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FDA to Ban Electronic Cigarettes


Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania reports in a mass email message that the Food and Drug Administration plans to proceed with a ban on electronic cigarettes, devices that deliver nicotine vapor without tobacco or combustion products. Godshall reproduces the following message from Heather Zawalick of the FDA's Office of Legislation, which says the agency will announce enforcement actions against the three largest e-cigarette distributors on Tuesday:

Subject/Headline: FDA Takes Enforcement Action on Electronic Smoking Products

Planned Release Date: May 5

Driving Event: Compliance action

Rollout Plan: Extensive rollout planned including press conference at HHS, press release, fact sheet, video for upload to YouTube, podcast, consumer article, consumer Q &A, key message points, internal media Q & A, Op-Ed, photos of products for posting on Internet.

Other background, hidden factors: Action involves three largest distributors. One of the distributors has just sued FDA seeking a restraining order to prevent us from holding their product at the border.

There is keen interest in this subject. E-cigarette kiosks are all over town, including Montgomery Mall. They're being advertised as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Our concern is that this might introduce nonusers to nicotine use. This is a drug delivery device. The content of the products have not been analyzed by FDA. To be sold, they would have to be approved by the agency.

Our concern is that this might introduce nonusers to nicotine use. And what if it did? Separated from the dangers of smoking, nicotine use is not a big health concern. The FDA itself has approved various nicotine replacement products (gum, patches, even an inhaler), some of them for over-the-counter sale, even though they theoretically might "introduce nonusers to nicotine use." That possibility is an incredibly lame justification for preventing smokers from switching to a product that eliminates virtually all the risks associated with standard cigarettes.

In an open letter to Zawalick, Joel Nitzkin of the American Association of Public Health Physicians says the pending FDA ban seems to be "based entirely on the undocumented assumption that electronic cigarettes may have the potential to attract additional teenagers to nicotine use and addiction." That concern seems to be fanciful: Godshall says "there is no evidence that e-cigarette products have been marketed to youth, nor is there evidence of youth use of e-cigarette products (most of which cost more than $100)." In any case, Nitzkin notes, the government can impose age restrictions without stopping "current adult smokers who are unwilling or unable to quit" from enjoying "the health benefits this product can offer." By Nitzkin's reckoning, based on the available research, smokeless nicotine products "promise a risk of illness and death well under 1% of the risk posed by cigarettes."

In his own letter to Zawalick, Godshall argues that "denying 45 million cigarette smokers access to exponentially less hazardous smokefree nicotine alternatives would result in millions of preventable deaths among smokers, millions of nonsmokers continuing to be exposed to tobacco smoke pollution, and tens of thousands of e-cigarettes users reverting back to smoking cigarettes." He adds that "it is absurd for the FDA to even contemplate protecting the deadliest nicotine products (cigarettes) from market competition by the least hazardous nicotine products."

More on the e-cigarette controversy here and here. E-cigarette testimonials here and here. A report on testing of the Ruyan e-cigarette here (PDF).

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  1. Yo, fuck Heather Zawalick.

  2. I’ll take “going postal” for $1000 Alex.

  3. If you thought the anti-smoking zealots were actually concerned about other people’s health, there’s all the evidence you need that they are merely 20th – 21st century puritans.

    I’m gonna go put some nicotine into my bloodstrean now.

  4. “The FDA itself has approved various nicotine replacement products (gum, patches, even an inhaler)”

    I love the character played by Gwenyth Peltrow who explains that she has taken up smoking in order to break he nicotine gum addiction. Verry funny.

  5. If only Obama knew what the FDA was doing.

    1. Obama already knows, he doesn’t give a shit. Your funny

  6. wait til the boys get a load of this!

  7. ‘Scuse me Zawalick? You said secondhand smoke was bad!

  8. Next on the to-be-banned list: iSnort

  9. fuck the fda

  10. Welcome to the U.S.S.A – the United Soviet States of America!

    I do not need someone to tell me that I cannot do something because it is bad for my health! I do not need someone to control my life telling me what I can or can not do!

      1. Amen to that and amen to your amen!

        They can’t tax e-cigarettes which is why they want them gone. It cuts into there profit.

        Funny, FDA is concerned about kids…well why not take this effort and put it towards FINALLY BANNING MSG (Monosodium Glutamate )from our kids lunched at schools and all other foods seeing as this is killing ALL out kids (and adults) not just some of them!

