That Stimulus is So Freaking Awesome it Has Created or Saved Jobs in Congressional Districts That Don't Even Exist!


From ABC News:

Here's a stimulus success story: In Arizona's 9th Congressional District, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending. At least that's what the website set up by the Obama Administration to track the $787 billion stimulus says.

There's one problem, though: There is no 9th Congressional District in Arizona; the state has only eight Congressional Districts.

There's no 86th Congressional District in Arizona either, but the government's recovery.gov Web site says $34 million in stimulus money has been spent there.

In fact, Recovery.gov lists hundreds of millions spent and hundreds of jobs created in Congressional districts that don't exist.

ABC's reporter Jonathan Karl drily notes that Recovery.gov was created to foster greater accountability and transparency in stimulus spending.

More here.

Hat tip: Amanda Carpenter of the Wash Times.

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    1. I'm pretty sure that's the famous statue in Metropolis, Illinois. I have a nearly identical picture of myself in front of it.

      1. All I know is that photo is racist.

        1. Oh give me a break. The "it's racist" line is getting really old, and more and more of us don't give a chit. Get a real life.

    2. Who gives a shit? Here's what matters:

      Minnesota 's 57th congressional district reports 35 jobs with $600,000 in spending

      You'd never know it without going on line to the new and improved federal government stimulus tracking website, but the economy and jobs picture is really picking up in Minnesota's 57th congressional district. There in plain sight, it states that 35 jobs have been saved or created as a result of $404,340 in stimulus spending, according to the figures found by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota on the federal government's stimulus tracking website on the summary page for MInnesota at recovery.gov.

      Over in Minnesota 's 27th congressional district, however, it appears to be a bleaker picture for those hoping for a turnaround. The federal government's statistics indicate only 2.5 jobs have been created or saved despite the listed expenditure of $3,159,657 of taxpayer dollars.

      Then there's the 13th congressional district which outperformed them all. Hard to believe, but the hard working folks in the 13th congressional district generated five jobs from just $42,109 in stimulus spending.

      That would certainly come as news to most Minnesotans, since the 14th, 27th and 57th congressional districts in Minnesota do not exist, except on the Obama Administration's website. Nor does the 00 congressional district listed as spending $404,340 and creating zero jobs.

      The North Star state, of course, has a total of eight congressional districts. You'd never know it by logging on to the federal clearinghouse for all things stimulus. The summary page for tracking where the stimulus money is going lists Minnesota as having a total of 19 congressional districts. Altogether, the eleven extra congressional districts posted received more than $7 million in stimulus spending, creating or saving about 50 jobs. Such a deal.


      1. "Who gives a shit? Here's what matters:"

        Lighten up, Francis. You don't do your case any good either by having a microsnit or by cutting-and-pasting large portions of text from another web site.

        Mocking and ridiculing The One are critical survival skills for many of us.

  1. There's no 86th Congressional District in Arizona either, but the government's recovery.gov Web site says $34 million in stimulus money has been spent there.

    That is proof, right there, that the Stimulus is working: It is making Districts (and purportedly, populations) appear out of thin air. Beat that, you crummy Free Market!

  2. Maybe they meant the money was spent here.

  3. You will love me, damn it! LOVE ME!

  4. ABC's reporter Jonathan Karl drily notes that Recovery.gov was created to foster greater accountability and transparency in stimulus spending.

    Jonathan Karl should bide for taking over Samuel Clemens' post as America's top humorist.

  5. From Jonathan Karl's newspiece:

    "The site [Recovery.gov] is a well-funded enterprise; the General Services Administration updated it earlier this year with an $18 million grant."

    Money well spent... I guess.

  6. where is the outrage, I wonder...? I mean really, this is insane....

    1. I'm wondering too. This is as good an example as any of just plain old lies from this administration. Have they no shame? Why isn't this the top headline in every major newspaper and TV newscast?

  7. Well, see, by claiming jobs in places that don't even exist, they very cleverly circumvent that map showing all the bogus claims of job creation/savation.

    Where ya gonna put these pushpins, you racists?

    1. Into my Obama voodoo doll.

  8. more proof that big government should be in charge of our health care.

    1. You'll get diseases and treatments you didn't even know existed!

      1. Saving the lives of imaginary people!

  9. Maybe some of those districts can start pulling their weight and lighten my tax burden.

  10. It's the thought that counts.

  11. Wrong number of districts, wrong number of states. . .what is it with this administration and numbers?

    1. I wonder myself, but perhaps these new districts were the result of ACORN's voter registration efforts. That's the only thing I can think of.

