Tomorrow Is Another 1,000 Day Reign For Daniel Ortega


Instapundit channels the Wall Street Journal on the least-welcome artifact of the 1980s this side of parachute pants, shoulder pads, and eyeglasses even bigger than Charles Nelson Reilly's:

DANIEL ORTEGA ASKS FOR TERM LIMITS TO BE OVERTHROWN. Best argument yet for what happened in Honduras. If a sitting U.S. President made a similar effort, I'd favor removing him, too. It's the dictators' tell. Well, one of 'em. Then there's this: "Last week the court's constitutional panel obliged him. The Nicaraguan press reported that the vote was held before three opposition judges could reach the chamber in time for the session. Three alternative judges, all Sandinistas, took their place and the court gave Mr. Ortega the green light. Mr. Ortega has decreed that the ruling cannot be appealed."

More here. Link above goes to WSJ.

Strange, random, and possibly wholly imagined connection to Sandinistas: I swear to god that two nights ago in a Bob Evans restaurant of all places, I heard the Clash song "The Call Up," the first single released from that band's good but bloated 1980 triple album Sandanista!

For those who were born long after Cut The Crap effectively ended whatever remained of "the only band that matters'" reputation, the song is a brave, Thoreauvian call not to register for Selective Service in Carter-Reagan America. That it appears on an album celebrating a regime that extracted far-more invasive and non-voluntary obligations from its citizens is simply testament to a level of mental retardation endemic to rawk-n-roll (I write as a fan of The Clash's music and rock more generally as the essential idiom of my dear, departed youth). I wonder if latter-day Clashinistas feel similar opposed to Lord and Lady Obama's endless calls to selfless service, even or especially when voiced by celebrities?

This seems like a good place for a video, especially one that asks citizens to rat out "disinformation" (i.e. disagreement) out there about the president's transformational and yet strangely undefined health care system (health is, after all, the war of the state, or something like that). Enjoy before succumbing to swine flu.

NEXT: Mandatory Savings?

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  1. Carter reinstating draft registration

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  3. Too late. I’ve already succumbed to swine flu.

    1. Mr. Xeones, your Death Panel will see you now.

  4. Ortega never seems to go away.

  5. Is spelling God with a lower-case g deliberate hereabouts?

    I’m not asking for a theological debate, thanks, just a factual answer.

    1. Most H&R folk are atheists, and most atheists purposefully use the small g.

      1. Since Nick never specifies which divine being he is swearing to, the lowcap g might be appropriate.

        1. Yes. I don’t think it’s inappropriate.

          1. But which one is he swearing to? Kali? Wotan? Kal-El?

            1. Right — as I said, I don’t think the lowercase g is inappropriate.

            2. Kal-El is not a god. Zod, on the other hand. . . .

          2. now, if he would have said “goddess” he’d have some problems. The Goddess doesn’t take any crap…

            1. Maybe he was swearing to the god of Bob Evans.

              1. That doesn’t make sense, everyone knows Gravyon operates as a deus absconditus and heeds not the affairs of man or artery.

              2. I think he just doesn’t want to admit he was really swearin’ to god.

      2. How ritualistic!

  6. The most disturbing part of the whole piece was when he admitted going to a Bob Evans.

    1. When in Rio (pronounced RYE-o) Grande Ohio, be sure to stop in at the #1 Bob Evans. Tell ’em Citizen Nothing sent you.

      1. WTF is a Bob Evans? You people are weird. Can’t you just have Howard Johnson’s like normal people?

        1. Bow before the Sunshine Skillet, Epi!

          1. Never! IHOP or Death!

            1. You mean “IHOP and Death”, don’t you?

        2. I thought Denny’s would be a more appropriate setting for that vignette.

        3. Mister HoJo risin’, Mister HoJo risin’
          Mister HoJo risin’, Mister HoJo risin’
          Got to keep on risin’
          Mister HoJo risin’, Mister HoJo risin’
          HoJo risin’, gotta HoJo risin’
          Mister HoJo risin’, gotta keep on risin’
          risin’, risin’
          Gone risin’, risin’
          I’m gone risin’, risin’
          I gotta risin’, risin’
          Well, risin’, risin’
          I gotta, wooo, yeah, risin’
          Woah, ohh yeah

          1. ‘Goin’ Up Country’ Fried Steak?

    2. I know. There went any hipster cred he might have. He might as well have admitted to wearing those old man golf pants that come up to your sternum.

      1. The golf pants are ironic

        1. The golf pants are ironic

          You mean they’re like rain on your wedding day, or the free ride when you’ve already paid?

  7. Wow, Geraldine Ferraro colored her hair.

  8. How can one hope to understand our government’s stance on Honduras when compared with its silence on what is happening in Nicaraguas? I just don’t get it. Frankly, it makes me paranoid.

    1. Its totally consistent. Once you get elected President, you can do whatever you want.

    2. To the administration, leftist caudillos are good. Thus, more Chavez, more Ortega, more whozit in Honduras – all good.

  9. Semm, you should be paranoid. There will certainly be some sort of “national emergency” to keep Obama from having to face the voters next time.

    1. The troofers and birchers all swore up and down that Bush would cancel the election. Didn’t happen, so they all forgot they predicted that.

      1. But Republicans have not been subverting the electoral process for years. The Democrats have purposefully worked the trust level to the lowest point in history. They will say it’s not fair to have imperfect elections, especially during a crisis.

