What Drives Political Disagreements


Russ Smith at Splice Today looks at the fringes on the right and left and reassures nervous pundits everywhere that reality is still at the center of things:

The "main show" in American politics hasn't changed: there's a true difference of opinion over the proper balance of power between the individual and government in almost every facet of life. Some fear incompetence, heavy-handedness and insensitivity by the government, at the expense of the individual; others are nervous about the private sector's power and influence and neglect of the underdog. It's an honest, timeless debate and is usually conducted in a semi-civilized, "let's agree to disagree" manner. The "sideshow," on the other hand, is part entertainment and part genuine lunacy.

Smith points to a bad column by the Wall Street Journal's resident liberal Thomas Frank and a piece by The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier for further reading.

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