Praise Our Nobel Laureate, You Churlish Anti-American


Listening to NPR's truly awful coverage of the Norwegian Nobel Committee's truly awful decision to give President Obama the Peace Prize, I heard this segment, in which Morning Edition hosts Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep, along with NPR correspondents Don Gonyea and Rob Gifford, discuss the implications of the president's $1.4 million cash windfall. According to NPR's analysts, the choice was made because Obama is more like a European social democrat than our previous president. Or something. As far as I can tell, this strikes both hosts and guests as a perfectly reasonable use of Alfred Noble's cash.

Montagne expresses surprise at the pick, saying that "one might have thought with [Obama], if you saw his name on a list [of nominees], well 'let's get started on this one, he's got eight more years'" (she then tacks on the grudging caveat, "maybe four"). Maybe, Renee. Just maybe. Kind of odd to consider "getting to work" on Obama's Peace Prize when there is no guarantee that he will ever be a worthy candidate. It's almost as if NPR hosts and Norwegian intellectuals actually believe this "change" nonsense.

Gonyea argues that because he is receiving the award for not being George W. Bush, and for changing American foreign policy by continuing super peaceful Predator drone attacks on the Taliban and pouring more troops into Afghanistan, this might "remind swing voters" that "he has done a lot for the United States around the world." Well. Having Norwegian lefties reminding fence-sitting Americans that Obama makes Europeans swoon will probably be as effective as encouraging readers of The Guardian to write condescending letters to voters in Ohio, informing them that most people who pay a television license and subscribe to The New Statesman think George W. Bush is a mentally retarded Nazi.

Host Steve Inskeep says that Obama is "less popular in the Middle East, perhaps, than elsewhere." Perhaps? When President Bush was in office, his poll numbers in Arab countries could be recited from memory, but because NPR understands--and always reminds its listeners—that we are so well loved around the world these days, this curious little perhaps is necessary. To remind the cheerleaders at public radio, the United States' current favorability rating in the Palestinian territories is 15 percent, 14 percent in Turkey, and 25 percent in Egypt and Jordon.

I'm unsure why this morning's announcement surprised political observers in Europe, who have long known that decisions in Stockholm (literature) and Oslo (peace) are often more useful as a reflection of Scandinavian political sensibilities than as an objective measure of diplomatic or artistic achievement. Dario Fo? Rigoberto Menchu? Elfriede Jelinek? Yassar Arafat?

From NPR's Rob Gifford, we are told that there were "a lot of very positive responses" in Europe from leaders like Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy and "former Nobel winners." But, he says, "It hasn't been universally positive; the Taliban, as you might expect issued a statement, saying that President Obama has done nothing for peace." Whose side are you on, fascist? France and Germany's, or the Taliban's? (When Gifford mentions that 1983 Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa criticized the decision as premature, Montagne chuckles and says that this gentle criticism seemed "a little churlish.")

Remember, during the Bush years, when our friends on the left (rightfully) bemoaned those who "questioned the patriotism" of opponents of the war in Iraq? Those who harrumphed that to not support the president was to support the terrorists? Well, that was then. Here is the DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse, speaking to Politico's Ben Smith: "The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists - the Taliban and Hamas this morning - in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize."

A writer for the left-wing website Media Matter called criticism of Obama's Nobel "anti-American." Eric Boehlert wondered, "Why does the conservative media hate America?" On his website, filmmaker Michael Moore asked the same question: "Your opposition has spent the morning attacking you for bringing such good will to this country. Why do they hate America so much?"

And from the Cannes Palm d'Or winner to the new Nobel laureate, some advice on the way forward in Afghanistan: "That is a problem for the people of Afghanistan to resolve -- just as we did in 1776, the French did in 1789, the Cubans did in 1959, the Nicaraguans did in 1979 and the people of East Berlin did in 1989."

I shall refrain from comment, other than to say this: Yes, he did compare Fidel Castro (not to mention the disastrous authoritarianism of Daniel Ortega) to Thomas Jefferson. And recall that Moore previously compared the Founding Fathers to those delightful patriots who set off IEDs, bombed the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarrah, and use kids as bomb decoys.

