Against the Undead Hand


You lie!

As part of the hype for Zombieland (which looks several shades more cute and zany than I generally want out of a living dead picture), The Boston Globe lists its top 20 zombie movies of all time.

I'm pretty opinionated on this topic, and yet I have little to quibble with here, mostly because the Globe puts the 1978 Dawn of the Dead at Number 1 -- where it belongs after years of challenges from running zombies, talking brain-eaters and other needless innovations. (By the way, if you're looking for a critical anthology that's big and heavy enough to use for home defense, get the Black Book of Movies, in which I make the case for Dawn of the Dead as the greatest movie ever made about tactics and also do some beard-stroking about Rocky, Mildred Pierce, The Set-Up, Night Nurse, The Road Warrior and many other crowd pleasers.)

If I had to change anything on this list, I'd probably add one of the Resident Evil pictures, if only because a list like this without Milla Jovovich is like Hamlet without Hamlet. You will no doubt have other refinements you'd like to see. Whole list.