The Freewheelin' Alan Grayson


Alan Greyson

Oafish Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who famously claimed that opponents of ObamaCare want uninsured Americans to "die quickly," tells MSNBC that he is the Bob Dylan of the 111th Congress:

"Comparing what Joe Wilson did to what I did, it's not the same. What I did is like a Bob Dylan protest song; what Joe Wilson did is like a belch."

Would Hattie Carroll have died if Medicare was available in 1963? If Grayson is like Dylan, is he more Self Portrait-era or Down in the Groove-era, which features Kip Winger, the Roman Polanski of hair metal, on bass? Below, the video of Grayson embarrassing himself on MSNBC:

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  1. You know, cropping that picture so close makes his face look huge.

    Oh? You say it's like that naturally? All right then...

    1. It's a scandal. Like when Fox made who ever those inconsequential people uglier because of the photo format and croping.

      1. Is anyone surprised that Reason would do something like that, or all the rest? Whatever his many other faults, at least Rep. Alan Grayson is trying to follow the money, and that's a whole lot more than you can say about Reason.

        P.S. In case anyone replies to this, their responses will almost assuredly be ad homs, thereby conceding my points and showing the childish, anti-intellectual nature of libertarians. Dozens of comments here have shown that the phrase "fascist libertarian" isn't an oxymoron.

        1. Shut the fuck up, Lonewacko.

        2. for all his other faults, lonewacko got something right.

      2. And they put that tie on him to make him look like a false patriot too, right?

  2. He trick or treats as Shrek.

  3. Who does this homosexual represent, Disney Land?

    1. OK, time to end the Internet. It officially peaked with this comment.

  4. 3000 years? Is a he actually conflating the Democratic Party to democracy?

    1. to = with

      like that had to be said, but it did because it annoyed me.

      Preview fail.

    2. Fox has news babes, CNN has news cougars.

      Hmm, indeed.

      I wish the CNN news cougar asked Grayson what historical event or work-in-progress, 3000 years ago, he was referring to.

  5. Rarely has "oafish" been so aptly deployed.

    1. He appears to be the hybrid offspring of Fred Gwynne and Adam West.

      1. No Jerry Ford in there?

  6. Kip Winger, the Roman Polanski of hair metal

    1. Kip Winger wasn't 3-4X the age of a 17-year-old.
    2. It's not as bad because he made really good music.

    1. I agree with #1. #2 means you are insane.

    2. I too have to take exception to the Winger = really good music platform.

  7. When a Democrat uses the same sort of over-the-top rhetoric that's pretty much all Republicans ever say

    (e.g. Michael Steele:

    the Democrats and their international leftist allies want America made subservient to the agenda of global redistribution and control. And truly patriotic Americans like you and our Republican Party are the only thing standing in their way.)

    suddenly it's an outrage. Funny how that works.

  8. Yeah, this is my congresscrap. He ran against neo-con Todd Long. I didn't vote in that particular race.

    Maybe someone should tell Grayson "Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine" is a reference to cooking codeine to make morphine. He might spend a little more time on the pavement, thinkin' 'bout the government.

    Also, it's good to know that the promise of America is health insurance paid for by someone else. I'd thought it was freedom. Thank you, MSNBC.

    1. Grayson ran against Ric Keller. Todd Long was the personal injury lawyer/family values conservative with a drinking problem guy who ran against Ric Keller in the GOP Primary.

      1. You're right, Lamar. My point remains exactly the same, however.

  9. 2. It's not as bad because [Kip Winger] made really good music.

    You've made some intelligent comments here previously, Atanarjuat. I'm going to put this down to you being real drunk.

  10. Alan Grayson is not even remotely comparable to Bob Dylan. I could understand every word he was saying.

  11. The problem with trying any "___ is the Polanski of ___" or "Polanksi is the ___ of cinema" witticisms is that you're either adding or losing too much ass-rape.

    He may be the world's only dilettante ass-rapist.

  12. what a punchable face. it's almost irresistable. if i saw him on the street, i'd punch him in a heartbeat.

    1. Make the world a better place; punch Alan Grayson in the face!

    2. Yeah, right. Dude would kick your ass. He's 6'7".

      1. SO you're saying he is more mongoloid than oaf?

        1. Glenn Beck is definitely a mongoloid, maybe Guliani, but not Grayson. Which, uh, is beside the actual issue we were discussing. The point being: I don't think "Nipplemancer" would actually have the balls to punch Grayson in the face.
          Also, I didn't know Mongoloids were inherently tall. That's a weird generalization I will have to google.