        FDA= Fast Death to Americans.

  11. Let’s follow the money, are the cigarette companies bribing the appropriate congressmen and/or FDA bureaucrat to limit competition?

  12. So the organization that has approved a bunch of penis pumps says that people can’t use a safer alternative to cigarettes?

  13. Senator Lautenberg is the first person to tell the FDA to ban e-cigs. He has received money from
    Pharmaceuticals/Health Products, amount =$128,250

    Data found here:

    The FDA is banning them for our safety my ASS! Throw these crooks in Prison! Selling our health down the river for their own financial gain! That sounds like manslaughter to me!
    Book’em Danno!

  14. F*&K the FDA they have countless times approved items then banned them .. and the process seems to repeat itself. They have ties to allow harmful products that kill people to be OK but ” safer” products deemed as unsafe WTF is that!?

    This is America not China, or Africa or any other country where you are told what u can ingest or inhale. This is nothing more then the FDA gaining money and population control… If they wanted us to really be better off they would quit there jobs and let people live how they want and do what they want in a peaceful matter.. this is nothing more then letting tobacco companies and corrupt higher ups.. have time to find a way to “stick it to us” so they can reap the rewards, and once again steal the American dream

    1. Smoking is their bread & butter. They don’t give a fuck about us. Its all about the all mighty Benjamin.

  15. The FDA dosn’t have control of tobacco products yet. Later this year congress will vote on that. Besides, would the FDA leak this info before Tuesday. I wonder whats really true?

  16. This just shows that once again that to the prohibitionists the perfect is the enemy of the good.

  17. Am I overly suspicious to think that maybe this has to do with people who want to quit smoking not getting involved in expensive “stop smoking” therapies if these things are legal?

    Will somebody with the expertise please look into the finances of the Anti-Smoking Crusade? It would be only fair; THEY’VE certainly had enough hysterics about Big Tobacco’s finances.

  18. Could these people BE more retarded?

  19. Please post this additional email as noted in
    From: “Hitch, Mary C”,
    Date: 5/1/2009 5:05 PM
    RE: Email from Heather Zawalick (CBER)

    Dear Mr. Godshall:

    Your communication was forwarded to me for response as a function of FDA’s Office of External Relations. The email to which you refer contains factual errors and does not reflect an official FDA action or policy.


    Mary C. Hitch
    Senior Policy Advisor
    Office of External Relations
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. As this is now July of 2010 and e-cigs have not been banned, the most logical conclusion here is that the original email saying that the FDA intended to ban e-cigs was probably fabricated by an anti-government, anti-FDA conspiracy retard. It’s strange that these morons crawl back into their holes when conservatives are running the government (and taking away more freedoms than liberals would ever dream of) yet when libs take over all of a sudden there’s talk of rights being taken away, government conspiracies, secession and revolution. All I ask for is a little consistency. It would add some credibility to these whack-jobs, but as it is they come off as a bunch of inbred, paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing, sheep-fucking, window-licking dill snips.

  20. Personally, I dislike tobacco and tobacco products. I only started trying them to protest the FDA’s steady fight against it. When I read this post, I broke open the can of smokeless tobacco I was saving for my upcoming trip. It’s bitter, it gave me the hiccups, and I feel like vomitting from it, but that’s still better than having some agency dictate what I can and can’t consume.

  21. F*&K the FDA they have countless times approved items then banned them

    This isn’t Slashdot, retard. If you mean “fuck”, then fucking say it. Until you learn that lesson, I’m going to beat you over the head relentlessly with your own run-on sentence. If you hadn’t made it so long, it wouldn’t hurt so much, now would it?

    1. If you think you are cool by using foul language, you don’t know the meaning of cool. You just make ecigarette users look like uneducated slobs. Anyone reading your comments, would think you are all too stupid to make a sound judgement. Cool it and use a more educated form of reasoning.

