Reason Morning Links: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize, FHA May Need Bailout, Gay Marriage Battle in D.C.


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  1. Well he did end the wars in Iraq and Afghani…wait, he won what now?

    1. They’re not even trying any more to pretend they’re not partisan political shills.

      No fucking credibility at all.

      1. This is nothing. Next he will win the prize in medicine, for his attempts to get Obamacare off the ground. After that it will be the prize in physics, for his attempts to transcend race issues. Then it will be the prize in mathematics, for teaching us what number comes after a trillion.

    2. Why not a Nobel Prize? Being black and liberal was enough to get him (among others) Tim Cavanaugh’s vote. Hey, with credentials like that, the sky is the limit!

      And where’s Kanye West when you really need him?

      1. Wow! World peace? In that case every beauty pageant contestant that has ever hoped for it should also have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

    3. Next on the agenda, an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, Part Deux.

      1. Wow! World peace? In that case every beauty pageant contestant that has ever hoped for it should also have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

    4. Wow! World peace? In that case every beauty pageant contestant that has ever hoped for it should also have also been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. If you’re just waking up, Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Radley, you could have at least given us a puppycide story or two before unleashing this as the first morning link.

    1. My sentiments exactly.

      He increased our presence in one of Bush’s wars. He hasn’t followed up on his promise to decrease our presence in the other one. Gitmo is still open. On everything else, he’s talked a big game but hasn’t done anything. Seriously. I don’t get it.

  3. Ok, sure it’s a joke, but is it a bigger joke than giving one to Arafat, Kissinger, Wilson, or Roosevelt?


    1. Equal to Arafat on the wanting to destroy Israel portion of the contest.

    2. Well regardless of their other actions, at least Roosevelt and Kissinger actually negotiated a peace treaty or two. Wilson is credited for the League of Nations. There is some reasoning behind those at least.

      1. John totally out-headlined everybody on this one over at the blog.

        “Obama Steals Nobel Prize from First Black President”

        1. Aw, you noticed? Thank you little blogger buddy!

          Off topic: Now stalker Hamas girl is looking for herself on the blog from work.

  4. I wish those damned fjord communists would stop tainting the proper Nobel prizes with their growing silliness.

    But at least the literature prize this year went to a writer who actively opposed communist totalitarianism. That was a nice surprise.

    1. But they only gave it to her because they were finally out of other Europeans and wanted to make sure it didn’t go to anyone in the entire American hemisphere. Or Asia.

      Borges has never won. Murakami has never won. I’ve never even heard of this woman.

      1. If she has the literary qualities to warrant a Nobel I’d say the fact that she is unknown to most readers is something that should speak in her favour when picking the recipient of the Nobel, or any other literary award. Why not take the chance to promote somone talanted but unrecognized instead of someone who is already famous?

      2. Do you think that Murakami is that good a writer? He’s enjoyable, but personally I don’t think he’s close to being a great writer.

        The real tragedy was the overlooking of J G Ballard.

        1. It’s not such much that Murakami deserves to win as it is the dedication that they seem to have to veer off into European obscurity. Have only Europeans won? Of course not. Have they beat the bushes for the last few decades? You betcha.

          No American has had more impact since 1993 than Herta M?ller? Give me a break.

          1. I agree with you about it being overly euro-centric, but my contention was that Murakami isn’t a great counter example.

      3. Good morning SF!

        I would have voted for you, if John wasn’t nominated, of course 🙂

  5. I nominate Obama for Best Contest Winner.

    1. Right on!

  6. If you’re just waking up, Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Must be related to: NASA to begin bombing the moon. He is peace power mad!

    D.C. becomes latest gay marriage battleground. Reminder to self: call John so he doesn’t miss the catfight.

  7. So apparently you don’t actually have to do anything about bringing peace to the world to get the prize anymore. You just have to look like your doing something, be popular, and have the correct politics.

    What a complete joke.

    I also have to add I think this might actually boomerang on him here at home. If his administration tries to talk this up he is going to look like as big a fool as the Nobel committee does for giving it to him. Nothing is worse than someone strutting around with an award everyone knows they did nothing to earn.