          1. I didn't care enough to google it. I didn't need to since I'm capable of spotting hyperbole for the sake of comedy. While we are on the subject of weird generalizations what does Grayson's height have to do with his physical ability to defend himself. Especially given you don't know the stature of the nipple guy. Hell nipple guy might be be a defensive lineman for an NFL team for you know or have a last name like Gracie. Or maybe, just maybe, a guy with a screen name like nipplemancer is chemically imbalanced and willing to take on anyone, anywhere, anytime in some crazed flurry of fists and nipples. If we are going to vet absurd hyperbolic statements for the sake of a laugh we might as well hit all the possibilities. Right?

            I'm going to investigate the ninja, pirate, alien trail.

            1. OK, googled it out. Not all mogoloids are tall, they do however find it insulting to be compared to Glenn Beck and maybe Guliani.

              Alright, after struggling with it, I admit it. you have me beat. I cannot assume Grayson, despite his stature, would kick nipple boy's ass. Hell he may have a glass jaw! (All the big guys do.)

              HEY!! I'm doing the whole "ninja, pirate, alien" search thing too. I still haven't finished with the ninja part of the search. Only 2 1/2 million more web sites to get through.

              1. overweight fifty-something mildly retarded politicians are not intimidating even with retard strength and a can of red bull.

  13. How does it feel
    How does it feel
    To be on your own
    With no direction home
    Like a complete unknown
    Like a rolling stone?

    1. Like a 6'7" Gnome

  14. God said, "You can do what you want, Abe, but- the next time you see me coming, you better run."

    1. Some wonman said to Winston Churchill, "You sir are a drunk!" To which Churchill replied" I may be drunk, but you're a cunt."

      1. The quality of reason trolls has reached a new low point. Are they being out-sourced to China or something?

      2. The actual exchange was:

        Lady Astor: Winston, you're drunk.

        Churchill: Madam, you're ugly, and in the morning I shall be sober.

  15. Grayson is striking fear into the hearts of the Limbaugh totalitarian Christo-fag rednecks.

    For that reason alone - Libertarians have to love him.

    1. The only thing that guy strikes fear into is lintels over doors, villagers in Eastern European countries with torch bearing citizens, and maybe Bernenke. Which was pretty cool, but doing the same thing every other month turns into a shtick.

    2. STFU, Shrieking Whacko.

    3. Off the lithium again, I see.

  16. I don't think I could ever vote for someone who would wear a tie as transparently silly as that one.

  17. Big giant douche or turd sandwich? Grayson is both. If he had any personality at all he might be a cousin of Mr. Hanky, but from the wrong side of the bowl.

    1. Are you kidding? Grayson rocks.

      1. "All the little cougs on CNN say...

        Grayson ROCKS....

        Grayson ROCKS..."

      2. "All the little cougs on CNN say...

        Grayson ROCKS....

        Grayson ROCKS..."

        1. Submit fail!

  18. Alan Grayson is my second favorite politician, after Ron Paul. Search "Grayson Alvarez" on Youtube to see why. Very entertaining too.

    1. Despite him being a douche, Grayson is right to want the Fed audited.

  19. Kip Winger?

    Remember the nerd kid on Beavis & Butt-Head? He wore a Winger t-shirt. For a good reason.

  20. Kip Winger is so not metal. Leo Sayer is more metal than Kip Winger.

    1. While I have to agree that Winger is not metal, I take strong exception to the statement that "Leo Sayer is more metal than Kip Winger. Heck, on hair grounds alone...

  21. Did Grayson shout out an insult to a speaker who had the floor at a formal event?

    Look, it's impolite to do such things, you know it too.

    1. Ohhh, you mean like how it's not polite to disparage market proponents by parodying them with silly caricatures shouting "EKON 101!"? Or, is that kind of rudeness different?

      1. Dude, please, for some people, when engaging in "economic debate" silly caricature (i.e. hardcore libertarianism) is all they've got. Please don't disparage these folks.

    2. It's impolite to say the things Grayson is saying about his opponents, too. I may not have read as many books as you have, but in my understanding it's even less polite to talk behind someone's back.