  12. Stimuluses. Creating and saving Congressmen.


  13. I do not have an excuse for recovery.gov's fuckedupedness but I do have an explanaton.

    Joe Biden is in charge of tracking stimulus spending.

    1. Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the best.

  14. You know, I'm starting to think that the government has no qualms about lying like a rug to the people. Imagine that.

    1. So where's the change?

  15. This spending is obviously taking place in an alternate dimension. This shows vision on the administration's part. They are reaching out to our brethren and sistren in alternate realities.

    You folks are a bunch of closed-minded monodimensionists. Just because these other-dimensional creatures aren't like you (they're probably dusky), you're hating on them.

    Your xenophobic, racist, dimensionormativity makes me sick.

    1. Excuse me, sir, but I'm a quadrodimentionist and don't forget it.

  16. Is this where the ACORN voters live?

  17. Silly Reason!

    Arizona's 9th & 86th Congressional Districts cover Parts Unknown, home to numerous masked professional wrestlers.

    1. The Green Bastard! From Parts Unknown!


      1. Is that also where dragons be?

        1. Unicorns, too.

  18. I'm starting to think that the government has no qualms about lying like a rug to the people.


    1. Total shock, right? It's giving me the vapors.

      1. Obama's marketing was even less honest than the dicktowel's. When is this tiny bird gonna start getting chics HOT, goddammit?

        1. Warty, does your package need a little more stimulus?

        2. When is this tiny bird

          It's good that you're finally able to admit your inadequacies.

  19. Has anyone verified that recovery.gov says what ABC claims they say?

    1. Yes.

      Top Congressional Districts Jobs Amount
      4th congressional district 10,034.8 $1,772,338,156
      7th congressional district 735.3 $394,080,874
      1st congressional district 909.4 $217,071,244
      5th congressional district 137 $145,399,210
      6th congressional district 81 $89,641,748
      2nd congressional district 135.3 $86,400,240
      8th congressional district 106.2 $50,624,970
      3rd congressional district 86 $42,422,493
      86th congressional district 0 $34,412,126
      40th congressional district 0 $1,280,838
      9th congressional district 2 $905,475
      15th congressional district 30 $761,420
      00 congressional district 8 $599,061
      78th congressional district 0 $490,482
      38th congressional district 5 $391,139
      11th congressional district 5 $288,020
      29th congressional district 0 $148,482
      36th congressional district 0 $81,071
      50th congressional district 0 $70,000
      52nd congressional district 7 $59,414
      25th congressional district 0 $57,194
      18th congressional district 1 $32,878

      1. 00 congressional district [...]

        I take it that there are a lot of casinos and/or British secret agents in that particular district.

      2. Are they really that stupid to make such obvious mistakes? Or do they just don't care and think no one will call them on it?

        1. A little from column A, and a little from column B.

      3. 86th congressional district 0 $34,412,126
        40th congressional district 0 $1,280,838
        78th congressional district 0 $490,482
        29th congressional district 0 $148,482
        36th congressional district 0 $81,071
        50th congressional district 0 $70,000
        25th congressional district 0 $57,194

        $36,000,000+ for 0 jobs. But the market fails where only government can succeed? The government could fuck up a wet dream.

    2. Though I'm not sure what the significance of the fractions of a job created or saved is. Reminds me of a great Dilbert comic, actually, where Wally convinces the boss to fire just his hair.

  20. Saving and creating jobs in all 57 states!

    1. Yeah, I think we just found out where those other 7 states are: the basement of some guy who happens to be the Governor's favorite nephew or something.

      Now if I can just get myself declared a district or a state, maybe I can grab some of that TARP for myself. Send the rescue funds to Arizona District #9, Drawer #5 in the computer cabinet, Madeupistan.

  21. I call dibs on the new Montana Congressional District!

    Stimulus? You don't know the half of it.

    1. 10 congressional districts in a sparsely populated western state isn't normal. BUT ON METH IT IS.

      1. They learned it from watching YOU, dude.

  22. I bet Joe will fix this. You don't mess with Joe!

    Yep Smokin' Joey Biden is on the case guys. He'll have this fixed in no time. Surely it's just a typo, repeated several thousand times, and once Joe gets his WORD up and running-PROBLEM SOLVED!

    /we are so fucked

  23. When even ABC is starting to sound cynical with regards to Obama, there might actually be some hope for us after all.

