Gov. Mark Sanford Disappears?


In a developing story that I hope has a happy ending (or proves to be a non-story ultimately), the would-be stimulus refusenik and small-government maverick South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford hasn't been seen by colleagues or family since Thursday. (His lieutenant governor's office reports getting a phone call from him today.)

In the New York Daily News's account, a state senator, Jake Knotts, who often butts heads with Sanford seems to think his governor's help might be urgently needed, what with this whole Iran situation. But Ms. Sanford says she isn't worried; "He was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids." His state security detail won't comment on whether they know his whereabouts.

As Sanford has been talked about as a potential small-government GOP presidential candidate next go-round, Knotts notes:

Sanford would have to quit taking mystery vacations if he wants to trade the corner office for the Oval Office.

"If he don't like the security that SLED gives him in South Carolina, he's going to absolutely hate the Secret Service if he runs for President. They'll go in the bathroom with him!"