      And at least Wilson had the cajones to say what he said to his adversary's face, where the adversary had ample opportunity to respond. Grayson is saying these things to a fawning newsanchor with no opportunity for his opponents to respond in the same forum.

      1. "It's impolite to say the things Grayson is saying about his opponents, too."

        Different take: Let's assume that Wilson's and Grayson's comments are equally rude. Wilson's comments were inappropriate because of where and when he said them. Grayson brought is sweaty anger to the floor, which was wrong. But I have no problem with the ugliness on the talk shows. If there is a time and a place to be impolite in the political arena, some stupid talk show is that place. FWIW, I don't think it reflects well even on a news show.

        1. If there is a time and place to be impolite it's on the floor of congress. Anything that makes that 530-odd head hydra less effective is a win for the people, by me.

          1. "On the floor" is a little different than "while the President is making a speech".

    3. And frankly, I'd rather be accused of lying than hoping for innocent people to die. How typical of a liberal to value ceremony over substance.


    1. FYI, Google gives 150 hits to:

      "steve smith" site:reason.com

  23. YAWN..........I lost count, maybe someone can help me, how many articles has Reason busted out that follow that old Left versus Right SChtick? No....how bout just counting today, hmmmmmm, pretty please...lol.

  24. This looks more like some versus retarded comment than left versus right? I guess if you are viewing the article through a left/right bias you might view it differently.

    1. Shouldn't you be out building fences in exchange for a doctors appointment, you uber libertarian man you.

      1. Nope, My wife's insurance is great. Thanks for the concern. You are clearly a genuinely caring and giving person.

        Does it really bug you that much that I shot holes in your retarded blanket statement that you remembered it to this day. Jebus dude, let it go. That kind of obsession will drive you to a tower with a rifle.

  25. Go fuck yourself, MNG. If you don't like economic and personal freedom, go crawling back to the RepubliCrats.

  26. "Go fuck yourself, MNG"

    But why, oh why, should I do that when your mom is willing to do this task so readily?

    Seriously, I think I'M the one defending economic and personal freedom, so get off your stupid high horse goofy. What, do you think people who disagree with you wake up every morning, yawn, stretch and go "hmmm, how can I negatively impact economic and human freedom today?"

    1. Andrea Yates thought she was saving her children by drowning them, too. Your delusions of defending economic and personal liberty by supporting big government do not excuse you from disdain.

      1. Andrea Yates knew exactly what she was doing.That's why she called 911 on herself as soon as the last one expired.
        The rest of it was a lame attempt to avoid responsibility for her crimes.It being Texas,and she being a woman,the lame attempt actually succeeded.

        1. Fine, from Anakin Skywalker's point of view the Jedi were evil, so that's why he killed the younglings. The principle is what counts.

      2. That's what I was trying to get across to MNG, but he's too busy sucking Paul Krugman off to notice.

    2. "But why, oh why, should I do that when your mom is willing to do this task so readily?"

      Yeah, but she's been on the board asking when you're going to reimburse her for the strap on. Also, she claims that she's tired of pitching.

  27. "uninsured Americans to "die quickly""

    I've seen that comment posted here, if you can't pay oh well....LIFES NOT FAIR, or something along those lines. Not to disturb your little world here, but I've noticed a lot of new names the last few times i've dropped in. Has the Republican migration begun? Based on some of these posts lately, i think it has.

    1. Dying quickly actually is good advice. I mean seriously. Would you rather die in a car accident or from months of futile chemo treatments. I pick car accident.

      1. I would prefer a saddle embolism whilst doing the "Warty" with Nancy Pelosi.

        There's ya some cougar material with a built in purgatory feature.

  28. My mom's dead, cocksucker. Want directions to her grave, so you can take a liberal shit on it?

    do you think people who disagree with you wake up every morning, yawn, stretch and go "hmmm, how can I negatively impact economic and human freedom today?"

    Yes, I do, if they're RepubliCrats. For the most part, neither Rs nor Ds give a shit about economic or personal liberty. If I believed either major party DID give a shit, I'd waste my votes on them.

    Right now, the Ds have almost all the power, and they're abusing it just as effectively as the last gang of criminals did when THEY had all the poker chips piled up in front of them. If you truly believe the current crop of criminals gives half a fuck about you, me, or anyone else... well, I just can't help you. Thorazine can't, either.

