Bush Shoulda Listened to The Libertarians; Obama Still Can!


Columnist Ron Hart writes

[Last] Wednesday was Tax Day or, as Obama Cabinet appointees called it, Passover….

Libertarians look at things differently than most. Quirky, cantankerous and misunderstood, we do actually get it right. We have about as much power within the GOP as the Log Cabin Republicans, and not nearly as fun Halloween dress-up parties. But, had George Bush and Congress listened to us on the five major areas where they went wrong, we would all be better off….

Using Congressman Ron Paul as the best proxy for libertarian decision-making abilities, let's look at the five areas in which he differed with "W," Congress and the GOP in the past eight years. You decide who was right.

The five areas where Bush disagreed with Paul and went wronger than Joe Pepitone include spending, creating new entitlement programs, invading Iraq, perpetuating home ownership policies with no regard for economics, and bailing out the financial system via TARP.

Hart puts on his best Bartles & Jaymes at the end and writes

Reasonable people have to look honestly at history and see who had the right answers to past issues. If you look at these five major mistakes made by Congress in recent years and where we libertarians stood on each issue, I think you will agree that more government is seldom the answer.

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