I Like Big Grants and I Cannot Lie…


Sir Mix-A-Lot, there may yet be hope for you — and, indeed, all those who share your particular anatomical interests. And by hope, I mean public grants. According to The Sun:

Sue Williams was given the cash to "explore cultural attitudes towards female buttocks". She will create plaster cast moulds of women's behinds to try to understand their place in contemporary culture. Swansea-based Mrs Williams, 53, will also examine different racial attitudes towards bums in Europe and Africa. She said: "The project is taking on the issues around the bottom."

Emma Geliot from the Arts Council of Wales, which awarded the grant, said: "This produces a tee-hee response but there is a serious point."

No really, it's serious!

Call me, um, an ass, but isn't a little tee-hee in order?

Reason previously looked at problems with public grants here and here.