  22. HORSEWHIP THEM ALL. And if they don’t get the point, HANG’EM!!!

  23. Bill, I prefer nonviolent routes to political change.

  24. I dunno, “nonviolent routes” to political change don’t seem to be working…

    I just got my e-cig. I can taste the propylene glycol. it’s annoying. I think I’ll stick with cigs, pipe, and snus for now. (at least until they ban snus, too)

  25. The FDA has been trying to ban the sale of Red Yeast Rice Extract, which contains a naturally occurring form of Lovastatin – a cholesterol lowering drug. Because it’s a natural supplement, the FDA can’t do shit to stop the sale of RYRE. It’s a fraction of the cost of pharma-made Lovastatin and big gov’t and big pharma ain’t getting a slice of that pie. I spent about $30 and got myself over 3 year’s worth of RYRE. Imagine if I’d gotten the pharma-made shit, how much I’d be paying for 3 year’s worth?? I’ve been on RYRE for 9 months now and my cholesterol has gone way down; blood flow has improved; blood pressure has normalized and I’ve lost the puffiness in my face that’s associated with high blood pressure.

    My friend just found out of these e-cigs and he’s been trying everything under the sun to quit smoking real cigarettes and now the government wants to take that away from him too?

    Government’s getting too effin’ intrusive into people’s lives and it’s gotta stop. Either that or it’s going to come to a head; people won’t stand for it anymore, and all the bums in D.C. will get tossed out on their asses, and hopefully out of this country on a slow boat to effin’ Siberia.

  26. Alain | May 1, 2009, 5:53pm | #

    Let’s follow the money, are the cigarette companies bribing the appropriate congressmen and/or FDA bureaucrat to limit competition?******* I wanted to blame them too, but they don’t even have lobbyiest any more. This is all on our CONgressmen/women

  27. The fda should spend more time looking into items that are “KNOWN” to cause health issues. Look into the peanut scare, and tobacco. I don’t care how many tests are done on the e cig, the results will be want the anti smokers, big tobacco, and big pharms want them to be. It saddens me to live in the greatest nation in the world, and not able to trust our own gov’t. for the corrupt bastards they are. I think the e cig will survive as soon as they find a way to tax it to death, or big tobacco or big pharm come out with their version, which we all know will be fda “approved”. What a big surprise that will be.

  28. Is there anybody here that thinks smoking tobacco is better for you than using an e-cig.. raise your hands?…

    Is there anybody here that thinks it would be easier for underage people to buy e-cigs than it would be for them top buy tobacco… raise your hands?

    Exactly What I Thought! It does not take much intelligence to already know the answer to these simple questions.
    That is what makes Senator Lautenberg’s motives so transparent, well that and the $128,250 he recently received from big Pharma.

    This shit has got to stop! We the people are the ones who suffer from their business deals. Now this time we are being forced to go back to tobacco which is a death sentence without a doubt! I am very sure a crime has been committed against the people of the United States of America, is there a lawyer in the house?

  29. I prefer non-violence too, except when I am drinking too much whiskey.

  30. The FDA are a bunch of f-ing assholes

  31. Is there anybody here that thinks smoking tobacco is better for you than using an e-cig.. raise your hands?…

    Is there anybody here that thinks it would be easier for underage people to buy e-cigs than it would be for them top buy tobacco… raise your hands?

    Exactly What I Thought! It does not take much intelligence to already know the answer to these simple questions.
    That is what makes Senator Lautenberg’s motives so transparent, well that and the $128,250 he recently received from big Pharma.

    Well said. The baptists and bootleggers tag team once again enters the ring.

  32. So tired of this crap…….here I quit smoking now I have to go back so someone can make even more money on my death!

    Will join a class action suit if anyone starts one!

  33. Has cybersex been banned yet? I hope not because I’m still trying to figure out how to have it. It is as illusive as cold fusion.

  34. I have been importing e-cigs from China for a few months now. I am hoping that my shipments will keep reaching me. I pretty much just sell them at cost so I can help as many people quit smoking as I can. I still haven’t had any shipmemts confiscated yet… hoping that me supply keep steady so I can keep introducing people to my “healthy cigarettes”.

    I start sweating every time my package is listed as “handed over to customs”(my last package was in customs for 4 day). Hopefully I am still small enough to fly under the radar.

    I still have some in stock if anybody still needs one. I sell them for cheap. Check out my link if you need one.


