Think of the Children


Hammond, Louisiana, justice of the peace Keith Bardwell has refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple. Bardwell says he isn't racist but he worries about the future of mixed-race children.

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  1. I understand his argument, but I believe that his solution will only perpetuate the problem. Biracial children are often not accepted by both races, but with more prevalence such discrimination will eventually fade away.

    Being that he is working for the public, I do not believe he has the option to deny them this right. If he was a pastor and he was asked the lead the ceremony at a church, he would have the right to say “no.” Well, he can still say “no” now, as he obviously did, but he should not remain in his position.

    I think throwing the term “racist” at him is premature. He may or may not be, but I know people who have the same line of reasoning that are not. While I do not agree with their rationale, I do not believe that throwing insults at them is constructive.

  2. OH, PULEEEZ!!!! A perfect blending of racism and nannyism. Would this same creep protect the hypothetical offspring of a Anglican with his roots in London and a Catholic from County Cork??

    1. uh, AN Anglican

  3. Ok, let’s forget the question of why you need a state-sponsored “license” to enter into a contract in the first place… (even though that would solve this problem)

    This guy needs to grow up. It ain’t up to him what kind of childhood their potential offspring will have. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? He could become a socialist President of the United States?! Like that would ever happen!

  4. Multi racial children are headed for a bad future?
    Like Tiger Woods?

    1. Or, uh, jeez, what was that guy’s name? You know, who I’m talking about, mom’s white, dad’s from Keyna, been doing very well for himself lately. Name slips my mind…

  5. Derek Jeter’s doing alright.

    1. Not last night.

  6. Since when does not being married prevent a couple from procreating? Or, for that matter, since when does being married automatically mean a couple WILL procreate?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. Hopefully, Mr Bardwell will not procreate.

  7. since when does being married automatically mean a couple WILL procreate?

    To many, being married automatically means they at least intend to procreate.

    Disclaimer: I disapprove Mr. Bardwell’s act.

  8. PS: …such that at canon law, even a secret intention on the part of the prospective bride or groom to avoid procreating will nullify the sacrament.

    Or so I heard it from a canon lawyer.

  9. IMNSHO This JOP is a racist scumbag. Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Derek Jeter… Sure, I can see how these people were harmed by their Bi-racial childhoods…

  10. I told a white supremacist once that we needed MORE biracial children, so we could get over this silly bullshit.

    That, and my olive-branch invitation to a Hebrew National hot-dog picnic, earned me the title of “Jewbertarian traitor”.

    I’m just glad he never found out where I live.

    1. Jewbertarian traitor

      I cannot, for the life of me, understand why you aren’t using this freaking awesome epithet as your handle. Yankee Doodle that shit, man.

      1. Done. I think I’ll take your advice.

  11. He worries about the future of mixed-race children? Dumbass, the future IS mixed-race children. Judge Bardwell won’t be dirtnapping long before most of the kids born in the U.S. are some flavor of chocolate.

    1. As someone who is down with the swirl, I heartily agree.

    2. Hey, don’t forget about lemon swirls.

      My Korean wife and I have 3 of them who are running around oblivious to the irreparable harm we did to them by conceiving them.

  12. Just real quick. What planet does he live on where denying them the right to marry means denying them the right to procreate? Does he actually think that is within his rights? Dude deny ’em all you want then there is just gonna be a bunch of mixed race bastards running around. What an asshole!!!

    I’m guessing he cheers for Voldemort when he watches Harry Potter… damn half breeds. Idiot.

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