Krugman: A Time For Choosing, Journos


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says that we are now approaching "the defining moment for health care reform." Those who oppose this latest, 2,000 page iteratiion of "reform," according to the beardy Nobelist, "don't want Americans to have universal coverage, and they don't want President Obama to succeed." Yesterday, I attempted to explain, with great patience, that Reason columnist and television personality John Stossel was an opinion journalist, not a straight newsman, after MSNBC's Rachel Maddow complained that his taking sides in the health care debate was "not what is called news in this country."

Unless, that is, you support the Obama plan. So I suspect that Maddow won't be mau-mauing Krugman, who advises journalists to do their patriotic duty and stump for the public option:

It's not a perfect bill, by a long shot, but it's a much stronger bill than almost anyone expected to emerge even a few weeks ago. And it would lead to near-universal coverage. As a result, everyone in the political class — by which I mean politicians, people in the news media, and so on, basically whoever is in a position to influence the finalstage of this legislative marathon — now has to make a choice. The seemingly impossible dream of fundamental health reform is just a few steps away from becoming reality, and each player has to decide whether he or she is going to help it across the finish line or stand in its way.

Emphasis added.