Liberty-Loving Landlubbers


A follow up on this post about the Seasteading Institute's upcoming floating Burning Man, Empherisle. For land-lubbing liberty lovers, an on-shore conference in San Francisco September 28-30 will precede the floating anarchist fun:

Speakers include:

  •   Patri Friedman: Opening Keynote (Executive Director, The Seasteading Institute)
  •   Peter Thiel: Back To The Future (Philanthropist and PayPal co-founder)
  •   Paul Romer: Charter Cities (Senior Fellow, Stanford Center for International Development and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)
  •   David Friedman: Legal Systems Very Different From Our Own (Professor, Santa Clara University)
  •   Joe Lonsdale: Ocean-Based Business Models (Chairman of the Board, The Seasteading Institute)
  •   Sean Hastings: Experiences with HavenCo and SeaLand (Co-founder, HavenCo)
  •   Erwin Strauss: How To Start Your Own Country (Author, How To Start Your Own Country)

Because what makes an awesome floating party better than warming up with some breakout sessions and two—two!—Friedmans for the price of one?

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