  8. I find it inspiring.

    I’m going to quit my job and spend the next year dreaming about a world without war in the Middle East, or racial or religious hatred, or orphaned puppies. Well, actually, I’ll start doing that in another few months. I expect a call from Oslo next year.

    1. I’m also going to talk a lot about an idea for a blockbuster movie I have, that maybe somebody could make someday maybe. If Bogart were still alive and we could persuade him to sign on.

      I expect to win Best Picture and Best Director next March.

      1. I would like to produce your movie. I expect my Irving Thalberg award is in the mail.

  9. Yeah. I would actually have a lot more respect for him if he gave a statement saying he really didn’t deserve it and was baffled by their choice of him…

    I’m guessing he’ll just say that he humbly accepts their award, will try to live up to it, blah blah blah

  10. I’ve been dreaming about throwing 162 consecutive no hitters in the American League. I expect to receive the Cy Young shortly.

  11. You just have to look like your doing something, be popular, and have the correct politics.

    What? You thought you actually had to *do* something peaceful? I heard NWA was up for one this year. “Our music is 75% less violent than 10 years ago!”

    Thanks Nobel committee for letting me know to not bother paying attention to you in the future. If Gore wasn’t enough to render the prize as a joke, awarding it to Obama lowered it to Carrot Top status.

  12. Damn… couldn’t they have waited a few years? I mean, he got it because he’s the first black president, right? He’ll still be black in 2011, and then it might not be so obvious.

  13. Have they announced the Krugman Prize this year? Maybe Obama can win that for trying to ruin our entire economy with socialist bullshit.

    Fuck it. Give him all the Nobel Prizes this year. He’s done as much for chemistry, medicine and physics in the last 10 months as he has for peace.

    1. Isn’t there one for Chemistry? That can go to a Palestinian suicide bomber.

      1. Nah, Chemical Ali has a lock on it this time.

      2. I think the Physics award should go to Warty for being, uh, physical.

        1. Kevin, do you want to hear his body talk?

          1. Ugh. Warty in Spandex and leg-warmers.

  14. Because nothing says “peacemonger” like pretending, for partisan political gain, that you intend to end a war or two if elected, and then promptly breaking that promise and instead sending even more troops to kill people.

    Oh, and continuing to imprison people who have not been convicted of any crime without a trial or habeus corpus or anything else.

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

  15. This cheapens the whole thing.

      1. Yep.

        Brevity. Soul. Wit. And all that.

  16. Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Wait! What?

  17. The peace prize was a political joke anyway. Looks like they took it to the next step. Now that he is getting credit for saving the world is it his economy yet?

  18. Renna says she celebrates Nov. 23 as the anniversary of the day she made a commitment to her partner for life, but to get a valid marriage license “means in the eyes of the government that myself, my partner and our daughter are legally a family.”

    Because if the government doesn’t approve, your relationship doesn’t really count?

    Just fucking get government out of the marriage “recognition and sanctioning” business altogether, and stick with enforcing individual’s mutually agreed upon legal contracts regarding joint property, hospital visitation, etc.

  19. Heralding Obama as a transformative figure in U.S. and international diplomacy, the committee said: “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.”

    Next year’s award goes to Rhonda Byrne

  20. We’ll gladly give you a Nobel Peace prize today for something you may or may not do on Tuesday.

    1. That’s Whimpy for sure!

  21. Take that, Tookie.

  22. hitandrun was my first internet stop this morning, after hearing the nobel announcement on the radio.

    Just about choked on my toast.

    Surely there is somebody else on the planet who has done more – hell, done ANYTHING – to bring peace and save lives.

    So, do you think he’ll give the money to ACORN for their legal defense fund?

    1. Surely there is somebody else on the planet who has done more – hell, done ANYTHING – to bring peace and save lives.

      Most of the people who ever lived have done more than Obama to bring peace and save lives. He’s way in the negative column.


  23. ACORN just got Bank of America to give me a no money down, interest only loan for a Nobel Peace Prize, with a low teaser rate.

    The Treasury is firing up the printing presses and making Nobel Peace Prizes for everybody!! Inflation is our friend!!