  35. FDA sucks! Flat plain & simple, I am an adult, I am old enough to make my own decisions about what I put in my body. Tobacco is legal, always been legal. Yes cigarettes are bad for you, I agree & that is why I decided to go with the e-cig. I enjoy smoking, I don’t want to give it up so who is the FDA to tell me, (in a free country) how I can get my nicotine? My body, my business, my decisions, no one elses. They are stating, it makes it easier for minors to get addicted, which is garbage. It is parents responsibility as to what a minor does, not the FDA. Cigarettes are illegal for minors to purchase & look how many smoke. Do they honestly think banning these will keep them from the “kids”? FDA is the biggest bunch of overpaid idiot’s around, well next to the government.

  36. I am 53 years old– started smoking when I was 18 years old.I started smoking the Tobacco free E-cig the first week Of December 2008. My Cough is gone!-I FEEL GREAT !- My family and Friends are Happy for me– I do not stink anymore either!!The E-cig has changed my life for the better !! This is the i-pod for Smokers! THE NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR SMOKERS ! The E-cig is an Earth Shattering Market Phenom — This product is not about getting people to start smoking–it is about helping Smokers smoke without the use of filthy tobacco. WITH ALL DO RESPECT—- I WILL NOT STOP USING THE E-CIG— AND I DON’T CARE WHO ATTEMPTS TO STOP ME!— The Eletronic Cigarette is simply a cheaper(less than tobacco cigs) and cleaner (does not stink) alternative to Tobacco. Smoking is not Health food– ADULTS CAN MAKE THEIR OWN DECISION AS TO WHAT THEY WANT TO SMOKE — Please— Get over it !!– I think our Leaders in Government and the FDA have bigger “fish to fry ” currently.—-

  37. Big Tobacco doesn’t want safer competition. So they paid for lobbyists to get the government involved to ban the competition.

    Duh. What, did you think Obama would be different? Take your hope and shove it up your ass.

    1. Well said man, seriously fuck this shit.

  38. I just ordered some e-cigs for my wife on Thursday, they arrive today…and they will be banned tomorrow.

    This sucks.

  39. Who do you think is going to enforce this ban on a local/state level? You think cops will actually give a rats ass? Eventually the govt will wise up before the revolution occurs.

    Topple the new world order and this whole thing will come crashing down. We will rebuild a better and more just society.

    Obama, or no Obama, this was bound to happen. A new president does not mean politics changes overnight. Anybody who would believe that is a dope.

  40. they will stop it from entering the border, that means no distributors.

  41. If you want to stockup before the ban, I have a good supply. Check out my link

  42. So what happened? It’s Thursday, no ban.

  43. Honestly, the best eliquid I’ve had yet, came from TrueVapor. To go to the site, click my name above to go to their online store. Cheap prices, great product and fast shipping!!

    Check it out!

  44. I have been smoke/tobacco-free for 5 weeks. This is the first time in over 50 years I haven’t smoked a cigarette, and I owe it all to e-cigarettes. My cough has completely gone away, the pitch of my voice is higher, and I have energy I haven’t felt in many years.

    So what if I’m getting nicotine WITHOUT the other contaminates??? Don’t they want me to be healthier? And more productive? And feel better?

  45. What s new with ban?

  46. FUCK FUCK FUCK the FDA!!! I live in NYC… cigarettes are TEN DOLLARS A FUCKING PACK!!! many of the e-cig products I’ve seen have AT LEAST 5 cartridges that come with the starter kit… they cost LESS than $90… an equivalent of 10 packs of cigarettes for less than ten actual packs of cigarettes! So the FDA is trying to tell me that I can’t save my health AND save money at the same time? FUCK those little hypocritical pieces of shit. They approve Prozac, anti depressants which ironically may result in side effects such as SUICIDAL THOUGHTS (WTF???), shit like AMBIEN which is KNOWN to be addictive as fuck, medications which may result in symptoms MUCH harsher than whatever the fuck they are treating, and they are actually contemplating on banning something which will SIGNIFICANTLY improve a smoker’s chances to avoid cancer… FUCK those pro smoke-till-you-cough-your-fucking-lungs-out bastards… FUCK EM!… BTW… what the fuck happened to the smoking causes lung cancer and all that shit? or do we close our eyes on those “inconvenient harmful effects of smoking” when a product comes along which has the potential to absolutely put piece of shit conglomerates like Phillip Morris out of business forever… motherfuckers who keep corrupt governmental lard asses nice and fat? What fucks with me is the fact that America can get away with corruption in the government because there is enough money in the system to keep every single one of the corrupt cocksucker senators who sell out the population’s health for a quick cash gain content… Things like this REALLY piss me off… this will conclude my angry rant =]