So congratulations Mr. President. Perhaps we can dispense with the formalities and present you with Bancroft Prize for the terrific book you will probably write about your presidency—eight years from now.

NEXT: Elizabeth Warren: We Must Open Our Wallets To All Deadbeats Everywhere Always

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  1. What's next, awarding the Nobel to a half-eaten ham sandwich....?

    Makes about as much sense.

    1. Speaking of sandwiches, has anyone found Obama's likeness in one yet?

      1. No, but I once found the likeness of Elvis in a potato chip, Burnin' Love, not Rockabilly Elvis.

    2. I made this a meme at the bar last night. 'I just did a shot where's my Nobel prize?'

  2. I really, really hate the left for not allowing me to have a few years where I could stop giving a shit about politics. After 8 years of Bush, I, and many others, were so ready to just have a small break of post-partisan politics before the shit got reignited.

    Thanks assholes for restarting the cycle and guaranteeing this goes on for at least another 8 years (as if Obama will go gently into that good night if he loses in 2012).

    1. Why does the left deserve to be called assholes for you being a fool?

      1. Shut up, Michael Jackson.

        1. The Left deserve to be called assholes because they provide continual, incontrovertible proof of their assholiness.

      2. They deserve it, for the sanctimony, the hypocrisy, and the utter hatred they display to free speech conducted by anyone who does not toe the leftist line.

        They define the word in actions big and small everyday that they hold contol of the MSM, the government, and still, still,...

        whine like little weasals because an opposing view was actually allowed to be heard,.

        that good enough for you MJ?

        or are you going to call us racists and terroists for not idolizing the One as all good lefty's seem to be braying.

        1. You knew(or should have if you were paying attention), that they were scorpions going in.

        2. A vast left-wing conspiracy, eh Mark?

          1. No conspiracy needed. We're not leftist/authoritarians here. Emergent, large-scale stupidity is a perfectly acceptable explanation.

    2. I soooo agree with Mermaiderer. I wanted Obama to win because I thought the Left would explode/implode/corrode everything in day-to-day life if another Republican was sent to the White House. That is the ONLY reason. But they just couldn't be happy, not even for one tiny millisecond. Not even one! And they just won't leave it alone. Ingrates?straight-up ingrates.

  3. Leaders of other countries will naturally "congratulate Obama". This is pure diplomatic ritual, as fixed as the ritual of a new ambassador being welcomed.

    WTF are they supposed to say? No matter how idiotic they think the choice is, they still have to deal with him for the next 3 to 7 years, so they are not going to do anything other than make nice noises.

    Just like Gore congratulated Bush after the Supreme Court made it's decision in 1980, the rituals will be followed.

    1. I assume you mean Al Gore, Sr. and Poppy Bush if it was 1980.

      1. OOPS.

        Good catch. I meant 2000, of course.

        I plead the fact that I was about to go to bed.

  4. More thoughts...

    Will He be given a Superbowl ring next?...

    That clinches it... He is the ultimate affirmative action baby....

    Woody Allen's aphorism is updated -- half of being president is just showing up....

    1. It could happen - do you recall the Putin Superbowl ring incident?

  5. Obama's goin' to DisneyWorld!

  6. As far as I can tell, this strikes both hosts and guests as a perfectly reasonable use of Alfred Noble's cash.

    Uh...shouldn't that be Alfred Nobel?

    1. Not in our emerging world of stupidity.

  7. The President tries to enlist the Taliban .. meanwhile the DNC uses the pejorative "Taliban" to describe the Republican reaction to the Nobel.

    If the President can't negotiate with the domestic "Taliban" what makes any one think that after the DNC insults them that they will have any better luck with the "Taliban" in Afghanistan.

    1. Stop using logic, you racist teabagger.

      1. Neo's just using Taliban in the denotative sense. That's not how hopeandchangers use it. They use it like fascist or nazi - in their own connotative sense. It's not what it means. It what they want it to mean. Remember, postmodern leftists are not required to use logic or the interpretation of a idea as defined by the one who puts forth the idea. They have other ways of knowing, and should not be confined to your laws of identity. You racist teabaggers.