    1. Affirmative Action has gone a bit far, hasn’t it?

      1. Who knew the Nobel committee were scared to death of being called racists?


  24. Obama is a lock for the top spot in the BCS standings next week. I also heard that he won a huge lotto jackpot and was quoted as saying, “I am glad I didn’t waste money on a ticket.”

    1. Obama is a lock for the top spot in the BCS standings next week.

      Similar jokes here.

  25. Since Obama is following Bush’s war polices shouldn’t Bush get the award as well?

  26. No, I didn’t RTFA. Anybody know when He had to be nominated for this? Is it a result of The Beer Summit? Will Kanye be there during his acceptance speech?

    1. “sorry, Mr President, you’re cool and all, but Neda provided one of the most powerful images ever.”

    2. I believe it’s a result of not being George W. Bush. They give awards for that now.

    3. Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.

      I think that translates to: we agree with the guy and really really hated the guy before him.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I heard, too.

  27. So now hope needs a bailout?

  28. Later this morning the IOC is expected to announce Obama’s silver medal for the Men’s Singles Luge.

  29. You know what this means?

    OBAMA giving another long goddamn speech about OBAMA.

  30. How soon we forget. What about when he prevented conflict in the People’s Republic of Cambridge? Who but Obama could have brought together Henry Louis Gates and that white police officer (whose name doesn’t matter) for a beer at the White House? Sure that merits the prize and is proof he can bring about peace.

  31. You guys are all joking about the Nobel thing, right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right?

    Christ on a pony, and i can’t even drink for another nine hours.

    1. Just remember: It’s always 8am somewhere. Drink up, little camper.

      1. I love it when you guys reninforce my drinking habits.

    2. Use this as an opportunity to persuade your boss to allow drinking today,

      if he is a normal human being, he should understand, but if he is crazy ass commie, say it is to celebrate Obama’s victory.

  32. Just shows how the whole world’s drinking the Obama Kool-Aid, not just America. They didn’t even give Carter the award after he negotiated the Camp David Accords.

    And it’s given on a day when He’s considering sending another 40,000 lambs to Afghanistan.

    You could use just about any adjective to describe this without remotely coming close to hyperbole.

  33. Somebody oughtta cal 911 for John. His head just exploded.

    1. And will Tony be around to explain why Obama deserved the award?

  34. Obama, Nobel, wut?
    Okay, the 9th of October is now the new 1st of April.

  35. I’m guessing that sometime during his first two weeks in office, Obama negotiated a peace treaty between Earth and the Klingons.

    Seeing that we haven’t been attacked by Klingons since he took office, that’s the only way to make sense of it.

  36. Seriously, how in the fuck does a guy waging two occupational wars and holding foreign nationals without trials in prisons get a fucking prize for peace.

    The Nobel Committee has turned into a knee pad wearing fluffer line for progressives when it comes to peace prizes for presidents.

  37. Can you win more than one Nobel Peace Prize in a lifetime?

    If so, maybe they’ll just give it to Him every year. They don’t even need a reason.

    He’s just so, you know, great.

  38. Seriously what the fuckity fuck dudes

  39. Has Kenya ever had a Peace Prize winner before?

  40. Some people in the blogosphere are saying that the deadline for the Peace Prize is February 1, meaning that The One did enough to get the prize despite being in office less than two weeks. Can anyone verify?

    1. From The Associated Press:

      Nobel observers were shocked by the unexpected choice so early in the Obama presidency, which began less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline.

      1. I guess Orwell was right – War is Peace.

      2. Just… wow.

  41. Maybe they are comparing him to Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter. In retrospect maybe he is the perfect person for such an award.

  42. It’s too bad that the prize is a medal instead of a something that he could actually split up and share with his marketing department.

    1. I believe it comes with a substantial cash award too

    2. The Nobel Peace Prize has a cash award worth 10 million Swedish crowns(US$1,431,438)! Think of it as bonus for a few months on the job, typical lawyer shit!

      1. That explains the treasury’s attempt to devalue the dollar…by the time they give him the cash in november the award ought to be worth $1.6M

  43. The nominees are in before the end of February and there were over 200 people nominated this year. Not sure about the exact date in February.

  44. It was the CHIA in Chief that put him over the top.

    Scandanavians have a weakness for chia pets.

