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And I thought movie critics had the best job in journalism: According to the New York Times, Westword, a Denver alt-weekly, is on the hunt for what may be the nation's first pot critic:

The idea is not to assess the green stuff itself, but to review the dispensaries that have sprouted like, um, weeds in Denver this year.

"We want to see what kind of place it is, how well they care for you and also how sketchy the place is," said Patricia Calhoun, editor of Westword. "Do they actually look at your medical marijuana card? Do they let you slip some cash under the counter and bypass the rules?"

Last week, the paper published a call for a regular freelance reviewer with a real, doctor-certified medical need—asking each candidate to send a résumé and an essay on "What Marijuana Means to Me"—and received several dozen applications within a few days.

"Every time an application comes in, it's like opening a little birthday present, because most of them are quite hilarious," Ms. Calhoun said.

…Dispensaries promote different strains with distinctive flavors—there are, after all, marijuana snobs just as there are wine snobs—and some mix their wares into foods like hummus, pesto and chocolate. So why not critique the cannabis, too?

Service journalism, friends. It's the future.

In March, Paul Armentano celebrated medical marijuana's 10th anniversary. Browse Reason's complete archive of articles on medical marijuana here.

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  1. They got their free ad to the right place.

  2. I live in the wrong state.

  3. It’d be hilarious to read, especially if it was pretentious.

    “The White Widow at Aaronson’s had a minty aftertaste that didn’t blend well with the strong skunkish overtones. The Kush, on the other hand, was a superb, mellow blend of flavors…”

  4. Hmm… The Black Eyed Peas released their debut album in June of 1998 and it was a flop. Nine months later medical marijuana was born, and now the Black Eyed Peas are everywhere. If there’s a connection there, I may have finally found a reason to oppose legalizing pot (well, a second reason; the first, obviously, is putting all of those self-indulgent, second-rate jam bands like the String Cheese Incident out of business).

  5. “Have you ever critiqued weed… ON WEED?!?”

  6. It’s be especially funny if Westword had employment drug-screening… to make sure you were a stoner before hiring you.


    Back in the 80s when I was a stoner, I remember HT writing reviews. I particularly remember an article which reviewed weed that was grown in Mexico, with ashes from the Mt St Helens volcano eruption. They called it, you guessed it, “Volcano Weed”.

  8. So… if they didn’t ask for your card and allowed bribes… would these count as negatives, or positives?

  9. Man, that’s gotta be the most far out job ever! Cool!

  10. I must say, actually, I’ve been liking Westword more and more lately!!…..tle-fyodor…..s/28495660

  11. there are, after all, marijuana snobs just as there are wine snobs

    It must be nice to have enough choices to be a weed snob. Anyway, this is a job I could do.

  12. Feministing gets its very own anti-drug troll:

    did they forget they are supporting the drug war in mexico whenever they smoke a blunt? ignorant stoners make me so mad, especially since I lost family members to pot as well as my first boyfriend who abused me due to his use of pot cause “its just pot” mindset.
    they all use stupid excuses that it doesnt have an aftereffect. yes it does, especially on relatives and close friends. you become a different person. maybe there are certain instences where it doesnt have a control over a relationship, but that is in fact very rare.

    Note the classy domestic abuse angle.

    1. Did that “abuse” go any farther than not sharing?

      1. He would also sit on the couch and after she said something, he would stare at her for about twenty seconds and then go “…what?”

        1. I like the run-on sentences that don’t start with a capital letter, or have a discernible point, other than she’s mad at the world.

  13. I lost family members to pot

    He’s a helluva bluffer. I have to say that it was extremely irresponsible of you to wager your family members in the first place.

  14. “Lost family members to pot?” What the fuck? How does that happen, unless you give them a ride up to the 7-11 and then leave them there?

  15. anyone know what the latest is on Los Angeles’ move to shut down all the dispensaries?

  16. So, feministing thinks you should be in control of your own body, except when you shouldn’t?

  17. R C,

    To be fair, there was a fairly huge pile-on against the troll.

    Feminists really only cannot make the connection between the products of the body and the body itself.

  18. I sure hope there’s a shield law in Colorado.

  19. Abused because of an “It’s just pot” attitude? What does that sound like?

    “Baby, I’m sorry. You know how I get when I’m…um…are those Peeps? What was I…oh these are awesome. Good tune, turn it up.”

    1. “You know how I get when I’m…um…are those Peeps?”

      I literally fell out of my chair laughing when I read this!

  20. I am still amazed at how stupidly some people are about weed.As for myself, I have Fibromyalsia and if it were not for the relief weed gives me from the constant chronic pain.I am so disappointed I live in the wrong state, but regardless,weed has many positive attributes, and it should be legalized.As for the poster who blames pot for every negative in her life,….honey, it wasn’t the ganja,…certain personalities just cannot handle anything like weed,beer, anything that might be a stimulant. I also had a good friend going through chemo, and if not for the weed relieving the effects of nausea,she would have been in a world of being uncomfortable.It helped her so much,….and I would help anyone that needed help with that kind of discomfort.

  21. Barney: I’m glad you got off drugs, Homer.

    Carl: Yeah, you were getting all weird and spacey. We were going to have an intervention, but Lenny got alcohol poisoning at the planning party.

    Lenny: Haha! I nearly died!

  22. I asked my wife if she wanted to move to Denver. She said no.

    Feminists… make… the products of the body…

    So, SugarFree has a scat fetish?

    Also, you become a different person.
    Yes, and as a result I like more classical music than before I started to smoke, I started playing an instrument, I became much more spiritual, I became more empathetic and thus more civil to those around me, I am more mellow, I drive slower, I read more (not WoT, jokes!), I started to experiement with different recipes and flavor profiles and now everyone want to come to my house for dinner, I actually do yard work as opposed to procrastinating (seriously, raking leaves high is much easier than raking leaves sober)…

    Nedd I go on? Or is it obvious I’m a horrible, horrible person.

    1. I am right there with ya!!!

  23. Need, need, need not “Nedd.”

    I miss my “preview!”

  24. …and so I quit my job at the firm.

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