Carrotmobs and Slactivists


A snazzy little animation illustrating an idea of capitalist flash mob. Of particular interest: The explicit rejection of the use of government intervention to force businesses to change around the 40 second mark.

From Time magazine:

The movement was born on March 29, 2008, when hundreds of green-minded patrons poured into a San Francisco convenience store after [founder Brent] Schulkin solicited bids from 23 stores in the area to find the business that would promise to spend the highest percentage of Carrotmob profits on more energy-efficient lighting.

The crowd spent more than $9,200 at the K&D Market, which then fulfilled its pledge to plow 22% of the day's revenue into greener lighting—with the haul from the Carrotmob providing enough cash to make all the improvements recommended by an energy auditor (and Carrotmob supporter)….

The reverse boycott is perfect for the growing cadre of slactivists—slackers who care just enough about causes to sign online petitions and join Facebook protest pages but lack the time, money or drive to do much else.

Via Last Free Voice