  45. That’s correct. It says as much in the linked article.

    1. To clarify, that was in response to dave b.

  46. It gets worse: The Nobel Booty Prize was just awarded to Michelle.

    1. I read that as Michel’le and promptly followed by singing that little part in Fuck Compton in my head.

      Yeah, it’s that kind of morning.

  47. ROTFL can someone say “Token Black Thang”? I mean really, gimme a freakin break here!


  48. To be fair, the prize should be shared with Mullah Omar. He wouldn’t be escalating the war in Afghanistan without an equal escalation from the other side.

  49. Nothing makes sense to me anymore…nothing…

  50. I know it’s not even 9am but fuck do I need a drink….

  51. Does the Pope have to die to be replaced? If so, he should be scared shitless.

  52. WTF? Obama winning the nobel peace prize into cult of personality level. How is the Nobel Committee claiming that Obama is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize any different than North Korean propegandists claiming that Kim Jong Il shot 18 hole in ones in his first round of golf? This is embarassing.

    If Obama doesn’t turn this down, everything people say about his vanity is true. You have to turn it down.

    1. Neon lights, a Nobel prize
      The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
      You don’t have to follow me
      Only you can set me free

      I sell the things you need to be
      I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
      I’m the cult of personality
      I exploit you still you love me
      I tell you one and one makes three
      I’m the cult of personality
      Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
      I’m the cult of personality
      Cult of personality
      Cult of personality

      1. Doesn’t pack the same punch without the guitar riff. And the video.

  53. “?there were over 200 people nominated this year?”

    He got 199 people thrown off the ballot?

    1. Thread winner.

      1. I second that nomination. Startled the girlfriend by the sharp chuckle it induced. Thank you, sir!

  54. He should show-up in Oslo wearing a flight suit and sporting a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

  55. You can’t make this stuff up. Mark Halperin says that it:

    Gives him cover to expand the war in Afghanistan.

    So you get a Peace Prize and it enables you to expand war? This is pure Newspeak then… Seriously, if I’d not seen it in writing, I’d not have believed that anyone could make such an asinine statement.

  56. Damn. I agree with John.

    1. I agree with you. Sucks doesn’t it? 🙂

      This is totally screwed up. Even Yasir Arrafat could claim to have done a lot. You may not have agreed with him but he did do something. The prize if it wasn’t before is now a joke. That is a shame.

  57. This wire services report (doesn’t say which one), from the local paper, The Dothan Eagle. “The Muslim Canadian Congress has called on the federal govt to prohibit the burka and the niqab because it has no place in a society that supports gender equality.”

    1. Good for them.

    2. Tantawi, the head of Al-Azhar University, in Egypt cameout hard on niqab (similar to Burqa) a few days ago.

      Al-Azhar is the one, if not the, most influential center on Islamic matters-world wide.

  58. Seriously. A prize for not being George Bush. I guess if Krugman can get the prize for home economics, then it’s just natural that Obama would win one as well. Not to mention the added benefits of another Obama speech.

  59. Well, I’d say the Nobel Peace Prize had jumped the shark, but we all know it did that back in 1994 when Yasser Arafat won it. Hell, it may have jumped it back in 1919 when Woodrow Wilson won it.

    1. What, launching full-scale imperialism on the premise that it’s going to “make the world safe for democracy” doesn’t deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? I mean, the Pax Romana was peaceful subjugation to the emperor, wasn’t it?


  60. You know, there is a way that Obama could come out ahead on this, and that would be to decline the prize on the grounds that he doesn’t feel he’s earned it yet. It would be a classy move, which is why I have no expectation at all that he’d actually do it.


    1. I read a story where some college tried to give JFK Junior an honorary degree. He politely refused saying that he didn’t feel he done anything to earn such an honor and taking it would just be trading on his name. I guess it is too much to expect Bambi to have that much class.

  61. This is the official consolation prize for not winning the Olympics. Copenhagen needs to invade Oslo for this.

  62. I’m so sick. I feel like I had Chipotle for breakfast.

    1. and all out of ChipotleAway…

  63. WTF is wrong with Western culture these days? The guy seems to keep getting positions and accolades without actually doing anything.

    This is pathetic.

