Instavision on The Hoffman Race, Tea Parties Morhphing in Third Party, and Whether We Should Elect a New Congress


Glenn Reynolds' most recent InstaVision program features Bill Whittle and Dana Loesch and covers the Hoffman race in New York, whether the Tea Parties should morph into third parties, and voting da bums out en masse. Click above to watch; about 11 minutes.

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  1. Morph into third parties? What about all the ones we already have? Sheesh. I would think the Conservative and Libertarian Parties would more than cover all the concerns of the Tea Partiers.

    1. Yea, maybe they could join an existing one or two.

    2. It’s spelled “morhp.”

  2. In conservative circles there is frequent talk of a third party. This is because of a combination of factors. Within the Republican party, it seems most politicians are far from conservative, and there are enough that espouse ideas that are in strong opposition to conservative ideals to make us feel like unwanted step-children. Couple that with the general opinion that libertarians are just a bunch of amoral pot smokers, and the idea of a conservative party sounds appealing. Then there is also the problem of there being a variety of right-ish parties. Maybe there is a hope that we could bring them together under a new banner. If you take conservatives out of the GOP without a new party, we’d likely split up between a variety of other parties, which would really gain us nothing.

    1. Awesome. The amoral pot smokers definitely think the social conservatives should start their own party.

    2. Yes, the vote on the right is definitely split across too many parties. But, I think that if one were to see some success during an election cycle, everyone would tend to pile on in support.

  3. I am interested to see when the Republican operatives become successful in their attempt to fold the tea party movement into the GOP. This will of course mean the tea party message of limited government will become completely bastardized in the process.

    The tea party folks better get ready to become just another campaign prop for the TARP-loving GOP in 2010.

    Being a strong supporter of smaller limited government, this will truly be a sad moment. Yet another opportunity gone to waste.

  4. The Teabag party: Warty’s natural home. Better than NutraSweet’s Gorilla Mask party, though. A campaign plank of shaving your pubes to put on Xeones’ face is not a big draw to most people.

    That’s right, Xeones. You’re basically Rickety Cricket.

    Mac: What’s not to like? Cricket with a face full of pubes? Hilarious!

    Dennis: Yeah, but where are we supposed to get that many pubes, man?

    Mac: We shave!

    Dennis: Well, that’s gonna be a problem. I laser. It’s like a turtle shell down there.

  5. As someone involved in the Tea Party “movement,” my take is that most of the members are interested in supporting conservative Republicans in primaries. In many parts of the country, that will work. In others, the Party establishment is going to squash the outsiders. Then it will be interesting to see (2010) if Tea Partiers swallow hard and vote for what they will be told is the “lesser of two evils” or punish the establishment GOP by voting for Libertarians, Constitutionalists, or what have you.

  6. Had a problem on the other post. I “appear to be spam”. Is there a character limit, or something?

  7. Maybe it’s suggusting your skin resembles gelatinous chopped pork shoulder?

    1. I wouldn’t put anything past these guys.

    2. Spiral cut and honey glazed is my favorite.

  8. You’re basically Rickety Cricket.

    Bullshit, Epi. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Lil’ Kevin.

  9. Xeones, this gravy train’s leaving, so who’s retarded now?

  10. [drops mic and walks out]

  11. Pus oozing from a gangrenous head, rotting limbs left in landfills; these were the smells she dreamed of. But her favorite and most fantastic dream was the one she had experienced this afternoon: The horsehead. In her dream, the horsehead is fresh, never rotten, and the blood is still warm, so warm its iron odor assaults her nose.
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  12. Sweet’n’Low, somebody’s gunning for your niche.

  13. Ezekiel, I like the way you think. We should watch Nekromantik some time.

    “Daddy no want me! I’m gonna take a bus to Reno!”

  14. Anybody know where to get World Series tickets?


  15. WTF? Where are the crude and sexist comments I came to expect from H&R commenters? Dana Loesch is fucking HAWT! Balls… broken glass… I forgot how that went.

  16. wtf is going on here? At least G Gunnels and Thoreau were entertaining in their insipid arguments.

  17. Oh,and re: not starting a third party. Fuck that noise. I wasn’t a Republican before GW Bush and I certainly won’t be one now. Compashionate Conservatism is all the bad things of conservatism, without any of the good things.

  18. I asked once before: anyone here ever read bill whittle’s old “Eject Eject Eject” blog? Any thoughts?

    I’m sort of mixed on him myself, but was curious what other people thought

  19. That damned banner for Norwich University really bothers me. The UN is not our government!!!!!!!!!!

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