Bailouts: Still Totally Unpopular


New Rasmussen Reports figures show that Americans are opposed to bailing out California, 59 percent to 24 percent, and opposed to have the federal government guarantee the state's loans by an even wider margin. This bit from the press release was especially interesting:

They're really saying

Most Republicans (67%) and unaffiliated voters (51%) say it is better to let the state go bankrupt than to provide federal subsidies. Democrats, by a 58% to 30% margin, hold the opposite view.

As on many issues, the difference in opinion between the Political Class and the rest of the nation is larger than the gap between the political parties. By an 84% to seven percent (7%) margin, the Political Class prefers federal subsidies over bankruptcy. By a 67% to 21% margin, those in the Political Class favor federal loan guarantees to help California raise money (see more on the Political Class).

Voters have consistently opposed federal bailout funds for the auto industry, the banking industry and insurance companies. Looking back on the bailouts that were provided, most continue to believe they were a bad idea.

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