    1. I hear he’s a shoe-in for the Heisman Trophy, too.

    2. I hear he’s a shoe-in for the Heisman Trophy, too.

  64. In the lesser noted Peace Prize headline, the prize was renamed The Nobel “Thomas Kincaid” Prize.

    1. My name is not a joke, peon.

      1. But mine is!

  65. At least the IOC got it right. The Chicago machine must be feeling mighty proud this morning.

  66. I’m going to try for the Nobel in Physics. Yeah, I haven’t done anything in the field, but if they give it to me, it might inspire me to do something.

    1. I have gotten a few law reviews published. I don’t see why that doesn’t mean I can’t win the Nobel for Lit.

    2. I heard Obama just got a retroactive 1982 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for some righteous ganja he scored his buddies as an undergrad at Columbia.

    3. As long as it doesn’t inspire you to do physics, you should be alright.

    4. Pons and Fleischmann trump your feeble non-efforts. They should get it.

  67. Hey everybody, I just won a Pulitzer Prize for asking the tough questions to those in power and posting the results to YouTube. Well, I haven’t actually done it yet, but I’m going to.

  68. Notice even the liberal house trolls are not showing up to defend this.

    1. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Joe R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

    2. Just give them time. Remember, joe defended Gore’s win because a few thousand displaced Pacific Islanders would represent a grave danger to world security. Nothing is beneath them.

    3. They’re all at the Huff Post, servicing the queen bee.

  69. I’m thinking that maybe the Henry Louis Gates ‘Beer Summit’ is what put Obama over the top. Never underestimate the power of Miller Lite.

  70. John, it’s indefensable. If Obama doesn’t refuse the prize, he should resign because it would be evidence that he has completely lost his mind.

  71. I wish I was black. Not only can all criticism be written off as racism, but I could win cool stuff by doing absolutely nothing.

    1. I’m black. I haven’t won anything cool yet, and don’t even get me started about the criticism. Plus I have to actually have to do stuff to make a living.

  72. Brotherben,

    It makes me think the committee is out to get him. Seriously, how can this do anything but make Obama look bad?

  73. I think the Committee is trying to “Nobel(l)” the cat with the Peace Prize around his neck. They are daring him to not live up to it by conducting U.S. foreign policy in ways that reflect our legitimate national interests when they conflict with what the Committee would prefer. They want him repeatedly asking himself, “What would a Peace Prize winner do so as to not tarnish his medal in the eyes of the Committee?” To put it differently, might the Committee have made the award, at least in part, with the intent to mentally handcuff our president?

  74. This reminds me of when Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf got the most votes for People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Person of the Year” in 1998.

  75. Clunkrageous,

    Why not give it to bin Laden, then?

    I think that line of reasoning has been used in the past–like with Arafat–but I think this is just bullshit politics. Since Obama is continuing the occupations that are supposedly so disfavored and the WoT to boot, why didn’t GWB get the prize? Maybe he’s have lived up to it, too? What B.S.

    Can someone nominate me for it next time around? I could use the cash.

  76. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.

    I wonder how his will felt when the committee wiped their ass with it.

    1. As long as it wasn’t made out of that extra comfortable paper they probably felt smug and superior.

  77. “Pro Libertate|10.9.09 @ 9:28AM|#

    Why not give it to bin Laden, then?”

    Because they know it wouldn’t make any difference in how Bin Ladin behaves. They figure it will go right to Obama’s head. I think clunrageious has a pretty good explination.

  78. Do you dare look?…..dent-Obama

    1. Oh my, that thread is distressing:

      The Nobel committee just gave me a way to cry about our President I hadn’t even imagined. And I’m feeling all peaceful and so forth, so I’ll just go with the spirit of their wise decision.

      Congratulations President Obama.

      Thank you Committee for ‘seeing’.

      This is going to be a long fucking day.

  79. This is Obama’s first official action as President. You don’t need to read past the first paragraph.

    1. That was about a week before the nomination deadline. I guess that it was too little to matter.

  80. Cognitive dissonance from Jezebel:

    It’s very, very exciting and I’m so happy for him. Congrats to the President! However, I do wish it happened after a few more changes go into action. (closing Gitmo, etc)

    “He’s not done anything, but I’m so proud!”

