Libertarian History/Philosophy

25 Years Ago in reason


“The Afghans…simply want to be left alone. Yet they are being systematically exterminated for the cause of Soviet imperialism.”

â€"Jack Wheeler, “Fighting the Soviet Imperialists”

“Many public officials with a vested interest in today’s government monopolies will continue to oppose the deregulation of the transit industry, just as they opposed deregulation of other sectors of the transportation industry. It is now clear that many of their most cherished arguments against a competitive marketplace are either vastly overstated or unsupported by the evidence.”

â€"Joseph Schweiterman, “A New Route for Mass Transit”

“Japan has experienced economic success despite [the Ministry of International Trade and Industry]’s actions. Rather than ‘magic or MITI,’ credit must be given where it is deserved: to European and Japanese entrepreneurship.”

â€"John Baden and Tom Blood, “Abracadabra Prosperity”

â€"September 1984