    1. Hold on, I'm confused. Is this JB, or John?

      1. Neither. My given name is Keith.

        What, there can't be more than two guys who despise both major political parties?

        1. Actually, i was dumb to use John's name, my mistake. But the heavy swearing felt oddly familiar.

        2. Yes, but not more than six. Sorry, but rules is rules.

  29. When a Democrat uses the same sort of over-the-top rhetoric that's pretty much all Republicans ever say

    (e.g. Michael Steele:

    the Democrats and their international leftist allies want America made subservient to the agenda of global redistribution and control. And truly patriotic Americans like you and our Republican Party are the only thing standing in their way.)

    suddenly it's an outrage. Funny how that works.

    I am officially proposing an addition to the drinking game conditions.

    When someone claims that they did not hear anyone complaining when a representative from Team Red/Blue said or did something, but now that a representative of Team Blue/Red says it, we complain.

    1. I agree with Steele, up to the point where he says "truly patriotic Americans like you and our Republican Party are the only thing standing in their way". That's horseshit. But just that part of the quote. The rest, Steele is spot-on.

  30. "...And at least Wilson had the cajones to say what he said to his adversary's face"

    Here's the thing: Wilson was right. Obama DOES lie. You don't get to be a politician without lying, and you don't get to be president without telling a LOT of lies. The more you tell, the higher up the ladder you go.

    IMO, that's one reason McCain (thank God) lost: He couldn't lie as convincingly - or in bulk form, by the proverbial shitload - as Obama did. And does.

    1. Actually Wilson was surrounded by like minded douche bags. He didn't actually say it to Obama's face. Grayson was actually on the floor by himself when he presented his little "republicans want you to die" spiel.

      1. Actually. I like to say actually a lot. My bad.

      2. Douche bags on the left, douche bags on the right...

        1. ...stuck in the middle of you...

          You reminded me of that tampon commercial.

          1. Grayson reminds me of a tampon commercial.

  31. S'alright, Oh no - I just thank the Cosmic Engineer for giving us the technology to have this forum where I can use words like "cocksucker" without having my door beaten down by a SWAT team.

    At least, not yet. But, hey... Obama's got three more years.

  32. Jesus, he has a huge head. He looks like Andre the Giant's little brother.

    1. Andre was awesome in "Princess Bride."

      1. Or Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

        1. A dose of Rowdy Roddy Piper would come in handy right now...

        1. The Food Police won't like that, given Macho Man's past crimes of hawking Slim Jims...

        2. SNAP INTO A SLIM J...

          Too late.

    2. It's like Sputnik.

    3. He looks great to me.

  33. Jesu christo.

  34. It's hilarious how these assholes on both sides think they are so different from each other when they do the exact same type of things. Guess that happens when you think you have the mandate of heaven.

    1. I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  35. As a matter of cold, hard fact, doesn't the Democratic Party want you to croak with all alacrity in order to lower costs? Dying younger helps with that giant Ponzi scheme called Social Security, too.

    1. Dying about 3 days after retirement is optimal. That is why my plan calls for the gubbment to stop giving seniors their social security payments in cash. Instead, they will receive a commensurate amount of booze and smokes.

      This would be good for the economy in so many ways.

      1) The seniors could either consume the booze and smokes thus cutting their lives much shorter.

      2) They could also go down to the Junior High and try to sell their smokes to the kids. The beatings they get from bad deals gone wrong will also cause a number of premature deaths.

      3) Smokes would soon become a de-facto currency much like prison. Given the economy it might be good to move from a fiat currency to something that has some intrinsic value.

  36. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

    Grayson never 'claimed that opponents of ObamaCare want uninsured Americans to "die quickly,"...' More precisely: within the contexts of health care and minimizing the costs thereof, Grayson claimed that the GOP plan (to save costs) was for the patient to die quickly.

    Yes, he's an idiot. But, if this item is any indication, Moynihan looks no better by comparison. Freewheelin', indeed.

    1. No, that's not what his now-famous tirade was about. It was far closer to what Moynihan says.


      1. I'd seen the video before I offered my assessment, and I stand by it. In this instance, Moynihan is no better than Grayson, and neither look good.