  8. Breaking news, more accolades for Obama.

    It has just been reported Barack Obama has been named "World's Greatest Dad" with the bestowing of a cup by his daughters. Congratulations Mr. President. You deserve it!

    1. IT,

      That cup is the Stanley Cup, awarded to him by the NHL.

  9. Where can I buy stamps from Jordon? I am missing that country.

    1. Try the Jordanian Postal Service?

      1. Suki, reread his post, and then try again.

        1. BP,

          Umokay, http://www.jordanpost.com.jo/ is where you can order stamps Jordanian stamps from anyplace in the world.

          Saved without using preview 🙂 JordOn, okay, I think I get it.

          1. If it makes you feel better, I was about to post something very similar to your original when I re-read his post.

            1. Thank you. I can let beloved boyfriend sleep a bit longer now, lol.

              1. HOLY SHIT is all this Suki/John Tagliaferro stuff for real? Fucking weirdo.

                1. I think it's the same person.

                  1. Yeah, hence the singular. But seriously, what a fucking weirdo.

                    1. Beloved boyfriend is not John Tagliaferro, or BP for that matter.


                2. Bunny boiling stalker with bad reading skills?

                  1. Bunny boiling stalker with bad reading skills?

                    Was for "wtf".

  10. 'reductio ad talibanum'

    get used to the phrase.

    1. Well, it's nice that they're giving the Nazis a few days off. Those guys work so hard.

      1. LOL, two days for the thread winner!

  11. My raw reaction is really that this represents?it's very significant and disappointing, cheapening of the Nobel Prize ... And even just listening to the rationale that, despite overwhelming evidence, they're giving this prize in the hopes that it will change Obama's mind or encourage him to do things he hasn't done?this is a candidate that ran a campaign that was much more based on hope and wishful thinking than it was on concrete policy. So we have hopes being piled on hope and wishful thinking. -Naomi Klein

    So today I woke up to a real-life Onion story and went to sleep agreeing with Naomi Klein. And I'll agree with her on Denis Mukwege, too.

    FWIW, the first alternative to enter my mind was Hu Jia.

    1. "Cheapening of the Nobel Prize?" I thought that happened with Al Gore.

      1. I think it pretty much hit rock bottom with that little fuck who shaved with a fork, Arafat.

      2. That's a tough one.

        Gorby got it for letting the horse out of the barn and not rolling tanks into Poland.
        Menchu got it for being a liar.
        Arafat got it for being a bastard.
        The UN got it for being useless.
        Carter got it for footing the bill and rooting for tyrants.
        The U.N. peacekeepers got it for some hard work, but also standing still while crowds of machete-wielding nuts ran by. Also, for selling African girls into sex slaves.

  12. Wait. Naomi Klein actually wrote that!? Is she lying to get more readers/attention?

    Holy shit. I'm scared now. The End truly draws nigh.

  13. Why didn't Obama get the Prize for Literature?

    Having written two books, he was overqualified.

    1. Actually he only wrote one. Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams from My Father".

      1. According to Ayers own admission?


        1. What's the word that means "telling the truth to hide the truth"? Obfuscate? That doesn't quite fit.

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  15. You know who's extra-pissed about this I bet? Billy Clinton.

    That guy spent his last year on the throne trying to work a big peace deal. He tried everywhere, in the Middle East or DPRK - even willing to fly to Pyongyang - for a photo-op.

    Everyone knew he wanted it so he could buff up the resume and get a Nobel on the way off the throne. Now the Slickster isn't the first black prez anymore, and he and his soccer mom/Jiang Qing hybrid of a wife have to suck it up for the team while Barack waxes his bullshit and takes the trophy. Har-har.

  16. Zeitgeist - and all the more pissed that Gore - fucking Al Gore - got one a couple years ago.

    1. I was a bit more annoyed at Arafat getting one. Carter and Gore generated equal piss from me.

  17. So, does this mean that Obama won't be sending an additional 60,000 troops to Afghanistan?

    1. He might up it to millions, some number close to the number of jobs he has saved since taking command.

  18. Certainly from our standpoint, this gives us a sense of momentum -- when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes.

    The comment was made by Assistant Secretary PJ Crowley, a spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    1. Wasn't "Old Shoe" the song for Operation Desert Rat?

