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Clueless, Out-Of-Touch Republicans Love Clueless, Out-Of-Touch Rap Parody


Asked about the following YouTube clip, which sets cringe-worthy anti-tax rhymes to a faker-than-fake Lady Gaga beat that sounds like it was created on a K-Mart keyboard, Indiana Republican Representative Mike Pence said that it's "part of the Pence youth initiative." Pence was joking, but the video—created by  23-year-old Peter Cowman, who goes by the YouTube handle GrandOldPartytime—was shown to Republican fuddy-duddies as part of a here's-how-you-get-in-touch-with-the-kids presentation. Here's what they seem to think the hip kids are into:
I'm really hoping his next project takes on Juvenile—who's ready for "Back That Tax Up?"
(Video via Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein.)

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  1. Are you a Libertarian, Mr. Suderman, or someting else entirely?

  2. I made it to ahout 1:14 and then had to click the “make the pain end” button.

  3. (Video via two clueless tools who get discussed here way more than they deserve.)

    I like that better.

  4. “(Video via two clueless tools who get discussed here way more than they deserve.)

    I like that better.”

    Same here. Something that those two shitbags put in a negative light generally gets a pass from me simply because they don’t like it.

  5. The reason I ask is because this is so petty.

  6. This just in: Mike Pence is a retard!

  7. If they REALLY wanted to be hip, they’d hire a real rapper to write an original song and have Hype Williams direct the video.

    It’d never fail.

  8. I think joke raps are generally lame – this one is, and Amy Pohler’s Sarah Palin rap was. (Arguably, the joke there was only that SNL was getting Palin to participate in something so lame and humilating, in which case, bravo, but if they intended the rap to be independently funny, they failed.).

  9. This has to be a lefty plant.

  10. Mister Suderman is obviously the reincarnation of Dave Weigel.

  11. If lady gaga is a republican i’ll eat my feather boa.

  12. (Video via Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein.)

    Thanks be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster we have such faithful servants of the public weal as these, constantly on the lookout for politicians pushing stupid ideas down our throats!

  13. It’s truly stunning to see people so absolutely clueless about how stupid they look. Also, hilarious, if you can take the pain.

  14. This has to be a lefty plant.

    Peter Suderman or the video?

  15. I had never heard of Lady Gaga before this. I’m so confused now.

    If they REALLY wanted to be hip, they’d hire a real rapper to write an original song and have Hype Williams direct the video.

    If team R had any balls, they’d hire Amon Amarth to sing about dying heroically in battle against hordes of Democrats.

  16. Warty,

    Just another iteration of Madonna; crappy music, supposedly attractive. Thanks a lot, gay guys.

  17. But why is her face painted? Did she just come from the county fair? WHAT IS GOING ON

  18. Because if you saw her face without layers of make-up, your scrotum would split open along the seam and your testicles would drop out.

  19. In this year’s production of Hit and Run, the role of Dave Weigel will be played by Peter Suderman.

  20. That was so bad I think you gave me cancer!

  21. 1. White people should eschew rap.

    2. Peter Suderman brings a fresh new perspective to Reason and is one of my favorite contributors here.

    3. Reason and Yglesias have something in common: shared commenters at both sites engage in (classical) liberal fascism.

  22. Warty,

    I saw Amon Amarth three years ago when they opened for Children of Bodom and they were horrible live.

  23. Odd; I saw them two years ago as the headliner, and they were awesome. How was COB? Speed-metal bands have an unfortunate tendency to suck live.

    Oh: shut the fuck up, Lonewacko.

  24. Thanks a lot, gay guys.

    God, you straight guys so don’t get it. She is crazy, and she rarely wears pants (among other questionable fashion choices). This gives gay celeb gossip bloggers something to bitch about, and they’re much more amusing when they’re at their bitchiest.

  25. Dagny,

    That was exactly my point. Gay guys have hoisted her to a sufficient popcult level that poor Warty and I have to be subjected to her. She’s their fault. At least the last gayblogger flash-in-the-pan, Katy Perry, didn’t have to hide her face.

  26. hi.

    24AheadDotCom | July 22, 2009, 12:41pm | #

    1. White people should eschew rap.

    Yeah, can’t have the master race tainting themselves with ghetto bullshit, right? *rolleyes*

    Anyway, yes, Suderman is right. The video was incredibly… (what’s the word I’m looking for… oh yeah), shitty. Meghan McCain tweeted about this. Even she, one of the allegedly “cool” Repugs, doesn’t see the awfulness…

    GOP goes GAGA! love it

  27. Concerning Lady Gaga, herself, I can somewhat admire how overtly sexual her persona is, even though it lacks some of the honesty of, say, Paula Cole.

  28. didn’t have to hide her face

    Hey, you’re on to something. Her pantslessness, her face-hiding makeup and dance moves… now it all makes sense. It was all an elaborate decoy to distract us from her face.

  29. The parody is lamer than lame, but Lady Gaga is a great pop artist. I can’t blame him for using her melody though. Good try – too bad someone with talent didn’t give it a try.

  30. For the record, I support pantlessness as a valid fashion choice for women.

  31. Do you have something against kilts, SugarFree, you anti-Celtite bastard?

  32. COB was great.

    As an opener Amon Amarth probably had the SUCK button engaged on the mixing board. I might have to give them another try if they are headlining.

  33. Choice, Warty, choice to go pantsless. And I’d own a kilt myself if my dick didn’t dangle out the bottom. And I don’t have the waist to pull off anything floor length.

  34. “COB was great.”

    The latest itteration of Korn?

  35. ” Choice, Warty, choice to go pantsless. And I’d own a kilt myself if my dick didn’t dangle out the bottom.”

    Wow! Suge has 3-inch legs! Freaky!!!

  36. The latest itteration of Korn?

    You are dumber than than Hitler and Paul Krugman combined.

  37. Wow! Suge has 3-inch legs! Freaky!!!


  38. You are dumber than Hitler and Paul Krugman combined.

    All hail Krug Hitlerman!

  39. All hail Krug Hitlerman!

    *guitar lick*

  40. This atrocity is yet more evidence that the world would be a better place had Auto-Tune never been invented.

  41. Thank you, Warty. I’ve always wanted you as the bandleader for my late night talk show.

  42. that vid just goes to show you that autotune isn’t quite the miracle it’s made out to be

  43. I enjoyed seeing the University of Washington Campus, but that was the only reason I could watch til the end.

  44. Who the hell would advertise this as a way to get the youth vote.

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