Clueless, Out-Of-Touch Republicans Love Clueless, Out-Of-Touch Rap Parody


Asked about the following YouTube clip, which sets cringe-worthy anti-tax rhymes to a faker-than-fake Lady Gaga beat that sounds like it was created on a K-Mart keyboard, Indiana Republican Representative Mike Pence said that it's "part of the Pence youth initiative." Pence was joking, but the video—created by  23-year-old Peter Cowman, who goes by the YouTube handle GrandOldPartytime—was shown to Republican fuddy-duddies as part of a here's-how-you-get-in-touch-with-the-kids presentation. Here's what they seem to think the hip kids are into:
I'm really hoping his next project takes on Juvenile—who's ready for "Back That Tax Up?"
(Video via Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein.)