Unions: Mackey Undermining the President


The unmitigated gall! For the Quisling-like crime of writing an opinion piece doubting the wisdom of ObamaCare, the Associated Press reports that "Unions responded to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Tuesday, calling for his resignation and saying he is undermining President Barack Obama's health care reform." More from the AP:

The CtW Investment Group, a part of the Change to Win federation of unions that advocates on behalf of workers' investments in pension funds, said in a statement that it is calling on the Whole Foods board to remove Mackey as chairman and find a new CEO.

"Mr. Mackey attempted to capitalize on the brand reputation of Whole Foods to champion his personal political views, but has instead deeply offended a key segment of Whole Foods consumer base," CtW Investment Group's Executive Director Bill Patterson said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which is part of Change to Win, said it will be giving out information to Whole Foods shoppers about health care reform. The group said Mackey's op-ed was an "attempt to undermine Obama's health-care reform."

The original Mackey WSJ opinion piece can be read here.