Hey Polar Bears, You're Blocking the TV!


OK, that last post was depressing. So here's some awesome polling news to balance it out:

Most adults (53%) say being able to buy whatever kind of TV they want is more important than conserving energy.

take that, polar bears!

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  1. Finally, some good news.

  2. I wonder what the results would have been if they replaced “conserving energy” with “global warming.”

    1. I wonder what the results would have been if they replaced “conserving energy” with your “choices artificially restricted by a single state?”

  3. Actually, only 53%? That’s pretty bad.

    1. Yeah… What were the other 47% thinking? I’m hoping they were thinking more about their budget and not about polar bears.

  4. I wish, just once, some manufacturer would tell California to fuck off with it’s endless meddling, and pull their products out of the state.

    It hasn’t happened yet that I know of (has it?), so putting up with the bullshit out of California isn’t a money losing venture yet, or it is and no one is willing to go first.

      1. An anti-Enron screed? Yawn.

        1. Nice rebuttal, valley girl. That’s not an “anti-Enron” screed as much as evidence of how easy it is to game a state that’s a screwed up as CA. At least Enron was more creative than you armchair freedom-fighters. Whatever Ken Lay was, he wasn’t a whiner.

            1. More Mencken-like invective from the Smart Wing. See ya.

    1. Ronnie Barrett, of Barrett firearms and manufacturer of fine .50BMG firearms, cancelled all outstanding orders from the State of CA as well as all counties and municipalities. He cancelled all maintenance and repair contracts with CA state, counties and cities. He did this in response to LAPD chief using a Barrett rifle, pulled from the SWAT armory, to shill for the passage of CA’s .50 caliber ban. He even sent a couple of LAPD’s weapons back, unfixed and COD.

  5. Hey KM-W, your staff portrait picture doesn’t open up really big anymore.

    1. I’m sure I don’t want to know.

  6. Bioshock is so much better on 50 inches of 1080p plasma goodness.

    1. I’m going to have to see how Borderlands looks.

      1. Or God of War 3. I think that one might raise the bar a bit.

    2. Just don’t mention Fallout 3, as my children lost my DVD. Like lost lost.

      1. did you lose lose your children shortly after?

      2. Ouch, PL. I was writing a comment about how badass that game looks on my TV, too. /empathy

  7. America! FUCK YEAH

  8. Cause a good liberal needs a huge 1080p TV to watch PBS specials on all the polar bears allegedly dying due to global warming … wouldn’t want to miss a single detail of the indoctrination …

  9. Most adults (53%) say being able to buy whatever kind of TV they want is more important than conserving energy.

    As worded, this questionnaire implies that 47% of adults want to add government regulations on TV sizes to the list of banned products, and only need another 3% of adults (or a healthy poll turnout) to accomplish this goal …

    /glass half empty

    1. 3% + 1

    2. (from article)Most adults (53%) say being able to buy whatever kind of TV they want is more important than conserving energy. However, 37% rate conserving energy as more important.

      That 47% includes 10% that either don’t know or don’t care either way.

      (from article)But a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 66% of Americans oppose a law that would effectively ban the sale of big-screen televisions to save energy. Sixteen percent (16%) favor the idea, and 18% are not sure.

      Somewhere between 16% and 34% are in favor of banning big-screen TVs that are energy hogs.

  10. /glass half empty

    47% empty.

    Or all empty, because we 53% aren’t killing those idiots.

    1. Jesus Christ.

  11. to watch Montel

  12. I’m thinking how porn, filmed entirely with a high def ultra high seed camera would look on a teevee that size.

  13. dammit. Typo. Ummmm. Put the “P” where you think it belongs.

    1. Sorry Ben, I’m invoking RC’z Law. You’ll have to deal with him now.

    2. That typo is one of the funniest things I’ve read all day.

      1. The correction isn’t bad too (didn’t know ben was into WS).

  14. Does the TV come with the girl? She’s hot.

    1. Sorry, you have to supply your own girl.

  15. Women are more sympathetic than men to energy conservation efforts at the expense of big TVs, but they’re less willing to pay more for a television that is more energy-efficient.


    1. Don’t even suggest that there’s any kind of logical difficulty there – which I’m sure a sexist like you would *love* to do.

      1. No offense intended, Max. Please let me rephrase that.


  16. If any of you people are tight with Santa, see if you can’t get him to bring me one of these this year:


    I haven’t been very good this year, but I haven’t gotten any worse either. I think that counts for something.

    1. Learn from Congress: you should build a certain expected increase of corruption into your plan for each year, so that if you don’t become evil quite as fast, you can claim you’ve reformed a bit!

    2. Four fucking grand!!

      You better have been giving blowjobs to starving kids in India to warrant that.

      You many hours I have to subcontract the elves out to Nike to make that kind of money? Jeezus at least the Ron Paul folks just want bars of gold.

    3. I had Santa send you a response, but he got marked as spam and gave up.

      Having seen the body of his response, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  17. I suspect that to the extent radical eviromentalism has widespread support , it is because most supporters don’t believe that the regulations will affect their lifestyle choices.

  18. Does she come with the TV?

  19. Rich, that was my favorite question too. Fucking bitches.


    Man, I feel so much better hearing that. It’s not that I oppose. . .yeah it is. I oppose.

    It’s bigger!

    It’s badder!

    It’s too much TV for Mr. Incredible!

  21. Ladies?

    No time for this one to answer bullshit TV poll questions; I’m too busy stockpiling incandescent bulbs before they become illegal.

    Three cubic feet worth of bulbs so far.

    1. I am sympathetic.

  22. Sometimes a girl just needs a big one, and damn the cost…;)

  23. Who’s up for smuggling some bootleg plasmas to California? I have access to a Ford extended cargo van, we could spray-paint “Save the Whales” on it and slap on some Obama stickers, just to make it past the checkpoints…

    1. Be careful, TLG. You might get pinched for violating anti-“price-gouging” laws.

  24. Oh, I see. It should be mandatory for all citizens to use crappy light bulbs, but people want to have their 1000″ jumbo-3D-HD-TV to watch their Blu-Ray copy of an Inconvenient Truth. “Greens” are weird…

    I should go on such a rant. Public support for the “science” of global warming is waning and large holes are being found in these “theories”. But, alas, the “debate is over”. -_-;

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