Mr. Deity vs. Michael Shermer


Michael Shermer of Skeptic pleads his case before Mr. Deity: interviews with Shermer here and here.


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  1. Jesus, that’s awful.

  2. I liked it. About a bajillion times better than Friday **COUGH** Funnies.

  3. Jesus is *HOT*.

  4. Shermer’s doing schtick now? Shecky doesn’t approve.

  5. he’s not much of a comedian.

  6. That was hilarious. Not much in the way of compelling argument, but very funny.

    Anyone else think the Private Chef should downplay his relationship with Mel Gibson?

  7. Wow. So God and Jesus are gay? I never would’ve guessed.

    1. You never heard of any female angels have you? Jesus supposedly never did the wild thing with Mary Magdlene (unless you’re one of those Davinci Code types) and some think that the whole “washing the feet” of the all male disciples was code for gay sex…. I mean, it’s right there in front of you.

      Seriously, it goes back to Adam — why else would Lilith move out?

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  9. YouTube has a debate between Shermer and biologist Jonathan Wells (divided into 10 or so parts). I’d recommend everyone watch it. I give Shermer credit for his willingness to debate someone of Wells’ intellect, however he gets completely destroyed.

    1. Dembski, is that you? GTFO.

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