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Watch Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch


From Jacob Hornberger's blog, praise for Reason contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano's excellent web show, Freedom Watch:

The last thing that conservatives and liberals have wanted on their television shows on a regular basis has been libertarians, for two reasons:

One, they don't want people interfering with their little game, one in which they argue over how best to make their welfare-warfare paradigm work and which statists, Republican or Democrat, should be running it.

Two, they do not know how to handle, in an intellectual sense, libertarian arguments that call for the dismantling, not the reform, of their welfare-warfare programs.

Along comes Napolitano and with his Internet program Freedom Watch has broken the dam by flooding his show with libertarian commentators. All of sudden, people are having the opportunity to watch and listen to hard-core, pure libertarian analysis and commentary on current events from leading libertarian thinkers, which blasts the statism of both conservatives and liberals to kingdom-come. And I know I'm biased, but Napolitano's show is one heckuva lot more interesting and exciting than the shows run by the conservatives and liberals.

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Various Reasoners have appeared on Freedom Watch. Check the show out here.