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Unsurprisingly, those many hundreds of you who have generously joined the call to DONATE TO REASON RIGHT THE HELL NOW have taken full advantage of the donation form's call to leave "comments, suggestions, or questions." For instance, several of you sent in some variations on the following:

Please add Google Checkout or at least Paypal to the payment options. Like many people, I hate to have my credit card number floating all around the internet, no matter what the alleged security measures are. Too many examples of hacked credit card number lists.

From your mouth to our ears–we now have Paypal as an option, thanks.

Let's get to some other comments, but first I'm pretty sure we can't play this original Al Sharpton video enough:

More from the suggestions box:

Put more orange on the site!

Bring back reason.tv talk shows, please!

Create a simple comments rating system. People with accounts can click a check mark, or minus sign, or smiley, whatever; marking each comment as "helpful," or "useless" or "funny" or "abusive." (or just use the 5 star system).  Then we could sort the comments by rating and read the good ones first.

Please stop the threaded comments. Please.

Keep the Lobster Girl.  Next time expand into Lobster Girls and I will donate more.  Love you videos.  Keep up the great work as we need you more than ever.  Cheers.

Not sure I know (or want to know) what "expand into Lobster Girls" means, but I would note that we are now just 130 or so donations short from the goal of saving LG from a certain death. Click the clicky to keep crustaceans kissed!

Some of your political musings:

Keep up the great work  I'm an Obamaniac and my wife is a dittohead and the only thing we agree on is that Reason rocks!

I lean more towards the Heritage style of conservatism, but I have my libertarian side, too. I love the Hit and Run blog and felt like I should donate to help the cause. Thanks for all your wonderfulness.

Seem to be really soft on Obama/Pelosi.  I guess you want to be "reasonable".


Exlamatory Dadaism:

Up the punks!

Adnotatiunculae bilicis delenda est!



Flattery will get you everywhere…:

I love Reason! Best source of news out there.

I am endlessly grateful for the work the Reason Foundation, reason magazine, and reason.com do.  Thank you.

Please keep up the good work.  I reference Reason very often when I argue with overly educated economists who should know better.

You guys are the best at what you do.  I can't imagine my day without H&R.  Keep up the good work!

Keep up the great work. This is a big year in the war of ideas that lead to policy. I fear we are headed down a slick as snot slope towards economic oblivion through the destruction of economic liberty and the implementation of perverse incentives against work. Your work has never been more important

I've had a subscription forever (15 yrs maybe?) and attended your event in Vegas a couple of years ago…Keep up the amazing work!

You had me at "sneering prick devoid of any quantifiable emotional response to the pain of others."

…but so will razzing:

Live it up on my dime, welfare queens.

And last but not least, comments that make us humble to be able to provide you with a little Free Mindy, Free Markety goodness as part of your balanced breakfast:

Please bring me no books, send me no swag, render me no recognition. [This from someone donating $2,500.]

*Sigh* even though I'm a poor grad student, the thought of losing the lobster kissing girl (damn you Matt Welch) at hit and run has caused me to donate. Keep up the good work Hit and Run, I can honestly say I get about 90 percent of my news from you and I fucking love it.

Good luck guys, I wish I could give more . . . I read your site all the time so I better give something. Take care.

Wish I could give more. Thanks for doing what you do.

Nick, Matt, et. al., Thanks very much for what you do on a daily basis.  I've been a fan of yours since high school and have been an on-off subscriber for sometime. please do put this small money to good use fo liberty.

Thank you for your stalwart commitment to reason.

Now: What about your stalwart commitment to Reason?

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