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Via Probably Bad News:

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  1. What is this, Fail Magazine?

  2. I suspect thats a form of DRINK!

  3. That’s cute, but – after a good hour of searching – I found this as the first hit:

    The commissioners hope that an intense, 10-month public-information campaign that hits media, the general public, the county’s own workers and specific groups will convince people that they’re getting a lot of county services for their money. That could encourage support for the county-wide income tax, which would generate $70 million annually to fund current and additional public safety services.

    (Technical tip: I searched for “matt cooper” county advertise. It takes years to perfect skills like that.)

    1. You mean there’s a story behind the headline? I never would have imagined!

      1. Lonewacko is just trying to balance the anti-intellectual nature of libertarians.

    2. So their government is buying propaganda to influence the political process, and that should make people feel better?

    3. after a good hour of searching

      Get a life, Lonewhacko.

      Also, Shut the Fuck Up.

      1. While your looking things up check the rules of capitalization.

    4. Years of what?

      That is the important question.

  4. County-wide income tax? We need to pull the income tax weed out by its roots and spray the ground with herbicide. Here in California, a former state assemblyman representing my area was a big proponent of local income tax. Luckily, he was termed out before he could get very far on that plan. Yet one more reason why “Term Limits Are Your Friend” (unless you are a dynasty-building, big-spending pol, that is).

  5. LoneIdiot, I was hoping you could answer a question for me, because I had to speculate in the other thread. Who do you prefer: Blair, Tootie, Natalie, or Jo? Maybe Mrs. Garrett? Don’t be embarrassed–just because you religiously watch the WNBA doesn’t make you a macrophiliac.

    1. i’d like a three way with Jo, Mrs. Garrett, and myself.

  6. 24Ahead: I too found that article. So the county is spending taxpayer money to persuade the taxpayers to give them more money. Is that even legal?

  7. You gotta spend money to make money.

    1. You gotta spend stolen money to steal more money.

  8. STFU LoneWacko.

  9. The real issue is, they likely don’t need an extra dime to raise a county income tax.

    What they need is to avoid getting tossed out on their asses in the next election if they do it. So it seems to me it’s a form of spending tax money on your re-election campaign.

  10. And they’re the ones writing it off.

  11. That’s cute, but – after a good hour of searching –

    -You found a set of balls, and even thought they’re not yours, at least you found a set?

    -You realized that it’s no big deal you have no life at all?

    -You found your meds that you haven’t been taking for the last two years?

    -You secretly have a fetish for the chicas? And perhaps even the chicanos? (NTTAWWT)

    Shut your gorilla mask, lonehacko.

  12. I figured Reason would have done an article on Ardi by now. Considering this is a hotbed of atheistness.

      1. One of his miracles was curing a nun of gas. Not impressed. Curing me of gas after a good night out ended with a Slinger from EatRite. Impressive.

  13. Just noticed: the URL says “headline of the year” while the title is Headline of the Decade. Make up your mind, Walker!

    1. Heh. I changed the headline on the grounds that the story didn’t actually take place this year.

  14. This headline is from the Jan 26 2006 issue of the Eugene Register-Guard in Lane County Oregon.

    That’s a really “blue” county and this is just an example of the kind of thinking that goes on.

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