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Matt Welch on Baltimore's WBAL AM 1090 at 4:15 EDT to Talk About California


I'll be on the Ron Smith show to discuss my latest column on the topic; you can listen live here.

Speaking of the ongoing California IOU stalemate, here's an unintentionally funny L.A. Times headline:

Karen Bass is a target atop the California Assembly
The Assembly speaker, a Democrat from Los Angeles, still has critics despite new assertiveness in the state budget wars with Republicans.

Why, the wonder of it all!

And yes, that's the same Karen Bass who recently referred to AM talk radio as "terrorism." And no, this did not merit a mention in the article.


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  1. Reposting a June 4 comment:

    I’m sure MattW was completely intellectually honest and discussed how MassiveImmigration is one of the major root causes of CA’s problems, instead of misleading people by not mentioning that as is true of at least his Fox appearance.

    P.S. In other, Weigel-related news, why is it that Obama, Snopes, and Wikipedia have all given differing accounts of his birth hospital? I mean, if you claim for a fact that he was born in HI, shouldn’t you be clear on which hospital it was?

  2. Flat-earth Scalia types should embrace state sponsored scrip, after all, the Federal Reserve Act was not until 1913. This is a “strict originalists” wet dream.

  3. Shut the fuck up, LoneWacko.

    shriek, take yer meds.

  4. I’m pretty sure of what state I was born in. However, I have no idea which hospital my mother checked into at the time, and can only infer that a hospital was even involved.

    Therefore, employing patented LoneWhackoLogic, I was born in Kenya.

    For the record I have no idea what this has to do with the thread.

  5. I’m pretty impressed that LoneDope is still beating that dead horse. That takes some serious delusion.

  6. The Assembly speaker, a Democrat from Los Angeles, still has critics despite new assertiveness in the state budget wars with Republicans.

    What part of “a hell of a lot of Democrats voted against the tax increases too” don’t these people understand?

  7. Ron Smith is definitely worth checking out.
    Just watch your blood pressure.

    (Can listen&contribute live M-F 3:05-6 PM Eastern.)

  8. LOL, Karen Bass must be in the front lines of the War on Fiscal Terror.

    Also, I don’t know WTH does Chris Kelly’s ConspiracyMongering post have to do with this topic either, so +1, Joel.

  9. Lonewacko is the worst Dungeon Master ever. His campaigns are miserably lacking in originality and he never lets players show any creativity.

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