    2. Outcome's the same, though: Scare the shit out of people. Dems and Repubs love to do this. Grayson is just the latest flavor o' the month.

  37. Watching this clip I'm struck at how incredibly generous the Democratic Party and Democrats are when it comes to their fellow man and misfortunes that befall him. Can you imagine people so willing to give of their own time, money and effort?

  38. Grayson is a dope. And he looks the part, too.

  39. Moynihan

    Did you do any research on this guy? I did. A simple trip to his homepage and you would have found this brief bio:


    OK. A pedigree isn't really all that important. What has he done lately besides show people what the Republicans are all about. Let's see....He's responsible for getting over 100 Democrats to co-sponsor Ron Paul's HR1207 Fed Transparency Act. One of the most important pieces of Legislation in recent memory.

    Perhaps, you missed the video that was posted several times on this blog of when he questioned Bernanke and made him look like an idiot?


    Grayson is no enemy of the taxpayer. A little research and you would have found that out.

    I just knew that some people here would try to make him out as some lefty commie Socialist. Scalia, Bork and RB Ginsberg always hire lefties to clerk for them.

    1. dude, reading someone's autobiography and presenting its claims as facts ain't research. hell, that read like glenn greenwald's famous wilson sockpuppetry.

  40. Here's a link to his YouTube page.


    Get back to me when you've done some pseudo-research.

  41. Grayson's just auditioning for his next career with all this nonsense. He knows he's going to get drilled when he runs for reelection next year, so he's going ball-out with the nutty leftism to land a future job with MSNBC or CNN.

  42. Bob Dylan has stated that he is a "song and dance man", that is a description that fits this hazard from Harvard quite well.

  43. Why would anybody want to give a person as ignorant as Grayson any say over monetary policy? The fact that this kook is linked to Ron Paul is enough to dismiss him as a fool without all of his other nonsense.

    1. Actually, I'm surprised any Democrat would work with Ron Paul, being that he's a capitalist and isn't a Democrat.

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  45. Mr. Garyson is a prove ass, everyone in his district already know this and maybe this time (without ACORN aid) he will realize that.
    Mr. Garyson you are an insult to anything Bob Dylan.

  46. Picture him in 8th grade. He was THAT guy - sweaty palms, sniffing problem, always stared.

  47. Alan's in the basement
    Mixin' up his precedents...

  48. Bob Dylan, by all accounts, is a born again Christian (or maybe a first-time Christian, since he was born Jewish), and a fairly decent guy. I think he would object to being compared to this nasty clown Grayson.

    1. I'm a Christian, and it's possible to be a "fairly decent guy" without being one. It's possible to be a genuine prince of a guy without being one.

      Just sayin'. But Dylan is no great-society liberal, if you read what he writes.

      Again, just sayin'.

  49. I'm Jewish, not much older than Grayson, grew up in the same neighborhood he did, and graduated from Bronx HS of Science just a couple of years before him. His immaturity is absolutely appalling, as it shows that he's gone no further in his 51 years than "I know you are but what am I?", "When you were born the doctor looked at your face and ass and said 'twins'", etc. OK for Berkeley because they like that kind of hooliganism (as long as it's not directed toward them, of course), but not for central Florida.

  50. Alan Grayson comparing himself to a Dylan song - I guess then he is just a blowhard in the wind.

  51. It think we should elect more guys who look like Shrek. When they say something stupid, folks are likely to think "Hey, that's stupid. Why am I trusting more of my life to guys like this?"
    It's the handsome urbane types that you worry about. They say something stupid, and folks think "Hey, he must know what he's talking about, but I didn't understand what he just said. Maybe I should let him handle it."
    Unfortunately, some of the ones that I think are transparently fake and/or stupid seem to fool an awful lot of people. (Edwards, Sharpton, Delay) So maybe this is not a panacea, but it could be entertaining. We could even fix them up with campaign managers that feed them stupid slogans, just to see if they notice.
    Timmy Shrek, putting the ME back in governMEnt! or:
    V ictory
    A gainst the
    G odless
    I nternet
    N o to
    A mmorality!

  52. Grayson's comments shows how little he knows despite his huge self regard. Dylan himself laughs at the notion that he writes protest songs.

    In any case, Dylan could string together random words that would be more articulate than what comes out of Grayson's mouth.

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