Libertarian Road Show Crew Arrested in Mississippi


Last month, Nick Gillespie interviewed Jason Talley and Pete Eyre for The two libertarians had rented a mobile home, and planned to drive across the country to meet with fellow libertarians, interview figures in the libertarian movement (like Ron Paul, and Libertarian Party founder David Nolan), and report back on government abuses they encountered along the way. They were tracking their trip on the website

It looks like they've found one. It's not clear why, but they were apparently pulled over yesterday in Jones County, Mississippi. Passenger Adam Mueller attempted to videotape the traffic stop, and was arrested for doing so. It isn't clear what happened next, but Talley and Eyre were also eventually arrested, Eyre for possession of a beer in a dry county, and Talley for disorderly conduct, disobeying, and resisting arrest.

They're due to be arraigned tomorrow. These guys are very well-connected in libertarian legal circles. They're quite aware of their rights, and what they can and can't do during a traffic stop and detainment. I suspect the authorities in Jones County are about to realize that they harassed the wrong motorists.

Gillespie's interview with Eyre and Talley: