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Stephen Rea's Former Sister-In-Law Still a Psycho Terrorist


Irish Terrorist Smart!

Back in May, I wrote this post about the murders of two British Army sappers,  Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and fretted that dissident Republicans were getting bolder in their attacks on the police, army, and those it considered traitors to the Feinian cause. Last month, The Christian Science Monitor wondered if IRA splinter groups could "bring back the Troubles" (answer: unlikely), a British MP who investigated the 1998 massacre in Omagh told reporters that such mass violence "could be repeated" by dissidents, and judges in Northern Ireland, says the (London) Times, "have had to make new security arrangements for themselves and their families at levels not seen since the height of the Provisional IRA campaign."

Now a surprising story out of Belfast today: Marian Price, convicted in 1973 of the Old Bailey bombing and former sister-in-law of craggy-faced Crying Game actor Stephen Rea, was arrested in connection with the Quinsey and Azimkar murders. So, one convicted Bailey bomber became a government minister, one married a famous Hollywood actor, and one kept it real:

The 55-year-old leading republican was detained by officers in West Belfast, according to republican sources….Price and her sister Dolours, the former wife of the actor Stephen Rea, were among those convicted of the 1973 bombing outside the Old Bailey in which one person was killed and almost 200 others were injured.

They became well known after going on a 200-day hunger strike. Price, an outspoken opponent of Sinn Féin's peace strategy, is a leading member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, considered to be the Real IRA's political wing. Fourteen people have been arrested in connection with the murders of Sappers Patrick Azimkar, 21, from London, and Mark Quinsey, 23, from Birmingham, at the military base.

Two men have been charged – Colin Duffy, 41, a prominent republican from Co Armagh, and Brian Shivers, 44, from Magherafelt, Co Londonderry. Gunmen opened fire on the soldiers as they collected food from a pizza delivery man outside the base in March.

Within 48 hours of the killings the Continuity IRA shot dead a police officer, Stephen Carroll, in Craigavon, Co Armagh. A 17-year-old has been charged in connection with that murder.

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  1. I thought these guys had evaporated into thin potato soup?

    1. When it comes to terrorists, you would think that an al Qaeda operative who targets an American mom sitting in her office or a child on a flight back home is many degrees worse than a Taliban soldier picked up after a firefight with U.S. Army troops.

      Your instinct would be correct, because at the heart of terrorism is the monstrous idea that the former is as legitimate a target as the latter. Unfortunately, by dispatching Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al Qaeda leaders to federal criminal court for trial, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will be undermining this distinction. And the perverse message that decision will send to terrorists all over this dangerous world is this: If you kill civilians on American soil you will have greater protections than if you attack our military overseas.


    2. I withdraw that comment and recall my earlier suspicion that many went into consulting for al Qaeda with their terrorist skills.

      Unrelated note, the only serious Hamas supporter I have met in the USA claims to be part Irish.

  2. I'm Irish*.

    Fuck the "Real IRA" asshole thugs and murderers. Lock 'em up and toss the key into the Marianas Trench.

    * Sort of. On my mother's side. I self ID as a mick.

    1. Yeah, I lost all sympathy for the cause when they murdered Lord Mountbatten, a genuine hero of World War II. Without people like him, the friggin' IRA would be dealing with the Gestapo, and then they'd really have something to gripe about.

  3. I mean, the British are occupying Northern Ireland, right? So why is that viewed differently from America occupying Iraq?

    /this should be fun

    1. I've never really understood this whole thing, why the heck are the Brit's there anyhow?... Leave and you won't get bombed, seems simple enough to me. If Canada invaded NY state where I live, I probably wouldn't bomb the fuck out of them, but.. that being said I would really want them to leave ASAP anyhow. I don't advocate violence on principle, unless in self defense, but I also hate occupation. That being said I live upstate and I'd be okay with them taking New York city.

      1. Because the British took over Ireland in the 17th Century. After they did that, they grew tired of fighting the lowland Scots, who are violent as hell and gave them land in Ireland and let the terrorize the Irish for a while and stop terrorizing the British.

        Well, the Scots moved in and became the majority in the Northern Counties. They considered themselves to be British Subjects, were protestants and wanted no part of any Irish Republic. When the Irish rebelled after World War I, the Brits pretty much wanted to let them go and get the Irish out of their hair. But, the majority Protestant Counties wanted to remain part of Britian.

        So, Michael Collins made a deal with the British that left Ulster as a part of Britian and gave the rest of Ireland its independence (a deed for which the IRA murdered him). Meanwhile the minority Catholics were stuck in Northern Ireland.

        Things were fairly quiet unitl the late 1960s. Then the troubles started again after the Protestant militias started really going after the Catholics. Ironically, the British sent troops into Ulster in the 1960s to protect the Catholics. They quickly turned into an occupying force that were hated by the Catholics. The IRA, which was by them a complete scumbag new left Marxist outfit that was calling for the overthrow of both the Northern Irish and Irish Republican Governments, exploited that and thus began the new round of troubles.

        1. Not entirely accurate. The IRA split into "Official" and "Provisional" factions.
          The Official IRA, while hard-left Marxist, abandoned violence, while the provisionals, who were more explicitly focused on irish nationalism embraced it. It was the provos who did the fighting in Northern Ireland. The Official IRA whithered away. I think they technically still exist, but are barely active.

      2. The Brits are there because they colonized Ireland several hundred years ago. The pro-UK folks are almost all descendants of those colonists. The anti-UK folks are almost all descendants of folks who were there already. Northern Ireland didn't leave the UK with the rest of Ireland because there were so many colonists in the North.