  81. There is not one material change in what we’re doing overseas from what Bush was doing. We’re still conducting the WoT, we’re still occupying two countries, we’re still facing off Iran and North Korea, we’re still blowing shit up, we’re still holding people indefinitely in Cuba, we’re still using rendition, the USA Patriot Act and other security-minded legislation are still in force, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.

  82. Quick! Check out the number 7 image / caption and read the comments before they clean them up.


    1. Heh – cool to see a commenter named Diziet_Sma over there. Never see her on IO9.

  83. And when Obama goes to war with Iran or has to do some other nasty deed in pursuit of US interests, then what? Do they take the prize away? Obama is being set up to be the most unpopular President in history. I know he didn’t ask for this and this is totally the committee’s fault. But, how can people not start to resent the fuck out him as President suit?

    1. I’m just hoping this is all part of a really bad acid flashback, but if its true you have to remember half the country voted for Obama because (1) he was black and had a cute life story, (2) he wasn’t Bush, (3) Oprah said to, and (4) he rode from campaign stop to campaign stop on a magical white unicorn of hope & change.

      Do you really think most Americans know or give a shit that he didn’t deserve it?

    1. Jesus that makes want to puke in my soup.

  84. I never do this, but I am going to make a point to run some errands at 11 am Central today just so I can hear what Rush has to say. Should be entertaining as hell.

  85. Yeah, RC, as long as he doesn’t completely stroke out first. Although, if he does it on air, that would be pretty awesome too.

  86. Just to Congratulate the entire USA and President Obama for winning the Nobel Peach Prize. The win is for the entire world of Peace where Obama as USA has brought understandings among the Continentsd of the world.

    The win is USA, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceanic win where President Obama is creaving for Peaceful coexistance.

  87. Until Hollywood improves its depiction of American Indians, Obama should refuse his prizes.

    1. Hey! I just posted your award speech!

  88. The win is USA, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceanic Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania win where President Obama is creaving for Peaceful coexistance.


  89. Shit I just woke up a few minutes ago. I read about ow there are multiple universes. Ours must be fashioned off a “The Onion” template.


    “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments. But rather as an affirmation of American leadership. … I will accept this award as a call to action.”

  91. Sorry for the OT post, but I thought you’d all enjoy another HOLY FUCK moment from the wonderful state of Illinois……..7689.story

    1. Lloyd, who’s being held in lieu of $110,000 bail, faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted of rape, criminal deviate conduct, criminal confinement and sexual battery, said Diane Poulton, spokeswoman for Lake County’s prosecutor.

      A lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Nicole McKinney, last summer alleges he gunned down her new husband Cornel McKinney in front of their children outside their home on Feb. 17, 2008.

      A Robbins police officer at the time, Lloyd was suspended after the shooting but eventually found work with Dolton police in January, his father said.

      Though an autopsy shows he shot McKinney 24 times, the lawsuit alleges, he was not charged because Chicago police accepted his explanation that he had acted in self-defense.

  92. Wow!!! World peace? In that case every beauty pageant contestant, that has ever hoped for world peace, should also be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. Amazing!

  93. Now, I’m not trying to justify giving Obama the peace prize but maybe, just maybe, the committee was looking at how the world celebrated as he was sworn in. Maybe that’s where the idea of “peace’ came from.

    Just sayin…

  94. Here’s what I dug up from another website. Like many here have said you don’t actually have to DO anything to geet the award:

    Here are the 10 reasons I believe President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize:

    He has promised to close Guantanamo, although that is taking longer than he thought;
    he is wrapping up our involvement in Iraq;
    he is re-thinking the conventional wisdom on Afghanistan;
    he has engaged the Iranians, North Koreans, Cubans, Chinese, and others;
    he has restarted the Mideast peace process;
    he has reframed our relationship with Russia and their satellite states;
    he has gone to Cairo to address Muslims in their own country, both engaging and cautioning them on the US role in the world;
    he led our nation in a rescue of the world financial markets;
    he has the approval of 77% of Europeans; and,
    he has restored faith that America can be a moral voice, a reasonable voice in a very unreasonable and immoral world.
    None of those accomplishments are complete, but the game has changed, and the President led the way. I for one think it’s a good day in America today!

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