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Sundown on the Unions and What's Made In the USA, Chapter XXVII: Even Union Organizers Prefer Non-Union Hardhats as Props


The Politico reports that representatives of the AFL-CIO hit Capitol Hill yesterday to push the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act and more generally, a "made in the USA" kind of vibe. To drive home its protectionist message, the AFL-CIO handed out construction-site hard hats, long a symbol of blue-collar chic. The problem? Take a look below at the country of origin of said symbol.

Past chapters in pro-union stunts gone wrong:

"Hired Feet" Protest Low Wages—For Low Wages: Unions hire homeless to walk protest lines; pay $8 an hour, no benefits.

Protesters Paid Less to Picket Wal-Mart Than They Made When They Worked There. In 2005, Las Vegas Weekly reported on a protest in which picketers made less walking in 100+ degree heat outside the superstore than they used to make while working there. 

A quick rundown of pro-union Obama actions so far, courtesy of Investor's Business Daily.

And a bonus link to Bob Dylan's '80s classic "Union Sundown," whose meaning is inscrutable but somehow directly on point as always.