      1. I thought it was Bill's pet name for Hillary. 🙂

        1. I thought the pet names in their house went the other way? 😉

          1. Yeah? Such as? 🙂

            1. Now I forgot all the jokes about them from when 'they' were in office.

            2. I remember one now! His pet name rimes with rich 🙂

  19. Has President Clinton commented in public yet?

  20. I'm sure he'll be pleasant and congratulatory. If he's able to lower the rage enough to unclench his teeth, it will prove he's the best politician of the last 100 years.

    1. Perhaps he's feeling his own pain this time. 😉

  21. Given Klein's defense of the Obama / Emanuel / Geithner "Shock Doctrine", I thought she would be all up for a defense of Hopey Peacechange. Now I have to dial down the hatred knob, and give her credit for having some small amount of integrity. Argh.

    1. Anything I can do to promote peace. You know, the getting-more-people-to-like-each-other kind, not the nebulous, award-winning other kind.

  22. While I assume the "hate America" talk is tongue-in-cheek, the sentiment behind it is all too real.

  23. With factual headlines such as "Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize" it must be very difficult for The Onion to come up with fake ones.

  24. He needs to delay accepting his award until after Christmas and have the ceremony in Iran.

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  26. "With factual headlines such as "Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize" it must be very difficult for The Onion to come up with fake ones."

    How about "Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize"?

    Oh, I see what you mean.

    1. That's President Obama to you, wingnut.

      Repeat after me:

      President Obama
      President Obama
      President Obama
      President Obama
      President Obama

      Has your head exploded yet, wingnut? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  27. The Democrat's response to conservative reaction to Obama's Nobel proves that their whining about the Bush Administration questioning their patriotism was a case projection. The Dems fear their opponents doing what they have no qualms about themselves.

  28. Perhaps we can dispense with the formalities and present you with Bancroft Prize for the terrific book you will probably write about your presidency? eight years from now.

    You're assuming the Twenty-Second Amendment won't be repealed. I expect the campaign to start next spring, at the latest.

    We cannot allow a being as enlightened as the Ascended One to so easily escape our grasp.

    1. You mean the next campaign? That has been getting floated since Nixon, maybe earlier.

  29. The midterms of 2010 cannot come soon enough. At least NPR gave me an excellent reason not to contribute to my station's pledge week this week.

  30. I hear Barack is a shoe-in for the Heisman trophy.

  31. Fuck all these people.

    Their praise of ObamaFAIL has reached the point where it is farcical.

  32. "President Obama Accepts Nobel PEACEMAKER! Brand"

    Obama needs a pacemaker? 🙂

  33. I think The Wizard just awarded him a degree in Thinkology.
    Smartest President Ever!

    1. Sen. Byrd is handing out awards now?

  34. The award was premature, but watching the heads of the right wing explode over it has made the whole thing worthwhile. Come on, what would you rather have an ignorant world throw at your president: shoes or Nobel Prizes?

    Of all the fun, the most fun was watching americanus rightwingus nutcassus in full agreement with the Taliban, which merely confirmed what we lefties have always thought about you anyway.

    Lots of class you people have!

    1. Your nomenclature abilities are embarassing. If you are going to reduce those you disagree with into a subhuman 'race' at least try something a little more convincing like Homo nonsapiens rushlimbaughi.

      You seem to be one of those dipshits that goes to a hotel in Mexico and says: Yo want-o uno room-o con grande bed-o y dos small-o boyos.

      And there: I just put you in the company of the French Culture Minister.

      1. I love watching your poor wingnut heads exploding! First it was cheering because Chicago lost the Olympics, and now it's protesting because the president got the Nobel Peace Prize. You people aren't exactly Dale Carnegie's spawn, are ya?

        1. Amused, you are confused about your audience here. If I really hated Chicago, I would hope that they won the bid so the city could sock it to the taxpayers that put Obama on the political map in the first place. Your ignorance is may I say, amusing.

        2. ...and I think you miss the tenor of most comments here. It is hardly protesting. It's more like observing the insecurity of Pres. Obama's most ardent fans...and seeing it for the comedy that it is. If I am being labelled a wingnut, well, then its ObamaCare and Cap-&-Trade and the fact that he hasn't given a modicum of effort to end our foreign engagements that make my head explode.