    1. HELL YEAH. Well fucking said my man.

  47. The government and the snobbish puritans in society are HYPOCRITS! They speak out of both sides of their mouths. They condemn and treat tobacco smokers like drug addicts, stating how bad real tobacco is (which it is, and I do not dispute), but then turn around, and say ban e-cigs, which has already proven to get thousands of tobacco smokers off of tobacco. NOTHING is 100% safe, but e-cigarettes are much more safer than real tobacco. Drinking caffeine has already been proven to be more damaging. And what is next? Going after all people ten pounds over weight, because it is unhealthy?

    If the government really cared about the health of its citizens, it would have long ago banned real tobacco and tobacco farms years ago.

    Here is the TRUTH: The government wants smokers to keep smoking, in order to real in the billions of dollars annually that smokers pay for their habit.

    The pharmaceutical companies want control and money for their nicotine products (nicorette gum, patches, etc.). They don’t want the e-cig sold by independent distributors and manufacturers, because it takes away from their profits.

    The pharma companies long ago spent billions of dollars on research to PROVE that nicotine, although considered a drug, is not cancer causing, in order to produce and sell their very expensive nic patches gum, etc.

    The only time nicotine can be dangerous, even fatal, is if consumed in
    high quantities in liquid form. Otherwise, if it were dangerous, nic patches and gum would not be allowed for sale over the counter as it is today.

    If they were worried that minors and people who don’t smoke were more likely to consume nicotine via the e-cig, then they would never allow nicotine gum and patches be sold over the counter.


    Furthermore, upon research, one will find that many U.S. senators and powers to be, hold stock in many tobacco companies.

    So the truth is, they care nothing about your health, and would prefer you remain smoking the real dangerous product called tobacco, while at the same time, bitch at you for smoking, and even remove health care coverage from you, should you become sick due to smoking the real tobacco.


    For the record, my husband no longer has a raspy voice since vaping e-cigs, or a cough, since quitting tobacco. MANY, even thousands of e-cig customers are testifying to how well they feel since giving up tobacco, while now vaping e-cigs. BUT THAT DOESN’T SEEM PROOF ENOUGH????!!!


    About time smokers (even tobacco smokers) started getting aggressive (in voice) to fight for their rights too! After all, the smokers have paid billions of dollars in taxes to help keep this country running, moreso, then the non-smokers have!

  48. Too much talk and no action. Any volunteers to create a simple website to register those of us that are ready to do something about the FDA and our Government’s interference in our daily lives? I would like to explore the possibilities and have a goal of meeting in DC July 4th weekend or Labor Day (prefer sooner than later) for a show of strength! Short of action, we will be no better off one year from now than we are now! We can talk or we can act. I vote (yes, we still get to vote) for action and leave the talk to those that are unwilling to act!

  49. I don’t know what I’ll do if they ban these; probably start smoking again and feel like a loser. I was able to quit cigs within 2 days after receiving my ecig kit from my concerned children. Since, I have gone from high to medium nic levels in my filters and plan to keep doing it at 0 nic because I enjoy the sensation.

    I smoked for 35 years and was at almost 2 packs a day. I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars that I’m going to put towards a solar system for my house. Better yet, I’ve lost the horrible guilt that I felt from being a smoker.

    I think it is silly that people would think that this would appeal to youngsters who don’t already smoke (and if they do smoke, I’d rather they vape instead anyway). Do you honestly think a teen is going to blow $150 just to get a nic hit when they can easily purchase cigarettes?

    What’s next? Let’s get rid of coffee flavoring so kids don’t get a caffeine habit? They just don’t like it that there is a product that can aid smoker’s health without the pain and craving of horrid patches and disgusting gum. They want smokers to be punished and that is the bottom line! This is too easy and enjoyable.

    I honestly think I will be devastated if this miracle product were taken away. Unlike other products, it satisfies the behavioral addiction of smoking; this is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

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    our site will have pay pal within two days

  51. No, this is not a Puritanical move on the part of our current government, it is a money grab pure and simple. Remember, they have just passed a huge sin tax on cigarettes and they do not wish for us consumers to have an alternative that denies them their filthy lucre.
    Your personal physician may care very much about your health but your government doesn’t.

