Books: All Literate People Should Stop Buying Them. And It's Sarah Palin's Fault.


Media critic Michael Wolff is really, really critical of a certain medium: books.

He calls over at Newswer for all literate people to boycott them. Why? Because he thinks books like Sarah Palin's and Glenn Beck's really really suck. (He also takes more umbrage than I think appropriate over the no-duh news that the famous name on the cover didn't really write the book.)

I would posit that, if one wishes to be educated and au courant on current political culture, one of those things that books are supposed to be good for, probably more people than already are should be reading Palin's and Beck's books. (I also bet more people who buy them are reading them than Wolff thinks.)

By the by, he isn't calling just for a boycott of those right-wingy books he thinks are bad; he's calling for a boycott of all books because those bad right-wingy books exist. Really:

We have created a giant system of national agitprop, in which books and the book business have become one of the most effective tools.

Literate people should boycott books.

Start with his!

Hat tip on the link: Bruce Bartlett.