Memorial Day B-List


To round out all the easy to remember ones, a variety of views on other engagements in American military history:

Canadian folk singers gloat about their fellow British subjects' several victories over the United States in the War of 1812.

Drown out the sound of triumphant Canadians with "The Battle of New Orleans." Choose among versions by Johnny Horton, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Skiffle king Lonnie Donegan, and a fiddle-dee-dee band at the Danny Mann in Killarney, or listen to them all!

The Battle of the Thames, another win in the War of Canadian Aggression, where Tecumseh died.

Ambrose Bierce's none-too-subtle but moving short story "Chickamauga," a rewarding ten-minute read.

The U.S. Marine Corps goes up in force against Bolsheviks, for the first and last time, in the North Russia Campaign of 1918-1919.

Not-forgotten but probably not sufficiently appreciated Battle of the Frozen Chosin in the Korean War.