A Public Service Message From Reason.tv: If You Want Health Care Coverage, Go Out and Get Some!


Note: Now that health care reform is shooting to the top of the political agenda, Reason.tv is happy present once again our video on the topic, "Get Some: How to Fix America's Health Insurance Crisis." Approximately 10 minutes long and originally released during last year's presidential campaign (doesn't that seem like eons ago?), "Get Some" features offers a bold, new solution that will cover almost half of the currently uninsured. And that you have simply not heard anywhere else.

reason.tv's Nick Gillespie isn't making a run for the White House, but he knows how to get coverage to at least half of the 45 million Americans who need it. And while Barack Obama and John McCain argue about who's got the best health care plan, each ignores the simplest solution. Call it the Gillespie Plan: If you want health insurance, get some.

"Of people currently classified as uninsured, a conservative estimate says about 45 percent of them would be able to get health insurance right now if they wanted it," says economist Glen Whitman. That estimate comes from a study headed by a Johns Hopkins University researcher, which separates those who could get insurance into one of two categories: Those who earn enough money to buy it, and those who qualify for existing government programs.

So how about some real straight talk for a change? If we separate those who can't get coverage from those who can, we can focus more on helping the needy. "So if you can get coverage," says Gillespie, "don't wait for Washington. Go on out and get some."

"Get Some" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. The director of photography is Alex Manning.

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