  52. I got the brand and I haven’t smoked a traditional cig since. Well… I had about 8 the first week…

    I found that using a low dose patch along with the blu is a great way to kick the old coffin nails

  53. I would like to thank the fine folks at FDA for trying to protect me from the consequences of my own actions. It is good to know Big Brother is looking out for me. I wonder when Big Brother will decide that skiing is just too dangerous and I shouldn’t be allowed to do that, either?

    For the truth about electronic cigarettes, please visit, a non-commercial information website.

  54. Hey it’s way better than the millions of poisions in the real one realy this one is better duhhhhhh

  55. Holllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly crap it’s freakin monday of the 11th and still no ban i think they are LYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    If fda wants to realy do this than stock up i mean their is probaly bribe coming from camel or others i mean really this is healthier USE THE E CIGARETE

  56. Yeah, right…ban ecigs and keep the real tobacco out on the market. What a brilliant idea!

    The FDA couldn’t care less about anybody’s health. It’s a damn travesty and more and more I become ashamed of being an American.

    In these tough economic times, the FDA is only to allow tobacco companies to continue peddling their overtaxed junk. The amount of taxes the Government is making now on tobacco products is INSANE!!!

    And they have no problem keeping nicotine gum and patches on the market, because they know these things DON’T work. The only thing that can really get a smoker off of tobacco cigarettes is an electronic cigarette. Every true smoker knows that they won’t be satisfied until they actually feel that inhale going down their throat.

    You simply CANNOT get that from anything else but ecigs.

  57. Next thing you know, they’ll be banning sugar-free chocolates because diabetics who aren’t addicted to chocolate yet can easily get addicted to it now.

    At least Photo Sprays aren’t controlled by the FDA.

  58. I received an Email from Njoy that I have been purchasing from, informing me that their shipments have been held in customs by FDA order, and they do not know when they will resume providing product.
    So yes – the ban is beginning to take hold.

  59. Yes. It’s american way. Next, they must ban sexual activities in hotel, because kids in next room can be hear “illegal sound”. Just do it in your own basement american people!

  60. Well, it appears nobody is Washington bound to fight the fight. I can’t do it alone! One thing I can do is provide the source, after trying a number of them, of the best e-cigarette on the market. They are of European Design, Quality, and Origin. I hope they are still shipping the USA as they have limited quantities for the U.S. because of demand in Europe. The U.S. site is Once you have tried their device I think most of you will be ready to fight the fight. Please keep me posted.


  61. Obama won’t do anything, he can afford to buy real cigarettes, plus his “government” formaly known as the USA, wants to control and save the big tobacco companies from losing money. Keep it up US, and we’ll be just like all the other socialist country’s.

  62. I guess what I don’t get is how the hell are they holding shipments up in customs when this has not been banned or made illegal??

  63. Sure… par for the course for idiot government.

    Ban e-cigs, but unfiltered Camels are A-OK.

    Get rid of this nanny-state bull. Your govt is trying to run your life!

  64. DFA role is to have a a good wealth among us. They need to ban the e-cigarettes just to keep our lungs safe from nicotine.

  65. do you people have any idea at all the revenue the government makes off taxing cigerettes? thats the only reason theyre even still legal. all those truth teenagers should rally against the usa, theyre making 70% of the profit on all the deaths. “DO NOT FUCK WITH MY MONEY” says the US as it outlaws a life saving product

  66. Hey Kirk, YOU are buying Obama’s fucking cigs for him and so am I with tax money that we paid on our own cigarettes which we give him for his salary! So yeah, he CAN afford 8-10 dollars per pack while I sit here scraping my fucking pennies together to feed my own habit of smoking FDA APPROVED death sticks but I can’t buy something that wont kill me as fast to feed my habit because Uncle $am isn’t making any money on it !!

  67. Maybe you Americans should write Obama, about the safer nicotine vaping of ecigarettes. If I were a producer of ecigarettes, I would send him a kit. Might just save his life and your business.

  68. I went and did it. I shouldn’t have converted 5 of my smoking friends to e-cigs. Cigerette Companies have picked up on me and they are trying to save their asses from me converting every single person that ask me “What the hell is that” when I’m out by the smoking area at school. I’m sorry guys I’ll keep it to myself. pshhh these greedy bastards piss me off.

  69. Wow. This is the lamest thing I have ever heard. Let’s ban soda because it might introduce non-soda drinkers to caffeine. That’s the analogy being made here, and by a NON-SMOKING GROUP. Idiots!


  70. This is silly. I can’t believe they are worried about potentially introducing non-users. Real cigarettes pose the same risk!


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  74. Electronic cigarette, or also known as e-cig or an e-cigarette, is the world’s smallest form of a vaporizer. Unlike herbal vaporizers, the electronic cigarette is designed to vaporize glycerin-based liquids such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The electronic cigarette consists of 3 parts;rechargeable battery, atomizer, and a cartridge. When a user inhales on an electronic cigarette, the movement of air is detected by a micro sensor which activates the heating element, also known as the atomizer. The atomizer heats up the cartridge containing liquid, which turns into vapo

  75. Let me start by saying that I NEVER comment on random blogs.

    But I couldn’t keep quiet on this one.

    The nation stands to lose billions of tax dollars if the American public decides to kick the habit. And I for one, couldn’t be prouder that I just ordered my first e-cig today.

    The proposed ban is simply astounding.

    Nothing short of incriminating.

  76. I have an uncle who used to smoke “real” cigarettes. He still does smoke expensive natural cigars on special occasions weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, but he uses electronic cigarettes for his everyday nic fix. I think that’s fine. Although he’s not a heavy smoker (1-2 cigarette equivalents a day), it would still be enough to cause concern if he was inhaling actual tobacco. Nicotine gums and patches aren’t 100% effective because the repetition of raising a cigarette to his mouth & inhaling is comforting to him. A ban on e-cigs would mean that he’d go back to smoking real cigarettes, and that would have a devastating effect on his health.

  77. Hi yaar, Stop using cigars, just go for e-cigarettes which is harmless to your health, so check out my site take care of ur Health

  78. This is freaking ridiculous that they are willing to turn a cheek to a healthier alternative because their are more lucrative interests in play. Sad.

  79. Why do we just assume that the FDA has the authority to do this? Where’s the due process?

  80. I think we’re missing the point. This is just another action undertaken by the “Since my life is miserable, I need you to stop enjoying life crowd” Next thing you know they’ll make drinking and driving illegal…

    What’s that? Oops…never mind.

  81. I think the biggest advantage of the e cigarette is definately that you dont bother other people with your smoke anymore. I often felt bad for “poisoning” other people with my smoke.

    I wonder why the FDA is causing troubles with the e cigarette. Its a great tool for many smokers to slowly quit. Just reduce the dose nicotine once in a while until you reach zero.

    Created my own small german blog about the e cigarette. Its not very popular here yet. Might be the only e smoker here in germany haha.

    Thanks for your article. Love your blog keep it up!

  82. “reason” magazine? an okay article and then i look at the comments…yeah, “reason”

  83. My Theory – Big Tobacco is Bribing the FDA to pursue this. I see no reason why this e-cig craze couldn’t put traditional cigarettes into a museum.

  84. E-cigarette is also one of the helpful way for some people for them to quit smoking… somehow this helps the smoker quit bit by bit…

  85. good thing that some people are using lots of ways on how they can manage to quit smoking.. this e-cigarette is one of those way and stop smoking hypnosis as well..

  86. I love how now all of a sudden, since it’s 2010 and all, the FDA actually cares about smokers. They didn’t give a shit back when I started a year and a half ago and was underage. I’m typing this message with a cig in my mouth (A REAL cig.) and considering switching to E-cigs to ease off. I’m going in for surgery monday (wisdom teeth) which fucked up my plans to quit at the end of this month, instead it’ll be monday morning I quit. I can’t do it cold-turkey. Go ahead, FDA. Give me reason at 18 years old to continue smoking in my home and in public, and piss off a lot of people as well as set up health risks for myself. Go ahead. Make my day.

  87. I just started using e-cigs after trying to kick the habit for 8 years without success. Since I started 3 months ago, I haven’t even tried a real one and don’t want to. I have no idea what the FDA is thinking… 4 chemicals ingested in an e-cig vs 4000 in a regular cigarette.. seems like a no-brainer to me.

