From the people who brought you Edmund L. Andrews' personal credit crisis and a billion-dollar Renzo Piano newsroom…


Los Tiempos de Nueva York is now offering personal financial planning advice in an advice-column format. Get your wisdom from a 22-year-old Texas Tech graduate (with a degree in financial planning) and two Times-bestselling authors.

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  1. Yes, I want financial advice from the company that just sunk deeper into junk bond territory.

  2. Well, I have read Ramit’s blog some over the past few years, and he seems alright.

  3. The 22-year-old Texas Tech grad is a seriously cute blonde named Madison Nipp (really). Asked about her salary, Ms. Nipp said she earned “about ten times as much as Tim Cavanaugh. Also, I’m way cuter and about a million years younger.” Love that MSM!

  4. seriously cute


    Whatever floats your boat, man.

  5. Is one of those best-selling authors the one now flogging a book about how he took out a mortgage he had no possible way to pay, unless his wife (who previously declared bankruptcy) suddenly got a job.

  6. I get my financial advice from Hamilton Teat.

  7. Ms. Nipp could have advised her parents not to waste their money by sending their child to Texas Tech.

  8. No no no no no. You have to be kidding me. What does a 22-year old know about financial planning (or indeed, anything except sex, drugs, popular music and gaming) but what they learned from textbooks? Why wouldn’t I instead get advice from the people who wrote those books?

    PS As Xeones said, I imagine in the voice of Michael Bluth, “her?”

  9. Her?

    Whatever floats your boat, man.

    “Margaret, you like sweat, don’t you. Margaret–it is Margaret, isn’t it? Of course it is. You know, your eyebrow, drives me crazy. It’s so thick, its so dark, so very…connected. You’re a stone cold fox, Margaret. You’re a stone cold fox, and I want you. I gotta have you–I need you. I want you inside me. But you know that, don’t you, Margaret?”

  10. hahaha!

    Is the NYT cheaper than toilet paper? If so, you could use it to wipe your ass with.

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  12. Is the NYT cheaper than toilet paper?

    The stock is . . . .

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