      3. Because over 50% of the population of Northern Ireland prefer to continue the union with the rest of the UK (according to this slightly outdated poll). Northern Ireland isn't an occupied foreign country the Brits can just pull out of, its a part of their country where a slight majority prefers to continue the current state of affairs.

        1. It is more than a slight majority. It is a large majority. The Brits leaving Ulster would be like the Americans giving Texas back to Mexico.

          1. 54% by the poll I cited. Its not quite like withdrawing from Texas; more like the Canucks unilaterally giving Quebec independence.

            1. I suspect the good Irish and abysmal UK economies has driven that number down. When I was in Ireland in the early 90s, the Irish economic revival hadn't started and most Northern Irish Catholics wanted to remain British subjects. But, with the EU, the advantages of UK citizenship are not what they used to be.

              The dirty secret of the whole thing is that the last thing the Irish Republic wants is unification. If you think the IRA is crazy, you should see the Ulsterman. They pick their teeth with the IRA. There is a reason why the IRA spent most of its time terrorizing the British Army and other Catholics. The Irish Republic wants no part of dealing with an enraged Protestant majority in Ulster.

              1. I dunno if that's entirely accurate. The argument from the Irish perspective is that the majority of ALL IRISH believe that N. Ireland should be part of a unified Irish state.

                You can chop it up into parts and let each part vote separately. Or you can leave it as a unified whole and. If the 1921 treaty had called for a national referendum on independence instead of an opt-out for six counties then N. Ireland probably would have been part of Ireland.

                But your right that probably would have still led to an Ulster protestant version of the IRA. Different "occupier", different "resistance".

                1. The argument from the Irish perspective is that the majority of ALL IRISH believe that N. Ireland should be part of a unified Irish state.

                  Yeah, but thats a little unfair, isn't it? If the whole of Indonesia had got to vote in the East Timor independence referendum, there would have been one less country today.

        2. OK, so just let it be an independent country with a constitution copied from Lebanon.

      4. Leave and you won't get bombed, seems simple enough to me.

        I can't help it. It's in my nature.

      5. "I've never really understood this whole thing, why the heck are the Brit's there anyhow?"

        It's a good question from their perspective, but whatever problems N. Ireland still has wouldn't be fixed in any way. It would just cease being the UK's problem.

        1. You mean like Israel leaving Gaza makes it no longer their problem? Well, it really is no longer their disputed territory overseer problem in reality, but the entire left-wing of the world still blames every Gazan problem on Israel.

          1. Goddammit Tagliaferro, did you have to bring Gaza into a Moynihan thread? Now MNG will show up and this thread will rapidly turn into a shitfest. You might as well have said something about chemtrails.

            Oh, shit...

            1. Come on man! I heard it was tradition! Like our drinking games?

      6. Statute of Limitations. With a few mid oceanic island exceptions, every place on Earth has been conquered by outsiders sometime in the past.

        At some point you have to let it go.

        1. Statute of Limitations.

          Kramer: "I think that's statue."

        2. Libertopia and Atlantis were never conquered.

    2. Which Brits?

      The Angles arrived about 800 or so and took the Pale away from the Irish and Vikings who had been fighting each other over the eastern coast.

      The Normans came over an took over most of Ireland. The Anglo-Irish descedants said they were English. The Normans told them to fuck off.

      The English pretty much took over all of it by the 17th century.

      So which Irish deserve the island. The Gaels? The Vikings? The Angles? The Normans? The English that have been there since before they settle America? The Scotts that moved in a little later?

      1. Great, mention the Angels and Matt Welch can't be far behind.

        1. Non Angeli, sed Angli.

  4. None of this shit would have happened if the Brits hadn't cut and run in 1921.

  5. I'm sure that with a Surge the Brits will be able to solve a centuries-old ethnic and religious dispute once and for all.

  6. Ireland is second only to the Israel-Palestine issue on my "I'm sick of your goddamn bullshit, just go away" list.

    1. The South has stopped giving a crap and the North has (mostly) settled into a nice corrupt and undemocratic power-sharing agreement between both factions of crazies. Israel-Palestine would do well to end up this way.

      1. Wow, this sounds like the US post civil war as well.

    2. Northern Ireland was never about religion. That was just a convenient marker. The majority ethnic group (protestants) imposed laws not that unlike Jim Crow upon the minority ethnic group. This put the minority at a permanent political and econonmic disadvantage.

      1. But most of that ended by the 70s.

  7. convicted in 1973 of the Old Bailey bombing

    Was he wearing one of those Guy Fawkes masks? And did he get away by throwing daggers?

    1. I think it is proof of the immortality of Ron Bailey. See his recent post about living forever.

  8. People who seek an Answer to the Irish Question are themselves part of the problem. The thing is to muddle through without too many people getting blown up, massacred, etc. Pretty much a good idea for many countries.

  9. It'll be better next year when they convert to a Roth IRA.

  10. Hell, I thought we should have gotten out of there 150 years ago.

    Now where's my laudanum?

  11. Psycho Killer,
    Qu'est-ce que c'est?

  12. As long as Britain remains in my country people will resist , its just how it is and how it will always be, until they leave. You Canadians should concentrate on demanding your soldiers come home from the British/US genocidal "war" in the middle east, instead of commenting on something you know fuck all about. Its nothing against British people, never was, its their Imperialist Nazi leaders who are the target.

  13. At least with the IRA proper "terrorism" happened...all we ever hear about these days is terrorism, TERRORISM and nothing ever happens ?!?

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