        1. Obama is going to be even more sick of his presidency than the rest of us. He won’t go the extra mile to hang onto it.

  10. wha??!!

    Combat Rock is a classic

    “know your rights” and “straight to hell” are some of their best tunes

    The Mescaleros and dreadzone rock too

  11. It’s certainly not a good sign Semm. First they side with a dictator hopeful against his country’s legislature, judicial system, constitution, and military, then they ignore what seems to be a clear case of strong-arming by a dictator hopeful to make his lifelong appointment technically legal.

    Things that make you go “hmmm”.

  12. Please. The Ds and Rs have both supported foreign baddies, just different ones.

    1. Well that makes it all okay then.

      1. That’s precisely what I meant.

  13. Hey Danny, Drew Carey called and he wants his glasses back.

  14. Why can’t he just retire and enjoy running his Mexican food company?




          Cannibalism? Racism, Steve? That’s?that’s not for us. You know, those are the decisions that are best left to the suits at Washington, OK? We’re just here to eat some dude.

  15. OH EM GEE, he’s like totally not wearing those glasses and that moustache ironically.

  16. “Retardation” isn’t endemic to rock. Unexamined Leftist impulses are. Not infrequently, excesses like Sandinista! result. But before that point is reached, there’s sometimes decent or good criticism. One example of many: I read the Clash’s “Straight to Hell” (sampled in recent and massive pop hits) as a fair critique of shabby U.S. treatment of Vietnamese trying to immigrate after the war.

    1. It was sampled? In what, out of curiosity?

      And yeah, The Clash, or more specifically Joe Strummer, had entirely too many unliberal tendencies. But it’s still great music, even though Sandanista! only had a single album’s worth of good material on it.

  17. Me cag? en Nicaragua una vez.

  18. Like I said, it’s so hard to be a libertarian and love The Clash.

    1. I don’t even hear the lyrics on their best songs, so they’ve never bothered me.

  19. “Retardation” isn’t endemic to rock. Unexamined Leftist impulses are.

    I’m not seeing the distinction.

  20. The three opposition judges need to get together and rule Ortega is to be put to death tomorrow. “Sorry everyone, but this decision cannot be appealed”.

  21. Re: “retardation in rock”, amen. I think I realized I was finally growing up the day it occurred to me that musicians had no ethical or spiritual insights to offer me. Regardless of how much I might enjoy their music.

    1. “By now we had realised that our fellow punks, The Pistols, The Clash and all the other muso-puppets weren’t doing it at all. They may like to think that they ripped off the majors, but it was Joe Public who’d been ripped. They helped no one but themselves, started another facile fashion, brought a new lease of life to London’s trendy Kings Road and claimed they’d started a revolution. Same old story. We were on our own again.”

    2. That reminds me of the day it occurred to me that Jim Bakker had no musical insights to offer me.

    3. Another sentinel moment in helping me understand what rock and roll was all about: the day I saw Zack de la Rocha driving around Hollywood in a Mercedes.

      1. He was taking the power back out for a drive.

  22. I wonder how many Nicaraguans right now are praying for a Pinochet.

  23. LOL< now that dude looks like a major egg head doesnt he! LOL


  24. eyeglasses even bigger than Charles Nelson Reilly’s

    Those weren’t just any ordinary eyeglasses. They were special designer bullet-proof eyeglasses. You know who else gets shot in the eyes? Yup. Gangsters.

  25. The Clash were an amazing band from their first true punk albums all the way to Cut the Crap which still had a few good songs on it. I don’t usually agree with their politics but they were a damn good band.

  26. Since the Obama administration was so quick to opine on the impeachment of that colostomy bag Zelaya in Honduras, I expect strong words and not so veiled threats from Hillary shortly.

  27. Why would Hillary express any disapproval for the permanent installment of a leftist caudillo in Latin America, J sub?

    Hell, I expect this administration to congratulate Ortega, not rap his knuckles.

  28. You know your country sucks when you can’t overthrow a guy who looks like Herbert Kornfeld.

  29. How quick reason is to bust out the word dictator or even facist when it serves their purpose. Nice to see this magazine call for authoritarian measures to “protect” free market ideologies.

    1. How quick the Left is to fellatiate a tyrant and mass-murderer if he only makes some symbolic noise about socialism while enriching his cronies with expropriated wealth.

  30. How quick reason is to bust out the word dictator or even facist when it serves their purpose. Nice to see this magazine call for authoritarian measures to “protect” free market ideologies.

  31. How quick reason is to bust out the word dictator or even facist when it serves their purpose. Nice to see this magazine call for authoritarian measures to “protect” free market ideologies.

  32. If your website wasn’t functionely retarded, my comment would have only shown up once.

    1. gee, someone’s in a pissy mood.

  33. WTF does liking a band’s music have to do with agreeing with their politics?

    Do I have to be a born again christian to like U2?

    Do I have to be an old black sharecropper to enjoy classic bluesman?

    Do I have to be from Texas to like Stevie Ray Vaughan?

    The point where I realized that my political or intellectual identity wasn’t equivocated by the identities of bands that I liked was when campus crusade for cthulhu nutbags were leaving me jesus pamphlets on my dorm desk in college because I was listening to U2.

    Its not hard at all to be a libertarian and like The Clash.

    Sharreef he don’t like it!

  34. “Guns of Brixton” always reminds me of Waco.

  35. Richard

    I have a friend whose favorite author is Ayn rand and favorite singer is Billy Bragg. I don’t get it.

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