        3. Amused As Hell, you are not amused in the least. You know the joke is on you and yours and the only people who look like idiots in all of this are those who defend this absurdity. It is not even possible to get people to take their eyes off the ball on this one with the usual dubious rhetoric because it is that fucking epic.

          So, time to either mea culpa or to go fuck yourself.

          1. I really am amused. You nutballs are just fixated on your hatred for Obama to such a degree that you dump on him for getting the Nobel Peace Prize, and cheer Chicago's loss of the Olympics.

            Obama's got his problems -- don't they all? -- but I must say he is blessed to have enemies like your crowd!

            1. Be fair. Some of us are praising his faild healthcare initiative and the failure of the latest stimulus scheme too.

    2. But not half as amusing as people like you who ignorantly assume that anyone who questions The Great One is a right winger. Is it really so impossible for you to believe that a sober-minded individual can criticize the president?

      1. Sober minded people don't dump on a president for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, nor do they cheer when an American city is passed over for the Olympics. You wingnuts are batshit crazy, and (fortunately!) the public knows it!

        1. I live in Pasadena, CA, and would cheer if we lost the Rose Parade for a year... Boy does that thing tie up the works, and it's only a few hours! (Plus the 24 hours of people camping on the streets, and Winnebegos galore.)

  35. Remember, during the Bush years, when our friends on the left (rightfully) bemoaned those who "questioned the patriotism" of opponents of the war in Iraq?

    I remember the complaining about it, yes. I don't remember exactly how they backed up that assertion.

  36. The award was premature, but watching the heads of the right wing explode over it has made the whole thing worthwhile.

    Yes. The right wing.

  37. "heads of the right wing explode mock him . . ."

    FTFY. When you equate mockery with seriousness, it's a stark reminder of how narrow and shallow you really are. The right, and those the left perceives as the right, could care less what a bunch of Scandanavians think of Obama. It's just one more reason to laugh at his great record of achievement of the deity now walking upon transcendently hovering over the earth. That's no reason for a head to explode; it's a reason to worship! May we join you Amused?

    1. Sorry, but your wingnut craziness has been on display to the whole country for the last day and a half. Let's face it, americanus rightwingus nutcassus just can't hold it in! Do you realize just how much fun you are?

      1. Yes, those right-wing wingnut rightwingnuts at Time Magazine...

      2. Go suck more Obama cock, you retarded fetus.

        1. Hey, back off! I'm first!

      3. Almost as much as the lefties shrieking that criticism of Obama is "treason". You guys have morphed into FReeper Bushbots.

  38. Of all the fun, the most fun was watching americanus rightwingus nutcassus in full agreement with the Taliban, which merely confirmed what we lefties have always thought about you anyway.

    You might want to check your email box for your new instructions. The Taliban are now The Good Guys. Comparing 'em to non-lefty Americans is wrong and perhaps racist.

    1. Don't try to fool "Amused As Hell" with right-wing tricks like empirical evidence.

  39. Obama actually does have the Best Actor credentials to be nominated for the Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe statuettes. What's the hang up?

    1. They're giving the lifetime achievement award posthumously to Farrah Fawcett this year, so Obama will have to wait until next year.

  40. Boy, next we'll be handing out Olympic medals to people who lose, but have good intentions.

    My blog has been having the same fanatical defenders of the Messiah.


    God help us.

    1. Some Olympics are giving out medals to everyone. Especially good for Obama is that these "special" Olympics are a natural for his followers.

      Ooops! It looks like these Olympics are fixed too.

  41. Thank God Obama won! He beat Osama Bin Laden by only a whisker.

  42. Obama's going to be re-elected because the Republican opposition isn't going to be that strong. Who will the Republicans run--the unlikable Mitt Romney, the religious kook Mike Huckabee, or the all-around kook Sarah Palin? Those are the top three GOP contenders right now and none of them looks very strong. I'd say that the odds of Obama being re-elected are something like 2-1 or 3-1.

    1. Perhaps, but do you think this prize raises or lowers his chances of re-election?

      Even among my bolshie-croaker friends, this was just high comedy.

    2. If the economy continues like this, it won't matter who's running. Obama will lose in a landslide.

    3. Perhaps Bobby Jindal. I think you'll be surprised at the strength of the Republoican bench in 2012. And if you really think Palin is a kook you are suffering from cranial rectal impaction.

  43. The award was premature, but watching the heads of the right wing explode over it has made the whole thing worthwhile

    Because if there's one thing the Nobel Peace Prize is about, it's sticking it to people you don't like.

  44. Obama has accomplished nothing except not being George W Bush. The award has nothing to do with accomplishments and everything to do with politics. Jimmy Carter won the NPP too and he was the worst President we ever had. Al Gore won it too and he keeps lying
    about man-made global warming, or is it
    climate change this week?

    1. Obama has accomplished nothing except not being George W Bush.

      That, in and of itself, is a quantum leap!

  45. If you were green-blooded and logical like a Vulcan, you would appreciate Obama's accomplishments. Let's see: He made the basketball team at Punahou High School; he skipped like three or four steps to become POTUS.

    Really, when you're that good you let the guy skip steps kinda like in the inverse world of Michael Jordan and basketball where you let the guy take extra steps.

  46. Matt,

    You still haven't fixed Jordon. OK, OK, I'll let it go. But it bugs me like spelling Colombia as Columbia. Or calling East Timorese, East Timorians.

  47. Do Obama apologists realize that the criticism isn't being directed Obama? Obama didn't crown himself.

  48. "Obama has accomplished nothing except not being George W Bush."

    He hasn't even done that in regard to his policy.

  49. There are two awesome ironies coming up on the calendar now:

    1. Senator Byrd's body dies, so they have to admit its over and bury it. Obama of course will have to give a eulogy lamenting the passing of the Late Devonian and its greatest character. Oh well, geology marches on.

    But what's funny here is the first black President will have to suck it up for the team and eulogize the last Senator who was in the Klan. That's an irony moneyshot of sorts.

    2. When does The One pick up his Nobel schwag? It will be a tragic irony when the headlines of Obama's Nobel peacenik paen are mixed with images of Predators dishing out to six Taliban - and fifteen toddlers or some shit - some Hellfire love.

    What do you expect Osama knows he can scurry in the open in Pakistan during Nobel circle-jerk week since Obama won't risk bad press on the Nobel Victory Lap?

    Politicians think of shit like that, but for real. Creepy...

  50. Let's put this in perspective, does anyone know or care what warmed-over Norwegian politician Thorbjorn Jagland thinks? The peace prize was cheapened years ago, and perhaps for all time, when it was awarded to terrorist Yassar Arafat, who never renounced the killing, stole millions of dollars from poor Palestinians and socked it away in Swiss banks.

  51. Give the Nobel committee some credit.
    After all there were so many good anti-American world leaders to choose from: Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmdinejad, and the peaceloving Kim Il-Song. It was a tough call, but arguably the right one for choosing Obama from this stiff competetion as the most destructive to America of all.

  52. Never has the bar for peace been set so low.............

  53. Just thought of it:
    are not you glad that he did not get the literature prize? or both? I am sure, he was nominated for literature prize as well?
    Am curious: who did nominate him??? any thoughts?? now WH is playing innocent as if they did not know it was coming. The

  54. Sorry, was interrupted in the middle.
    So, can one really believe that WH did not know that he was nominated???

  55. And the point is....?

    Anyhow, it certainly is not "anti-American" to criticize someone who accepts an award they do not deserve and did nothing to earn--even more so when the recipient is your own countryman. It's an embarassment to the country. I don't appreciate being patronized--especially when the whole affair is really a backhanded slap in the face: I don't think it's immaterial that this award goes to the man who curries foreign favor by going around the world trashing his own country.

  56. The melody changes but the some remains the same about the right...having an educated person in office scares the crap out of the them...I would be scared too if they are about to send the next 7 years in the political wilderness...take some warm clothes---it will be cold!!!!

    Operative Word: PUTZ

  57. And....we do know that he was nominated for this 'award' on February 1st--11 days into the office? This article would have had more punch if they focused a little on that aspect. Are we really surprised though? Everything is falling into place.

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