  88. The last thing we need is for the FDA to regulate or ban the e-cigs. The fact that it’s so accessible makes it a friendlier way to quit smoking.

  89. If only obama knew?? hahaha of course he knows. This is all the same racket as them banning flavored cigarettes. “It might introduce nicotine to non-nicotine users” You know what else does that??? CIGARETTES!!! So why doesnt the FDA just ban cigarettes?? Cuz they are in bed with the tobacco company. Plain and simple. When they banned flavored cigarettes, think about it, did any of the major cigarette companies make flavored cigs? Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Bensen & Hedges, etc, etc…none of them make a flavored cigarette (unless you consider menthol a flavor, which apparently the ban doesnt). Which leads to one plain and simple conclusion. The greedy, shithead tobacco companies want to have a monopoly on smoking. Its not about preventing “non users” or children from smoking. Its about keeping them smoking and smoking ONLY the cigarettes that they will LET us smoke. Seriously America, its time to stand up to our government. This is a free country and we have a right to smoke what we want. How dare we let the FDA tell us what we can and cant do. The last time i checked we are all grown ass adults. Shameful. This country is becoming more fascist by the minute, and apparently the “change” Obama was talking about is change for the worst. Jackasses…all of them.




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  92. I believe that e cigarettes should be an option to an cigarette smoker.Even though it is still addictive it is much better then an regular cigarette. It is better for your health so if a person just has to smoke something won’t an e cigarette be better for them.

  93. Good thing the FDA was denied approval to stop shipments into the country.
    There are many advantages to e-cigs take a look.

  94. Many people are amazed with the electronic cigarette is because it is odorless. This allows them to smoke anywhere, and many people have been taking advantage of this is in no-smoking zones that have bans in effect. Bars, restaurants, offices, and airports are just a few of the places that the electronic cigarette has been welcomingly accepted and widely used.

  95. The fda is crappin their pants,feeling pressure from big tobcacco and pharmacutial special interest groups to kill the e-cig,why? $$$$$ money ,no cig profits, no tax profits, millions in maketing and research to create gums and patches,all gone. FDA looks foolish though: electronic cigarette are unsafe, so here is a pack of tobbaco cigarettes for you instead?!

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  97. Hi,

    Is the elecorette electronic cigarettes banned in Georgia also? I would like to buy it from UK One of my friend suggested me to get the nice less nicotine based elecorette electronic cigarettes from this site. I dont know if it is allowed in Georgia. Please suggest.


  98. Hi Scott really electric cigarettes got banned in Georgia Hope this one will helps

  99. It would be really tragic if electronic cigarettes were banned by the FDA. These seem like a great alternative to the tobacco based products that have dominated the market in recent years.

  100. It would be really tragic if electronic cigarettes were banned by the FDA. These seem like a great alternative to the tobacco based products that have dominated the market in recent years.

  101. Thanks to blu cigs coupon code I was able to quit smoking for good. Don’t get me wrong it still took a lot of will power but the blu cigs coupon code really helped with the cravings.

  102. why should they ban the electronic cigarette? Is the cancerous cigarette healthier than electronic one? Or will they ban it because they will earn less tax money?

  103. I have some friend in slowenia, and they bought there e cigarette from .


  104. absolutely great blog. keep it up and thanks for this kind of informations.


  105. I think the e cigarettes are a great way of quitting, my brother in law uses one and he’s been very happy with it. It would be a shame if they were banned.

  106. this is not good, electronic cigarette should not be banned, e cigs are great , better than the original cigarettes, then why FDA wants to ban it!!

  107. This made no sense at all! Banning electronic cigarettes will accomplish what? My kick-the-habit forum was in uproar about this ridiculous idea, and I’m willing to be the stress of it incited more smoking than anything. Good thing someone came to their sense.

  108. I don’t understand why FDA is eye-ing on ecigarettes to begin with. Sad to say that even with a few years past, they still haven’t changed their stance on e-cigs. And what’s harder now is that many states have already implemented a ban on smoking (including e-cigs in their policy). -sigh-

    -Mark Jenkins

  109. I think the FDA should step back and give the market a little time before they do anything harsh. I agree to not sell to minors, but if they pull flavors off the market a lot of people will go back to regular cigarettes.

  110. It needs to be regulated, but not banned.

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