Consumer Freedom

Finally, a Freedom Tray That Holds Freedom Fries and Freedom Nachos


Meet the Freedom Tray:

According to the Freedom Tray website FAQ, it is both a "patriotic tray" (the largest print of the website proclaims "Made in America * Used Everywhere * GOD BLESS AMERICA) and "stadium friendly." Alas, those other defenders of American freedom—stadium security guards—probably wouldn't let the thing in.

The list of prohibited items at the Nationals ballpark, for instance, makes it pretty clear that there's no way your hard plastic, 17" freedom tray loaded with freedom fries and freedom nachos is getting past the freedom cavity search.

  • Metal, plastic or glass containers of any kind (except for factory-sealed, plastic water bottles, no larger than 1 liter and juice boxes). Only one bottle of water per person will be permitted.
  • Food items not in adherence to the following policy: All food items must be contained in single serving bags within a soft-sided container or cooler, that does not exceed 16" x 16" x 8".

Which is too bad, because the concept is otherwise brilliant. More FAQ:

How much weight can the Freedom Tray hold?

Be assured that the Freedom Tray is designed to hold all you can load in it. The Freedom Tray can hold up to 75 lbs. of weight in the center of the tray, with the legs deployed. This is one tough tray!

God Bless America, indeed.

Via Garrett Quinn.