  24. In the upper right corner of every page at recovery.gov, there is a link to "Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse".

    Perhaps a flood of "electronic" complaint forms containing the ABCNews link might cause a stir?

    1. I just tried. It gave me an error page and didn't submit the form.

  25. Reason, having fallen to crying about typos, has finally jumped the shark.

    You guys can do better.

    Btw, anytime anyone anywhere spends any money on anything, it creates jobs. If you disagree, please tell me exactly what you would buy that WOULDN'T create jobs.

    1. Hey Chad,

      Please explain to me how the government actually creates any money and or wealth, thus proving your point that the stimulus "saved and/or created" jobs.

      It is somewhat of a rhetorical question, but I'm sure your obliviousness to math will somehow allow for a definitive answer.

      1. Duh. Before the government spends your money, they first carefully sprinkle it lemon scented Formula Z-49 -- the new miracle job creation additive with Stimu-Power!

        Watch this dramatization as famous plutocrats Mr. Monopoly and Scrooge McDuck spend their money on mink spats and diamond swagger sticks and solid gold yachts. No jobs! Now look what happens when all-star Washington Senator Harry Reid take that same money, sprinkles it with Z-49, and spends it on West Virginia potholes. The jobs appear like magic! The secret is Z-49's patented double-bullshit-action Multiplier Effect.

        So make sure you add Z-49 to 50% of your income! Like you have a choice.

        1. Damn, I am glad you are on our side!

      2. SUPPLY KURV!

    2. Even in Imagination Land, Chadish.

    3. Typos? That many? That totally make up Congressional districts out of thin air?

      You're not much of a troll, Chad. A troll has to at least be seen as somewhat believable.

    4. , anytime anyone anywhere spends any money on anything, it creates jobs.

      The Keynesian hogwash is strong in this one, Obi-Wan.


      1. Is that what that smell is?

    5. A bomb to plant in a factory that employs a thousand people.

      Well, obviously it would still create jobs, but it would destroy more, and the net change is what people are actually concerned about.

    6. So if I go to Chad's house, beat the fuck out of him, and take his money that creates jobs.


      1. Of course it creates jobs, JB. After the beating, Chad will need round-the-clock nursing care. There's two or three jobs, right there.

    7. The idea that any spending anytime, anywhere creates jobs is pure broken window fallacy. See Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt.

  26. Giving a shout out of love to Obama. Sir, you have done more to discredit Big Gov in less than a year in office than we have done in several decades of libertarian advocacy. You are the Manchurian candidate, our Manchurian candidate, one created in a Chicago School of Economics subbasement by a core of Freidmanites who sent you out on the streets of Chicago as a sleeper agent under the deep cover of a leftist street organizer. That earns you big round of Love from libertarians. Come on, guys, get in there for the group hug. Our man in D.C., Obama. deserves it.

    1. Giving a shout out of love to Obama. Sir, you have done more to discredit Big Gov in less than a year in office than we have done in several decades of libertarian advocacy.

      Don't forget to give him credit for sparing us another Clinton administration.


    2. Wait until he's out of office for that; these things are a lot funnier and a lot less rage-inducing when they're in the past.

      1. The continual and blatant dismantling of individual freedoms never remains in the past so long as its adherents plant more seeds for its growth in the future. It's a snowball effect...Hoover and FDR are "in the past," but we're still feeling the pain of their misguided programs.

  27. Is there any place where all this information is aggregated? Seems we have multiple fact-checkers (thankfully, natch), but it would be nice if it were collected to look at the big picture. Preferably in some kind of bright, easy-to-read chart that I can throw at my Obamamaniac friends comrades.

  28. I'm thinking some slightly cleverer than average apparatchik pocketed the money that was allocated to the non-existent district.


  29. Not stimulus, but SEIU morons pissed at Boy Scout. For his Eagle project. WTF?


  30. Could these non-existent districts be covers for illegal cash payments to Obama's friends and allies? Have we actually seen any financial records showing whether the money allotted to these fake districts was actually spent?

  31. I hate to put the brakes on the Bashmobile, but is it possible that the reports refer to *state* legislative districts, not Federal districts? For example, Oklahoma has five US Congressional districts, but 101 state Congressional districts.

    I'm not saying I trust the government's numbers, only that I want to be sure of why I'm outraged. I can only muster so much outrage at a time, and I'd hate to waste it on something that was actually legit.

    1. The report says "congressional districts", which refer to federal legislative districts only. No state has a legislature referred to as "Congress". And in states with bicameral legislatures, there are different numbers of districts with regard to each house of the legislature, so it would be extremely confusing to classify the spending that way.

