“It means I live inside myself. I don’t live in the state of Pennsylvania.”

â€"Scott A. Witmer to Northampton County Judge Leonard Zito, claiming to be “a sovereign man” as his defense against charges of drunk driving, lacking insurance for his vehicle, lacking valid license plates, and driving with a revoked license, March 10

“Never waste a good crisis.”

â€"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking to the European Parliament about plans to push through a “Green New Deal,” March 6

“Is there anything wrong with saying, ‘Yes’?”

â€"unnamed New York Times reporter, following up on the question, “Are you a socialist, as some people have suggested?,” to President Barack Obama, Air Force One, March 6

“We’re moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy.”

â€"South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, interviewed on CNN, February 8