We've Got to Protect Those Phoney-Baloney Jobs Not Really Saved or Created Stimulus Jobs! (Interactive Map Edition)


The good fellas at the Washington Examiner provide a continuously updated national service/interactive map of "bogus jobs 'created or saved' by the Stimulus."


Moultrie, GA. The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council claimed to have saved 935 jobs with the $1.3 million it received, even though only 508 people work there. In fact, the group used most of its grant to give raises and now says it created 9.35 jobs. Source: AP

Cocoa, FL. The Child Care Association of Brevard County reported creating 129 jobs with $98,669 in stimulus money. In fact, "the cash was used to give…129 employees a 3.9 percent cost-of-living raise." Source: AP

Toledo, OH. Koring Group reported hiring 52 people, but it turns out that they double-counted jobs that "only lasted about two months." The FCC estimates that "actual job count is closer to five." Source: AP

All told, the number of jobs "not really created or saved" by the stimulus is around 80,000, a number that will increase as more information becomes available.

Go here for map.

NEXT: "The majority is much too deferential to the self-serving determination by Empire State Development Corporation"

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  1. President Obama already said that such errors are secondary. And he knows because he is The Messiah, All Seeing, All Knowing. Bow to Him, now.

    1. He is indeed, make sure you give him his "Harrumph"

  2. If you give me $1 million, I promise to create a job opening for someone.

  3. I find it schocking (shocking, I tell ya!) that people are still shocked when the Government tells them straight-out lies. The idea that giving away someone else's money is going to "create or save" jobs is absurd, yet many still believe such a thing is possible, "if only" the money is spent correctly.

  4. The answer to this question is probably obvious, but how do you create a fraction (9.35 created?) of a job?

      1. Thanks. I knew it was a simple answer. 🙂

    1. .35 X 40 hours / week = 14 hours per week employment, or .35 of a FTE (full time employee).

      People in government really do think this way.

    2. A fraction of a job is commonly known as a part-time job. In the instance of .35, the employee could work 14 hours per week for a total of 728 labor hours per year. You would derive the labor hours by multiplying .35 times 2,080 labor hours (full time equivalent).

  5. It's interesting: the administration's declaration to be more transparent is biting them in the ass. Had they just said "trust us" and done the usual Washington obfuscating, people would have had to work harder to find out this stuff, which might have had more plausible deniability potential than it does now.

    Not to say they aren't obfuscating in their own, special way with the extra "transparency", but I think them playing that angle up actually worked to spur on more watchdog types.

  6. I hear The Human Fund created a lot of jobs.

    1. +1

      "The Human Fund? Whatever."

    2. I'm not too worried about it.

  7. Cocoa, FL. The Child Care Association of Brevard County reported creating 129 jobs with $98,669 in stimulus money. In fact, "the cash was used to give...129 employees a 3.9 percent cost-of-living raise." Source: AP

    "Well, we DID save those jobs because, well, without the COL raises, those people would have just dropped everything and leave! And we can't have that, no siree!"

    Here in Santa Cruz, the local Council is already considering raising their salaries, in the midst of a major catastrophe in the local jobs market. I have no idea what good these people do, but most people in Santa Cruz believe that, without government, they would live in caves, strung along the Pacific cliffs (or something to that effect.)

  8. Dude! "Human Fund" made be blow a snot bubble laughing!

    1. Can't be true. BHO would not have steered the stimulus money to the Human Fund because that organization (much like the Salvation Army) is tied to Christmas; we all know that the THE ONE (PBUH) celebrates Festivus

  9. Nice headline about "protecting our phoney-baloney jobs", Nick. It's been in my head and I've used it often ever since I saw Blazing Saddles for the first time a couple weeks ago.

    Tell Dave over at the Examiner that they need to use AP stylebook for state abbreviations.

    1. You only saw Blazing Saddles a few weeks ago. As I assume that you are an adult, it is about time! You have been the victim of severe deprivation

      1. Perhaps Tom was just waiting to see Blazing Saddles until the gov't paid him to. 😉

  10. "Good" to see Hawaii has some pins in it -- because if you think Sen. "Pork King" Inouye hasn't grabbed some "fake jobs created or saved" money, you don't know him.

  11. Holy underwear! Sheriff murdered! Innocent women and children blown to bits! We've got to protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen. We must do something about this, immediately, immediately, immediately! Harrumph!

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