wasn't elected earlier."

        2. "I'm a work-aholic and I care too much."

        3. "I didn't fully realize what a mess I inherited from the previous administration."

          1. "But then I decided, hell, I can make things even worse without trying too hard."

      3. remember that liberals believe the people are generally not very smart, and the people that aren't very smart tend to be liberals (or fundamentalist christian republicans, but that's a different issue). I think if he'd said A or A+, his party's base would say "hey, I never got that good of a grade in school, he thinks he's smarter than me!" and get upset. Whereas if he says "B+", his base says "yeah, I used to get B's in school, and he's doing a pretty good job, so that's about right."

      4. He gave himself a B+ because he hasn't yet fully achieved his goal of bankrupting and bringing down America. If he can pull it off, he'll give himself an A+ all the way.

  9. Almost makes me wish for Hugo Chavez in a pant-suit.

  10. I'm an EXCELLENT driver.

  11. I want to see the Ascended One do a one hour in depth interview with Morbo.

      1. I don't know. Kittens give Morbo gas and he's good friends with Dick Nixon.

        I think he'd be soft of The One.

  12. Of course if Obama is a B+ than by Newsweek's account Gore would have been an A+++++++++++++++++++

  13. So Obama's approval rating is down. The right-wing hacks at Reason rely on donations to stay afloat. As a magazine, reason gets a D-

    1. waaaaaaay to early for a drink.

    2. Worthless and unfunny as always. Watch out everybody, he's on a roll!

    3. Yer right. All the "right-wing hacks" I know are openly pro-gay rights, opposed to religion in government and want to end the war on drugs. Morris, do YOU even understand what you're typing or are you just rehashing the liberal talking points sent to you through your secret decoder ring?

      1. Unless you're new around here, you get a D+ for not studying the commenter reputations worksheet. If you're just coming here, you need to catch up.

    4. Instapoll! Is Morris "turd" or "tard"?

  14. So Obama's approval rating is down. The right-wing hacks at Reason rely on donations to stay afloat.

    The hand is quicker than the eye.

  15. Obama has alienated the left with the health care farce, and he's never going to win over the right. That doesn't leave him much room to maneuver. Obama is trying to play Bill Clinton but times have changed, and he's no Bill Clinton.

  16. I predicted a 39% approval rating by the end of the year, right after he was elected.

    It will be close.

  17. Who here bets that we'll see a major campaign push around 2011 for not "changing horses midstream" though?

    I have this general fear that 2012 will be a repeat of 2004, replacing Bush with Obama and War with Economy.

    1. The left is already starting the bromide that we're either with them or with the terrorists, so probably a good call

    2. Why wouldn't war matter? Afghanistan will be an issue. I'm sure by then many that said you shouldn't change horses in 2004 will have a different attitude about it.

  18. Didn't BO teach constitutional law (but somehow never read the document)? So as his student, you got a B+ for showing up, giving flowery answers to questions and not doing the homework?

  19. Hey HopeyMcFuckbag,

    The American people just gave you an F.

    A big fat fucking F.

  20. Wait guys, don't be so hard on gotta remember her got thru all schools with Affirmative Actions aid. He's just naturally used to 40 extra points being added to his he did it for himself!

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