Weeping Face in Arctic Ice! Or, Global Warmingers' Version of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich Revealed!


Remember the good ol' days in Bushitler's AmeriKKKa when the religious freakazoids where shaming fetuses by making them ask morally outraged pharmacists for the Plan B emergency contraceptive after having unprotected sex? When we were awash in magical (read: religious) thinking and right-wing Christians were seeing the grim visage of apocalyptoid preacher John Hagee every time they split open a pomegranate (once known on the East Coast as "Chinese apples")?

And if you don't remember any of that, you surely remember the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich saga and the tale of the Jesus Potato, don't you? Those were signs of how retarded and gullible we were as a society, right?

Yeah, those sure were good times. But now that we've pushed past all that religious crap in everyday culture and can finally breathe good, clean, cosmopolitan air with a president who doesn't speak a foreign language and stumbles when pronouncing heads of state's name, we can take a gander at secular versions of the same crap. Now it's global warming that's making found sculptures.

THIS sad face, eerily etched into melting Arctic ice, has been dubbed Mother Nature in Tears by astonished environment experts.

The weeping image was "sculpted" by water pouring from a glacier retreating under the effects of global warming.

Lecturer Michael Nolan captured the photo at Norway's Austfonna ice-shelf. The glacier has been vanishing at the rate of 160ft a year for 12 years.

Michael, from Arizona, US, regularly visits the area. He said: "Every summer there is less ice. I was struck by this image of a face—a saddened, motherly face, crying about our inability to reduce global warming."

As Baylen Linnekin (hat tip!) puts it, "see whatever you want, dude."