Because Reading 1,018 Pages of Legalese Is Good For Your Health…


…here's the full text of the health care reform bill [pdf].

Have at it, using whatever search terms you like, or print out the whole thing to read when your copy of the Upanishads doesn't seem weighty enough. I find no references to "mandatory" and the only mentions of "mandate" relate to state-mandated plans. Three mentions of "competition," and four of "competitive."

Since cutting down administrative costs has been sold as the way this plan will save us all money, this section might be of interest:

18 TIVE TRANSACTIONS.-The goals for standards
19 under paragraph (1) are that such standards shall-
20 "(A) be unique with no conflicting or re
21 dundant standards;
22 "(B) be authoritative, permitting no addi
23 tions or constraints for electronic transactions,
24 including companion guides;

1 "(C) be comprehensive, efficient and ro
2 bust, requiring minimal augmentation by paper
3 transactions or clarification by further commu
4 nications;
5 "(D) enable the real-time (or near real
6 time) determination of an individual's financial
7 responsibility at the point of service and, to the
8 extent possible, prior to service, including
9 whether the individual is eligible for a specific
10 service with a specific physician at a specific fa
11 cility, which may include utilization of a ma
12 chine-readable health plan beneficiary identi
13 fication card;
14 "(E) enable, where feasible, near real-time
15 adjudication of claims;
16 "(F) provide for timely acknowledgment,
17 response, and status reporting applicable to any
18 electronic transaction deemed appropriate by
19 the Secretary;
20 "(G) describe all data elements (such as
21 reason and remark codes) in unambiguous
22 terms, not permit optional fields, require that
23 data elements be either required or conditioned
24 upon set values in other fields, and prohibit ad
25 ditional conditions; and

1 "(H) harmonize all common data elements
2 across administrative and clinical transaction
3 standards.

Thanks to Jake Tapper for the link.

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  1. They just copy and paste old bills into a new template and add updated keywords. Right?

  2. It’s not very readable. The translation from Russian could be better.

  3. Ooh, nice one.

  4. I thought for sure they could make it longer than Atlas Shrugged.

  5. Do the words themselves matter? We all know the ultimate ‘interpretation’ of the above is “we can do whatever the hell we want, just try and stop us”.

  6. ed and jsh get it. One might think that by now the legal-folk would have generated business for themselves forever. But nooo! “Have they no shame?” 8-(

  7. The bill does in fact impose taxes on employers who do not provide adequate coverage (whatever that means), so there is a mandate to that extent.

  8. 1 reference to “retarded”
    2 references to “bad”
    30 references to “waste”
    7 STFU’s (Trust Fund, sadly not actually STFU)

    Over 70+ references to some sort of Reason.

  9. No optional fields, huh? I’d like to see that specification.

  10. The next time the founding fathers decide to start a country, they should put a word-count limit on legislation. Holy fuck. The creeps who write this shit don’t even read it.

  11. The creeps who write this shit don’t even write it.

  12. You need to see Section 401 for the part about forcing you – mandates and such.

  13. America ad absurdum.

  14. 172 mentions of ‘tax’

  15. 203 instances of ‘commissioner’

  16. 0 mentions of “freedom” or “free market”… but I guess that’s to be expected.

  17. Sounds like government has no idea of how government works. Who are these people? Did Kang and Kodos secretly take over?

  18. Who are these people? Did Kang and Kodos secretly take over?

    Secretly? Where’ve you been?

  19. Since cutting down administrative costs has been sold as the way this plan will save us all money

    Somebody in the corporate world should stand up and scream murder at this one. Remember all the “merger mania” of the last decade? “Cutting down administrative costs” was the argument for doing all the mergers.

    Lots of corporations have found that the administrative costs went down a lot less than predicted.

    But that’s only a preliminary pebble tossed at ObamaCare.

    We can only hope the colossal level of existing debt is enough to make people oppose this bullshit. Because if the economy was doing well right now, I suspect Obama & Co. could pull it off.

    In which case we might actually have to thank Bush for invading Iraq and driving up the debt.

    That was hard to say.

    Democracy works in strange ways. Democracy’s ways are not man’s ways.

  20. 14 ”(E) enable, where feasible, near real-time
    15 adjudication of claims;

    Here’s how they can make it lightning quick: just electronically stamp the claim “Approved!” or “Denied!” based on how the claimant’s zip code voted in the last election.

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