      And I'd be really surprised if any states have a district #00, as many of the states are listed as having on the website.

    2. Also, in the particular case of Arizona, there are only 30 state Senate districts and 60 state House districts. So that excuse doesn't explain the presence of the "86th district".

      1. Right-o. I just wanted to be sure we had the facts straight. Where'd I leave my pitchfork?

    3. Oh, now that's interesting, dave. I just went to the site and drilled down to OK data, but I can't for the life of me tell which kind of congressional district they are displaying. Details for states fall under the heading of "states/territory" which is odd in itself.

    4. Never mind, Tulpa's on it.

  32. I don't know what you are all talking about. I live in West Wyoming's 28th Congressional district, and the stimulus saved my job as a professional snipe hunter and also provided the left-handed smoke-shifter industry with the resources they need to lead the world in left-handed smoke-shifter production.

    Thanks, Uncle Sam!

    1. We don't take too kindly to your kind around here.

    2. Really, funny but I live in western Wyoming and we don't have any voting districts, because we're the least populated state in the nation, nor do we have many "smoke shifters". We just have one representative at large, Rep. Cynthia Loomis. Maybe it's Utah where you're a "Professional Snipe Hunter", fix you GPS, and do your "smoke shifting" down there.

  33. WI has 8 congressional districts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Money went to districts 55, 14, 9, 00, 10, 39. These districts don't exist.

  34. I live in Florida's 127th Congressional District, and the stimulus saved my job. I can now affort that new muffler bearing I've been needing!

  35. But there are still 57 states, right?

    BTW, I save a job every time I convince my boss to give me one more chance, and it doesn't even cost any stimulus money.

  36. Figures lie.Liars figure.Lies,damn lies,
    Hooray for the Chicago (Kremlin)Way.

  37. That data was a user entered field. meaning the people that got the money entered the numbers wrong.

  38. Has anyone considered that this is laying the groundwork for 2010 Census? More districts to fill with non-existant Acorn voters?

    1. Crawdad, stop in for a beer.

  39. Worker drone is a sharp bee.

  40. Am I the only one that suspects this isn't the first time or the first administration that pulled it, but the first to get busted on it?

  41. This criticism is really silly. Obama obviously raised these districts out of the sea, created the men to do the jobs out of clay (in his image), created the women out of a couple of rib bones, and blessed the land with great fertility. Isn't it obvious that Obama is god?

  42. Something tells me all the votes from these districts are going for Obama too...

    Yay ACORN!

  43. Arizona's 86th Congressional district?

    "86 it" is WWII slang for dumping stuff in the trash can. Someone involved in data entry was having fun, here.

  44. Recovery.gov is reporting we created or saved 98 jobs in 7 congressional districts in Texas after spending $1.47billion.
    The bad news is that these congressional districts do not exist...
    What a deal!

  45. Almost as good... we created or saved 1.4 jobs in a zip code in Austin where the median income is $30k - all for the low low price of $734million. Close enough for government work, I guess.

  46. Obama creates whole communities out of nothing, then saves them from the brink of depression, and still you silly libertarians opose his Great New Way. Sad.

  47. I wants me my stimulus. Where my stimulus be at?

    1. Where be your stimulus, it be In 440 phantom districts, paying ghostly figures for jobs that don't exist. Only the "Messiah" could do that. Next thing you know he'll feed the "worshippers" at one of his numerous rallies with five loaves and two fishes!

  48. Greetings from capitalist Russia, and welcome to Soviet Ameriacn Union. When you'll run out of food, we'll come to help. Maybe.

  49. Thanks for the post and for sharing the very resourceful post here.

  50. Wow, you guys found a screwed up website! That's never happened before.

    1. Yeah, for $18 million what do you assholes expect?

      1. Amen Mikey, only a liberal would justify $6.4 Billion in fraudulent payments as simply "a screw up, like it's never happened before." The mentality of the left defies all common sense, reason, and logic, as well as the law. But, what else would you expect from a Liberal and this Administration?

  51. O.K., so we know phantom districts got money for jobs that don't exist. Damn it, what I want to know is where our money went, and who has it. There are a lot of people out there barely getting by, and these retards toy with this like it's no big deal. Well by God it would be a big deal if the people out there praying for just a little help got some of it. This administration is the most corrupt in our history, and the most destructive to our way of life. Remember come 2010 and 2012 if we have a country left!!!!

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